Nuummite Spheres for soul exploration and sacred Earth connection

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Rare, dark, and mysterious: this is the energy that these nuummite spheres so powerfully emanate. This offering is for the serious energy workers – for those who feel ready to delve inward and embark on an extraordinary journey of soul exploration. Is the magic of nuummite calling to you? Do you feel ready for the transformative wisdom this ancient stone is known to bring forth? If so, this offering is for you.

The deeper magic of these nuummite spheres

Nuummite is found in only one region of Greenland, a remote icy place where almost nothing grows – yet under layers of time and history, you will find this incredible black stone. This gem is mined only three months of the year during the warm season. Known as the Sorcerer’s Stone, nuummite is a talisman of soul exploration, ancient wisdom, and elder connection. It is a stone that predates almost any material on Earth, and it holds the entire history of time within it. Nuummite is also known to powerfully open and activate the Root Chakra, creating space for you to ground yourself within the earth.

These nuummite spheres will lead you to burrow into your own native wisdom and wild nature. Whatever is buried will rise with these spheres. Use yours to unearth the innermost parts of you, and to cultivate a deep sense of appreciation for yourself as a whole. As you work with your sphere, allow it to guide you throughout this inner realm, as you traverse with confidence and acceptance, your trust in yourself and the Earth growing deeper and more powerful.

Don’t forget a sphere stand to display your new treasure when not in use.

This listing is for one (1) nuummite sphere (about 1.5-2” in size). Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a card describing the properties of the stone.


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