• Phoenix Rising Jasper Sphere

    for transformation

    $ 36.00$ 39.00
    Are you ready to rise from the ashes and emerge brand new? If so, this incredibly cool Phoenix Rising Jasper Sphere is your offering! This gem is from Enterprise, Utah, and it was created from volcanic ash that had geothermal fluids injected into it creating...
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  • Stilbite Dream Recall Sphere

    to access your inner wisdom

    $ 59.00$ 69.00
    If you seek a true connection to the higher realms and your own divine insight, this Stilbite Dream Recall Sphere from India is your ally. Stilbite is the BEST stone for dream recall. With its loving, supportive energy, it uplifts the spirit and gently draws...
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  • Divine Guidance Iolite Sphere

    for direction and clarity

    $ 39.00
    This Divine Guidance Iolite Sphere from India is the perfect tool to remind you that you know the way and are supported every step of the journey. Iolite is the Viking stone for direction and clarity during travels. It brings guidance for sacred and divine...
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  • Peace and Beauty Flower Agate Sphere

    for positive vibes

    $ 14.00$ 34.00
    Invite in THE most positive vibrations with this gorgeous Peace and Beauty Flower Agate Sphere from China. Flower agate activates the Heart Chakra and is a gentle stone of evolution. It fills your heart with passion and peace. Flower agate is also an incredible gem...
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  • Indonesian Rainbow Agate Oscar Sphere

    for optimism

    $ 44.00$ 54.00
    If you’ve watched my Facebook lives, you may have met my smiley-faced mascot, Oscar! He’s a really awesome Indonesian rainbow agate star with a chill attitude and a sunny disposition, just like this AMAZING custom-made for SG Indonesian Rainbow Agate Oscar Sphere! You might even...
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  • Green Fluorite Follow Your Heart Sphere

    for purpose

    $ 24.00$ 39.00
    If you need help finding your purpose, this Green Fluorite Follow Your Heart Sphere from China is your crystal ally! Green fluorite leads you to your intended path, bringing optimism for the future, and showing you how to move forward. It’s the perfect gem to...
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  • Good Fortune Green Aventurine Sphere Stand

    for luck

    $ 6.00$ 8.00
    Call in abundance, luck, and growth with this Good Fortune Green Aventurine Sphere Stand from India! Green aventurine is the stone of growth – whatever it touches, flourishes. It boosts fertility, and if you’re looking to manifest more abundance in love, money, work, or creative...
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  • Fire Starter Marcasite Sphere

    to ignite creativity

    $ 64.00$ 74.00
    Can you feel the heat rising? It’s just this Fire Starter Marcasite Sphere from India! Marcasite gets its name from the Arabic ‘markaschatsa’ which means ‘fire stone.’ It grows in the same pocket as pyrite and is a magical mineral that when struck against flint...
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  • 3D Floating Moon Glass Sphere with Stand

    $ 31.00
    Earth’s favorite celestial neighbor has officially been lassoed and now you can enjoy it too with this 3D Floating Moon Glass Sphere with Stand! The Moon is the closest astronomical body to Earth, giving it strong influence over us. This K9 glass sphere has a...
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  • Lift Your Spirit Angel Aura Ocean Jasper Sphere

    $ 39.00$ 79.00
    Feel elevated by the celestial realm with this Lift Your Spirit Angel Aura Ocean Jasper Sphere from China! Angel aura ocean jasper is a stone that brings the happy. This gem is created when platinum, silver, and gold are bonded to ocean jasper. With the...
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  • Grounding Garnet Sphere Stand

    for extra stability

    $ 6.00$ 8.00
    Bring stability to your spheres and space with this Grounding Garnet Sphere Stand from India! Garnet is a protective, calming, and stabilizing Root Chakra gem that pulls you back to center. It’s a wonderful ally for gently grounding your dreams and manifesting your desires. Work...
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  • Fuchsite Love and Life Force Sphere

    for heart healing

    $ 39.00$ 59.00
    Call upon true love and powerful healing energy with this Fuchsite Love and Life Force Sphere from India. Fuchsite is a stone of life force that heals the heart physically and emotionally, readying you for new love. It encourages peace and understanding and is also...
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  • Strawberry Quartz Self-Care Sphere

    for soothing magic

    $ 34.00$ 54.00
    If you’re ready for healing and high vibrations, look no further than this Strawberry Quartz Self-Care Sphere. Strawberry quartz is full of tender, soothing magic and ready to bring more healing, joy, and optimism to your life. It inspires you to live joyfully and purposefully...
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  • Zebra Wishing Sphere

    to put your dreams into action

    $ 26.00$ 36.00
    When you wish upon a … sphere? Oh, we’re so excited to offer you this Zebra Wishing Sphere! It’s a new stone to SG and we are so into it! We call this a wishing sphere because of the gorgeous lines that go completely around...
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  • Electromagnetic Protection Terahertz Sphere

    $ 109.00
    Safeguard your aura and subtle bodies with this Electromagnetic Protection Terahertz Sphere from Japan. This man-made sphere was created from material that specifically protects the body against harmful electromagnetic frequencies, smog, and radiation. Terahertz stone is deeply healing. It helps you sleep and relieves stress,...
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  • Chalcopyrite with Dolomite Rebirth Sphere

    $ 39.00$ 69.00
    Emerge anew, like spring, with this Chalcopyrite with Dolomite Rebirth Sphere from China! Chalcopyrite, also known as peacock ore and the Witch’s Stone, is a gem of ancient wisdom, magic, and transformation. Dolomite is a powerful stone of grounding and centering. It helps you reach...
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