• Amazonite Angel of Truth

    for heartfelt sharing

    If you’re ready to connect with your inner wisdom and celestial guides, this Amazonite Angel of Truth is back! This stunning angel carving contains gorgeous shades of light blue and mint green with some streaks of light brown. Amazonite radiates such sweet, freeing energy. It’s...
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  • Blue Apatite Guidance Meditation Stone

    for spiritual wisdom

    It’s BACK! Call on higher-realm wisdom with this Blue Apatite Guidance Meditation Stone. The stone for this offering was sourced from Madagascar. Blue apatite is absolutely electric – dazzling in color and intense in its energy. This gem is a powerful emotional healer and is...
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  • Denver Unpacking: Natural Barite

    for spiritual exploration

    The treasures just keep coming from the Denver Gem Show! Get ready to explore dimensions beyond our own with this Natural Barite from Morocco. This gem is not a beginner’s stone — it’s an immensely powerful tool for healing, journeying, and connecting with the higher...
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  • Libra Mini BeeBop

    for harmony

    Libra season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with this Libra Mini BeeBop! Libra is the artist and peacekeeper. It’s motivated by love, relationships, and beauty. This air sign is charming, sociable, and cooperative. Libras have an eye for symmetry and...
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  • Celestial Connection Angelite Merkaba

    to talk to your angels

    Talk to your angels and release your worries into their heavenly hands with this soothing yet spiritually potent Celestial Connection Angelite Merkaba. Angelite is one of the first gems I ever worked with when I was just a teenager beginning my spiritual journey, and I...
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  • Chrysocolla and Clear Quartz Leather Necklace

    for authenticity

    Find freedom through speaking your truth with this Chrysocolla and Clear Quartz Leather Necklace. Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this stunning offering features a round chrysocolla cabochon strung on genuine brown suede leather. At each end of the cord is a natural clear quartz point...
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  • Denver Find: Brass Singing Bell with Mango Wood Handle

    for Heart and Throat Chakra Healing

    The Denver Gem Show treasures keep getting better, which is why I’m so excited to share this Brass Singing Bell with Mango Wood Handle with you — there’s nothing like this on the market! This stunning piece features a solid brass singing bell with a...
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  • Fire Starter Marcasite Sphere

    to ignite creativity

    Can you feel the heat rising? It’s just this Fire Starter Marcasite Sphere from India! Marcasite gets its name from the Arabic ‘markaschatsa’ which means ‘fire stone.’ It grows in the same pocket as pyrite and is a magical mineral that when struck against flint...
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  • Denver Find: Amazonite and Chrysocolla Ring

    for speaking your truth

    Ready to speak up and be heard? This Amazonite and Chrysocolla Ring is the perfect ally! This stunning offering was custom-made for the Denver Gem Show. This .925 sterling silver ring has an adjustable band that showcases two triangular cabochons — one amazonite and the...
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  • Natural Chilean Blue Opal

    for finding your voice

    Find your voice and speak from a place of authenticity with this Natural Chilean Blue Opal from Chile. Blue opal is a stone of communication, creativity, and genuine expression. Opal, in general, is a transformative stone of power and Divine inspiration. It connects you to...
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  • Compassion and Tenderness Crystal Quad

    for empathy & kindness

    Put on your rose-colored glasses and tune into energy streams of empathy and kindness with this Compassion and Tenderness Crystal Quad! This crystal quad was designed to support you in healing your heart space and holding space for others and yourself. It comes with four...
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  • Natural Amazonite and Smoky Quartz

    for grounded communication

    Looking to speak your truth from a more grounded space? If so, this Natural Amazonite and Smoky Quartz sourced from Brazil is your talisman. This gorgeous piece combines the Throat Chakra-activating properties of amazonite with the protective qualities of smoky quartz, making for one incredible...
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