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Friday Gem Sale

  • Gemstone Sale: Intuitively Chosen Golden Rutilated Quartz Pendant

    If it’s time to make a big change in your life and you need an ally to ease the process, this Intuitively Chosen Golden Rutilated Quartz Pendant is for you! This gorgeous piece features a golden rutilated quartz cabochon set in .925 sterling silver. It...
  • Gemstone Sale: Brass Lakshmi Statue

    If you want to bring more prosperity into your life, this Brass Lakshmi Statue is the perfect addition to your abundance altar. Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, beauty, abundance, and love. She adorns herself in rich jewel tones of crimson, fuchsia, and gold...
  • Gemstone Sale: Smoky Quartz Sphere

    If you’re in need of energetic protection, this Smoky Quartz Sphere is for you. Smoky quartz absorbs and traps negative energies, keeping your vibration pure, high, and light. Spheres radiate energies in all directions, making them potent altarpieces and meditation companions. This listing is for...
  • Gemstone Sale: Malachite Cobra

    Malachite is the most potent stone for feminine healing. It’s a Heart Chakra powerhouse that aids feminine body systems and the phases of childbirth. Known as the Doula Stone, its ancient medicine works magic not just for childbirth but any feminine problems involving the reproductive...
  • Gemstone Sale: Natural Canvansite

    If you are a collector of rare stones, this Natural Canvansite is for you! Cavansite is a part of the zeolite family, which promotes spiritual awakening and brings you closer to the physical and healing realms. It’s a naturally bright blue mineral that gets its...
  • Gemstone Sale: Sterling Silver Chakra Charm Bracelet with Gold Overlay

    Harness the magic of total energetic alignment with this Sterling Silver Chakra Charm Bracelet with Gold Overlay! This bracelet is a beautiful and powerful tool for balancing all chakras, for greater spiritual harmony, wellness, and happiness. It’s adorned with nine gemstones, one for each chakra:...
  • Gemstone Sale: Citrine Flame

    Did someone say money magic? This Citrine Flame is for anyone looking to attract prosperity of all kinds! Citrine is known as the ‘Merchant’s Stone’ because it magnetizes abundance and attracts wealth and financial opportunities. This gem activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, granting you the...
  • Gemstone Sale: Sanskrit Jasper Tower with Engraved Saraswati

    This Sanskrit Jasper Tower with Engraved Saraswati is a powerful tool to keep on your altar, in your meditation room, or anywhere you want to infuse with energies of ancient wisdom. Sanskrit jasper connects you to Vedic wisdom and the origins of civilization and society....
  • Gemstone Sale: Golden Rutilated Quartz Earrings

    Embrace change with ease with these Golden Rutilated Quartz Earrings. These hook-style earrings feature oval golden rutilated quartz cabochons bezel set in .925 sterling silver. Golden rutilated quartz is a transformation stone. It can draw change to your environment, change to yourself, and change to...
  • Gemstone Sale: Bumblebee Jasper Heart

    This Bumblebee Jasper Heart is a striking, rare piece of crystal magic. Bumblebee jasper is not easy to source because the mine is inside an active Indonesian volcano. Despite its name, it’s not jasper — it’s a mixture of gypsum, sulfur, and hematite, bringing energies...
  • Gemstone Sale: Faceted Rose Quartz Heart

    This Faceted Rose Quartz Heart is a stone of universal love, heart healing, and cosmic beauty. If you love Love, rose quartz speaks your frequency. Rose quartz is the Mother of all love stones — perfect for heart healing, Heart Chakra opening, and attracting and...
  • Gemstone Sale: Rhodochrosite Specimen

    If you’re ready to open up to deeper and more meaningful soul connections, this Rhodochrosite Specimen is for you. Rhodochrosite, known as the Rose Stone, activates the Heart Chakra. It’s a healing stone of compassion, love, and self-awareness. Rhodochrosite helps you get in touch with...

On Sale

  • Tree Agate Grounding Sphere

    for nurturing from nature

    Anchor yourself into the nurturing embrace of nature itself with this Tree Agate Grounding Sphere! The stone for this gorgeous offering was sourced from India, and I’ve never offered it in this shape before. Tree agate contains the ancient energies of the forest, the wisdom...
  • Calming and Grounding Garnet Vogel

    for stability

    Are you in need of a talisman of protection and vitality - something to support, soothe, center, and strengthen you? If so, this Calming and Grounding Garnet Vogel is your offering. This piece has twelve sides, and the stone was sourced from India. Twelve represents...
  • Grounded in Love Pink Petrified Wood Cube

    for compassion

    Deepen into Earth’s compassion and kindness with this NEW Grounded in Love Pink Petrified Wood Cube. It’s custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from India. Pink petrified wood is produced by the presence of hematite (a form of oxidized iron). The...
  • Gemstone Sale: Black Moonstone Flame

    In need of energetic safeguarding? If so, this Black Moonstone Flame will be your ally! Black moonstone has all the properties of white or rainbow moonstone, with a darker hue, deeper vibration, and added properties of grounding and protection. This gem activates the Root and...
  • Gemstone Sale: Faceted Multi-Colored Corundum Hexagon

    This Faceted Multi-Colored Corundum Hexagon holds the magic of peace and higher realm connection. Corundum promotes insight and wisdom and helps you to see deeper into the unknown. It relieves tension, releases anger, and reduces the presence of negative thoughts. It’s a powerful stone to...
  • Sweet Dreams Sodalite Reiki Pyramid

    for healing rest

    If you want to invite deep healing to your life while you’re fast asleep, this Sweet Dreams Sodalite Reiki Pyramid is the offering for you. This pyramid was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from India. It’s engraved with four golden-colored...
  • Green Aventurine and Honey Jade Prosperity Bracelet

    This Green Aventurine and Honey Jade Prosperity Bracelet was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and holds the magic of two sacred stones. Green aventurine and honey jade are some of the most powerful crystals for attracting abundance. Green aventurine is the stone of growth –...
  • Protect, Heal, Ground Stick Agate Generator

    If you’re recovering from something, this SUPER RARE and custom-made Protect, Heal, Ground Stick Agate Generator will lovingly hold you and encourage greater self-love and acceptance. You won’t find anything like this on the market. Stick agate comes from Turkey and occurs when agate fills...

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