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  • Ultimate Pain Relief Balm

    for comfort and wellness

    $ 19.00
    My Ultimate Pain Relief Balm is back and it’s the perfect prescription for healing and alleviating pain on the deepest levels. It’s hand-crafted here at Sage Goddess Headquarters, and inspired by my popular Ultimate Pain Relief Perfume. This balm features notes of wintergreen, lavender, rosemary,...
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  • Persephone’s Desire Body Scrub

    for pleasure and beauty

    $ 19.00
    My Persephone’s Desire Body Scrub is here, and I’m so excited to add this thick, beautiful scrub to our incredible line of bath and body products. It’s lovingly handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with exfoliating and skin-nourishing ingredients such as walnut shell powder,...
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  • Sweet Dreams Sodalite Angel

    for peace and protection

    $ 24.00
    Stay protected and sleep peacefully with this Sweet Dreams Sodalite Angel. This beautiful stone was sourced in India and each angel has unique swirls and patterns of blue, gray, and white. Sodalite is the Dreamcatcher Stone that assists in releasing fears of the unknown. It...
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  • Scorpio BeeBop and Stone Duo

    for passion and depth

    $ 1.50
    Channel the magic, mystery, and depth of Scorpio season with this custom-made Scorpio BeeBop and Stone Duo! Scorpio is the powerhouse - this sign has the mind of a detective and loves getting to the bottom of things. Scorpios are intense and when they’re in...
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  • Black Jade Bowl with White Sage Smudge Bundle

    $ 59.00
    If you’re being called to do shadow work, this Black Jade Bowl with White Sage Smudge Bundle is your offering. This bowl was custom-made for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from Pakistan. Shadow work helps you bring all parts of yourself into the...
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  • Manifest Your Intentions Labradorite and Peridot Ring

    $ 85.00
    Attract the visions you hold in your heart with this gorgeous Manifest Your Intentions Labradorite and Peridot Ring. This ring was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in India and features labradorite and peridot set on an adjustable .925 sterling silver band. Labradorite is a gem...
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  • Magical Tool Shelf with Intuitively Chosen Incense

    $ 34.00
    Add more beauty and enchantment to your home with this Magical Tool Shelf with Intuitively Chosen Incense, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. This wooden desk or table shelf comes with a white finish and is engraved with our Sage Goddess logo. You’ll also receive an...
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  • Tumbled Shiva Lingam

    for kundalini energy activation

    $ 2.00
    Expand your sensuality and explore your capacity for intimacy with this Tumbled Shiva Lingam from India. Shiva lingam is one of the most powerful gems on the planet for activating sexual energy and attracting a soulmate presence. Known as the sex stone, it activates kundalini...
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  • Magnify and Amplify Clear Quartz Palm Stone

    $ 18.00
    Seal and strengthen your intentions with this Magnify and Amplify Clear Quartz Palm Stone! This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone is sourced from India. Clear quartz is the most pervasive crystal in the gem world and has three major properties:...
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  • Take it Easy Lepidolite Crescent Moon

    for peace

    $ 24.00
    If your spirits need a boost, this Take it Easy Lepidolite Crescent Moon is for you! This gorgeous piece was custom-made for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from India. Lepidolite is a natural, crystalized form of lithium that grows with tourmaline and kunzite....
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  • Magic of Atlantis Indonesian Septarian Obelisk

    $ 46.00$ 86.00
    This Magic of Atlantis Indonesian Septarian Obelisk opens up a whole new level of wisdom and magic. This beautiful piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess. The stone is sourced from Indonesia, and it’s made up of healing dendritic limestone and purifying yellow calcite –...
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  • Magician Incense Sticks

    for clearing and making magic

    $ 8.00
    Activate powerful clearing and make some magic with my Magician Incense Sticks. These custom Sage Goddess incense sticks were inspired by my soul card in the tarot: The Magician. Your soul path card reveals the inner essence of who you are and the motivation for...
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Mercurious Designs Jewelry

Balinese Magic

  • Vulture Eye of Ra Pendant

    Charoite or Fire Opal

    $ 125.00$ 150.00
    This Vulture Eye of Ra pendant is set with a single gem in the eye. She is inspired by the Egyptian Goddess, Nekhbet, who was represented as a woman with the head of a vulture. She is a symbol of Royalty and of Protection, associated...
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  • Scarab Beetle Gemstone Pendant

    Rose Quartz

    $ 165.00
    Scarab Beetles were popular amulets in Ancient Egypt. According to ancient Egyptian myths Ra, the Sun God travels across the sky every day, transforming bodies and souls. The scarab, or dung beetle, rolls poop into over-sized balls and lay their eggs in them, which supplies...
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  • Claw Pendant

    Moldavite, Pietersite, Seraphinite, Kyanite, Pyrite, and More!

    $ 220.00$ 320.00
    The Claw Pendant is a real rock n roll legend. Designed to be hardcore while still being stylish, it is one our most popular creations. Whether you see it as a dragon claw or an eagle claw, it still manages to focus the intention to...
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  • Crystal Roots Pendant

    Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, or Clear Quartz

    $ 135.00
    Crystals are well known to be a magical mineral formation..they can not only store information, which is why they are used in computers, they can also be used to focus intentions, for guidance or just to give an overall beneficial feeling, 'a good vibe'. These...
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