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  • Gemstone Sale: Aquamarine Shiva Lingam

    Expand your sensuality and explore your capacity for intimacy with this Aquamarine Shiva Lingam. This offering features a gorgeous aquamarine polished into a shiva lingam shape. Shiva lingam is one of the most powerful shapes on the planet for activating sexual energy and attracting soulmates....
  • Gemstone Sale: Larimar with Aquamarine Ring

    Speak your truth from a place of peace and empowerment with this Larimar with Aquamarine Ring. This gorgeous .925 sterling silver ring features a vintage-style arch design with a center larimar cabochon surrounded by a halo of aquamarine accent stones. Larimar and aquamarine are two...
  • Gemstone Sale: Silver Sheen Obsidian Heart Bowl

    If you’re looking to let go of worry and stress and move forward, This Silver Sheen Obsidian Heart Bowl is for you. Silver sheen obsidian is a protective gem created naturally from cooled volcanic lava. It will loosen any places where you might be white-knuckling...
  • Gemstone Sale: Blue & Green Kyanite with Spessartine Garnet Generator

    Experience instant alignment, healing, and manifestation in a big way with this Blue & Green Kyanite with Spessartine Garnet Generator. This stunning piece is a gorgeous combination of blue kyanite, green kyanite, spessartine garnet, and quartz. Blue kyanite brings balance and alignment — it instantly balances...
  • Gemstone Sale: Covellite Sphere

    Open your Third Eye and awaken your intuition with this Covellite Sphere. Covellite is an incredibly powerful Third Eye Chakra stone that helps to unlock your psychic gifts. It promotes the ability to manifest psychic visions and dreams and strengthens faith and devotion. This listing...
  • Gemstone Sale: Natural Pink Tourmaline in Quartz Pendant

    If your heart is in need of healing, this Natural Pink Tourmaline in Quartz Pendant is the perfect piece for you. Pink tourmaline heals the heart like no other. It promotes wellness, receptivity, grace, and unconditional love. Quartz amplifies intentions of peace, love, and light...
  • Gemstone Sale: Purple Cap Pink Tourmaline

    Experience the harmonious energies of this gorgeous natural Purple Cap Pink Tourmaline. This offering features a natural piece of pink tourmaline capped with purple tourmaline. Pink tourmaline, a powerful Heart Chakra crystal, embodies the qualities of the Divine Feminine, nurturing and healing the heart with...
  • Gemstone Sale: Celestite Cluster

    This Celestite Cluster is such a gorgeous reminder that no matter where you are on your journey, your angels are with you, providing love, healing, and support. Celestite is alive with beautiful, angelic energies of tranquility, harmony, and peace. It possesses a soft, serene vibration...
  • Gemstone Sale: Shungite & White Topaz Basket Ring

    This Shungite & White Topaz Basket Ring holds such a pure, healing vibration! It combines the potent clearing magic of shungite with the higher-realm energy of white topaz to help you achieve your highest good. This stunning piece showcases a triangle-cut shungite centerpiece held in...
  • Gemstone Sale: Faceted Sphalerite

    Channel feelings of safety and stability with this Faceted Sphalerite. Sphalerite is one of the few gems that are able to align and activate multiple chakras. This gem holds particular power over the lower energetic centers. Of all its uses, sphalerite is most regarded for...
  • Gemstone Sale: Chrysoprase and Smoky Quartz Pendant

    Protect your heart as you heal old love wounds with this Chrysoprase and Smoky Quartz Pendant. This piece features a gorgeous AAA-grade chrysoprase cabochon suspended below a faceted AAA-grade smoky quartz, all bezel set in .925 sterling silver. The shape of each chrysoprase is unique...
  • Gemstone Sale: Plum Blossom Jade Generator

    Bring peace to your spirit through divine connection with this Plum Blossom Jade Generator. It’s as magical as it is beautiful and is a potent talisman of positivity, light-heartedness, and higher-realm wisdom. Plum blossom jade activates the Crown Chakra and brings divine energies of protection,...

On Sale

  • Gemstone Sale: Faceted Sapphire Hexagon with Multi-Colored Corundum Pendant

    Expand your intuition with the wisdom of the higher realms with this Faceted Sapphire Hexagon with Multi-Colored Corundum Pendant. It features a faceted sapphire hexagon suspended from a .925 sterling silver bail adorned with a multi-colored corundum accent stone and gold-plated detailing. Sapphire is a...
  • Tree Agate Grounding Sphere

    for nurturing from nature

    Anchor yourself into the nurturing embrace of nature itself with this Tree Agate Grounding Sphere! The stone for this gorgeous offering was sourced from India, and I’ve never offered it in this shape before. Tree agate contains the ancient energies of the forest, the wisdom...
  • Grounded in Love Pink Petrified Wood Cube

    for compassion

    Deepen into Earth’s compassion and kindness with this NEW Grounded in Love Pink Petrified Wood Cube. It’s custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from India. Pink petrified wood is produced by the presence of hematite (a form of oxidized iron). The...
  • Protect, Heal, Ground Stick Agate Generator

    If you’re recovering from something, this SUPER RARE and custom-made Protect, Heal, Ground Stick Agate Generator will lovingly hold you and encourage greater self-love and acceptance. You won’t find anything like this on the market. Stick agate comes from Turkey and occurs when agate fills...
  • Turquoise and Spiny Oyster Pendants for authentic expression and growth

    Bring some color magic with these gorgeous Turquoise and Spiny Oyster Pendants. These sacred adornments are set in .925 sterling silver and are a combination of turquoise and spiny oyster. Turquoise helps you find your sacred voice and express your truth safely. Not only is...

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