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  • Gemstone Sale: Purple Dendritic Agate Pillars

    $ 299.00$ 329.00
    These Purple Dendritic Agate Pillars are so full of discernment, wisdom, and grounded healing. Known as the stone of plenitude, dendritic agate can connect you to the Earth and all of nature, deepening and expanding your own connection to the Universe and all its living...
  • Gemstone Sale: Rose Quartz Ganeshas

    $ 169.00
    Remove any obstacles to giving and receiving love with these Rose Quartz Ganeshas. Rose quartz is the mother of all love stones, bringing the gifts of universal love, reciprocity, heart-opening and healing, peace, and unconditional love. It reawakens the heart to trust, dissolving any negative...
  • Gemstone Sale: Citrine and Quartz Spheres

    $ 199.00
    Can you stand a little more money and financial wellness? Rather, can you stand a lot more? If so, these Citrine and Quartz Spheres are for you! Citrine is a Solar Plexus Chakra that provides mental clarity and opens the channel for greater expressions of...
  • Gemstone Sale: Rutilated Smoky Quartz Skull with Kaolinite

    $ 999.00
    Prepare for some major purifying and transformative energy with this Rutilated Smoky Quartz Skull with Kaolinite. Smoky quartz resonates with the Root Chakra and offers protection, grounding, and absorbs and transmutes negative energy. Kaolinite is a white to yellowish colored mineral that activates spiritual evolution...
  • Gemstone Sale: Petrified Wood Generators

    $ 39.00$ 69.00
    Connect with the wisdom of the past with these Petrified Wood Generators. Petrified wood resonates with the Earth Star Chakra. It's a grounding and protective stone that helps you with past-life recall and grants access to ancestral and ancient wisdom. Gemstone generators raise energy from...
  • Gemstone Sale: Pink Aragonite with Rose Quartz Pendants

    $ 79.00$ 99.00
    Welcome in love and deep compassion with these Pink Aragonite with Rose Quartz Pendants. Pink aragonite is a Heart Chakra stone that offers peace and love. It helps you to relax in love and overcome any resistance you have to love. Rose quartz is the...
  • Gemstone Sale: Soul Star Chakra Wand

    $ 699.00
    Activate the wisdom of the ethereal realms with this Soul Star Chakra. This wand features .925 silver and is tipped with purple spirit quartz for facilitating spirit contact and connection. It has two amethyst stones for peace, wisdom, and purification; a rainbow moonstone in the...
  • Gemstone Sale: Meteorite Necklaces

    $ 299.00
    These Meteorite Necklaces contain some of the oldest material on Earth and thus carry some ancient, ancestral wisdom and magic. From the Great Sands Sea to the Sahara to Algeria, these necklaces feature meteorites that were formed at the beginning of our solar system 4.6...
  • Gemstone Sale: Pietersite Earrings

    $ 77.00$ 99.00
    Deep insight and intuition are the magic of these Pietersite Earrings. These open-back earrings are set in .925 sterling silver and comes with a circular citrine with either an oval or rectangular pietersite hanging from it. Pietersite churns the deepest parts of your subconscious and...
  • Gemstone Sale: Smithsonite Adjustable Rings

    $ 74.00
    Clear away the clutter in your life with these Smithsonite Adjustable Rings. These rings are fully adjustable and feature an open back and .925 sterling silver. Smithsonite is a crystal of detoxification, transformation, and transmutation. It helps you move through the phases of your life...
  • Gemstone Sale: White Onyx with Rhodochrosite Candle Holders

    $ 129.00
    Lovingly illuminate your inner power with these gorgeous White Onyx with Rhodochrosite Candle Holders. These holders contain the power of two powerful crystals: Onyx and rhodochrosite. Onyx is protective and activates your inner power. It absorbs and transmutes low vibrations and attracts good luck to...
  • Gemstone Sale: Amazonite Adjustable Ring

    $ 49.00
    If you're needing greater confidence in trusting your voice, this Amazonite Adjustable Ring is for you. Amazonite is a crystal of ease, heartfelt communication, and clear speech. It helps you to not only speak truthfully but to become more aware of your truth. This ring...
  • Gemstone Sale: Blue Lemurian Calcite Pillar

    $ 749.00
    Tap into the wisdom of peace, harmony, and the Lemurian civilization with this gorgeous Blue Lemurian Calcite Pillar. Blue calcite harmonizes family energy and helps you to manifest peace in your relationships. It fosters love and compassion in families. As blue calcite powerfully clears negative...
  • Gemstone Sale: Golden and Black Seraphinite Rings

    $ 99.00
    Connect with the angelic realms with these fully adjustable, open back, 925 sterling silver Golden and Black Seraphinite Rings. Seraphinite is named after the highest order of angels, the Seraphim. It offers angelic protection and connection and clears energetic attachments and psychic attacks. It cultivates...
  • Gemstone Sale: Pink Aragonite Earrings with Garnet

    $ 49.00
    Ground into love with these beautiful Pink Aragonite Earrings with Garnet. These earrings are set in .925 sterling silver and feature an oval-shaped pink aragonite surrounded by a flowery design with a small circular garnet and an open back. Pink aragonite is a Heart Chakra...
  • Gemstone Sale: Lapis Lazuli Hearts

    $ 79.00$ 129.00
    Connect the wisdom of your heart to the intelligence of your mind with these beautiful Lapis Lazuli Hearts. Lapis lazuli is the Queen's Stone and helps to increase confidence and self-esteem. It sharpens your intuition and wisdom and brings a sense of royalty, power, and...
  • Gemstone Sale: Lapis Lazuli with Rough Azurite Pendant

    $ 119.00
    Do you believe you are a queen? If you need a reminder, this Lapis Lazuli with Rough Azurite Pendant is for you. This beautiful 925 Silver has an open back and features a small .25" square piece of rough azurite with a smooth 1" long...
  • Gemstone Sale: Grey Aragonite Bears

    $ 29.00
    These Grey Aragonite Bears are full of peace, love, and guidance. Aragonite is an energizing crystal that increases your confidence and self-worth and assists you in building greater trust within yourself. Bears symbolize internal strength and the solitude of introspection. Bear energy garners power from...
  • Gemstone Sale: Dendritic Yellow Hematoid Flames

    $ 119.00$ 139.00
    If you're desiring to ground and anchor into Earth's wisdom and protection, these Dendritic Yellow Hematoid Flames are for you. Yellow hematoid purifies and detoxifies, and is grounding and strengthening. Working with crystal flames will help you access your lower chakras in meditation. Flame energy...
  • Gemstone Sale: Blue Kyanite and Ruby Sapphire Pendants

    $ 250.00$ 350.00
    Garner greater alignment and awareness with these Blue Kyanite and Ruby Sapphire Pendants. These pendants feature a smooth blue kyanite blade hanging from a smooth ruby sapphire. These pendants are set in .925 silver with an open back. Blue kyanite is a powerful Throat Chakra...

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