What is Astrology?

What is Astrology?

An Overview of Astrological Study

The study of astrology encompasses the analysis of all celestial bodies in our galaxy – the sun, moon, planets, and stars – based on their movements and positioning (usually relative to each other), and their influence on our lives. While these astral entities may not seem like part of our domain, indeed they are, as all things in the Universe are connected. And somehow, since the dawn of time, mankind has intuitively known that. The cosmos have filled us with curiosity and awe. Through the principles of astrology, we continue to watch the nighttime sky for answers, guidance, and timeless wisdom.

Is Astrology a Science?

Astrology is not considered a science, but rather a metaphysical discipline. Many of its laws are based on energetic stimulus, similar to the studies of yoga, feng shui, numerology, crystal healing, and acupuncture.

How Does Astrology Determine my Horoscope?

The varied constellations and configurations we see shining across the black expanse are used in daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly divinations. Based on your birth chart (which reveals how the sun, moon, stars, and other planets aligned on the date and time of your birth), each day of your existence is further shaped by the current celestial patterns in our sky.

How Does Astrology Influence my Personality?

Has anyone ever asked you “What’s your sign?” The answer to this question would be your sun sign, which is your dominant house of the zodiac. And your inquisitor is asking because he or she knows it will provide immediate insight into your personality.

Each house of the zodiac arises from the location of our sun as it transits through the twelve astrological constellations throughout the year. If you were born while the sun shone on Taurus, then your dominant sign is Taurus. You also have a moon and a rising sign, while others among the twelve play a part in your full birth chart – determining various aspects of your personality.

Learn More About Astrology—for Free!

The twelve signs of the zodiac begin with Aries and end with Pisces. Below is a brief overview of all twelve houses, each followed by a link to a free video class that dives deep into the significance of that sign.

What is it like to be a Leo? To be best friends with a Virgo? To fall in love with a Sagittarius? To go into business with a Capricorn? You’ll find the answers in these one-hour classes, taught by Athena Perrakis, Sage Goddess CEO and astrology aficionada of over 20 years. It is recommended that you study your full birth chart before watching any of these classes. You can get your chart done for free online.














astrological-set-aries-500x500-150x150Astrological Set Honoring Aries – Fire magic for honoring your outgoing, courageous, and adventurous energy. These tools will help you channel Aries energy, to become more confident, to honor the daring and spontaneous, and to go your own way. If you’ve been living too meekly, find your enterprising and adventurous side! And if you ARE an Aries (in your sun, moon, or rising position), these tools celebrate you in every way. Whether you are an Aries or not, get ready to learn about and celebrate what it means to work with the energy of this strong fire sign. The first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is a leader, the first to plunge into new adventures. They are enterprising, spontaneous, and highly energetic, always ready to face challenges head on.

taurus-300x234Astrological Set Honoring Taurus – The second sign of the Zodiac, Taurus is an independent being, one that works on their own in financial and emotional matters. They are reliable, sensible, and practical, always ready to help, even if it means they might endure a loss. A Taurus is ambitious, prone to thinking ahead and moving steadily towards their goals. But Taurus that can turn stubborn and inflexible, refusing to listen to logic when reason does not suit their pursuits. With its natural firmness and unshakeable stability, Taurus is a sign of focus and sensibility. These tools will help you channel Taurus energy, to become more sensible, to honor the practicality, and to persist in the face of difficulty. If you’ve been living in the clouds, find your grounded, dependable side!

gemini-kit-286x300Astrological Set Honoring Gemini – Air magic for honoring your dual nature. The third sign of the Zodiac, Gemini is an entertainer. They are playful and quick to laughter, always ready for fun and rarely serious in nature. A Gemini is energetic and charismatic, holding a child-like fascination with and wonder of the world and new experiences. Yet Gemini is symbolized by the Twins – and they tend to show duality in their behavior. Gemini is unpredictable at heart, often undergoing dramatic mood swings that can turn others away. It’s difficult to truly know a Gemini, as they change suddenly and it’s impossible to know how they will react. With its dual nature and curious personality, Gemini is a sign of change that loves diving into new interests. These tools will help you channel Gemini energy, to become friendlier, to honor playfulness, and to see the excitement in all that’s around you.

Cancer_Set__24669-300x300Astrological Set Honoring Cancer – Water magic for honoring your soft nature. The fourth sign of the Zodiac, Cancer is full of emotion. They have a keen sense of humor, while also cunning and intelligent. Known as the nurturer of the Zodiac, Cancers are fiercely loyal and protective of those they love. Yet Cancer is symbolized by the crab – they tend to hide their true emotions behind a tough outer shell, soft and sensitive beneath their exterior. This makes Cancer prone to unpredictable behavior, as the slightest unkind words bring out their insecure side. With its complex nature, Cancers are mysterious and emotional beings. These tools will help you channel Cancer energy, to acknowledge your ever-changing emotions, and to honor your nurturing side. If you’ve been living in the depths of your emotions, find your self-sufficient side!

Leo_astological_kit__38889-500x413-300x248Astrological Set Honoring Leo – Fixed fire magic for honoring your strength. Leos have an infectious zest for life and a warmth to their spirit, with maybe a small flair for drama and the extravagant. People naturally gravitate towards Leo, attracted to their enthusiasm, balance, and command. But simultaneously, a Leo can be independent. This strong and dignified sign lives by honor, filled with a sense of pride, and treats others with great respect. These traits make Leo the ultimate friend. My tools will help you channel Leo energy, to become more ambitious, to harness confidence, loyalty, and generosity. If you’ve been afraid to step up and raise your voice, this kit will encourage you to let out a roar! And if you ARE a Leo (in your sun, moon, or rising position), these tools celebrate you in every way.

Virgo-500x500-300x300Astrological Set Honoring Virgo – Mutable earth magic for honoring your independence. Virgos are precise and analytical (some would call them picky and critical, but I do not agree!) and love using their problem-solving nature to help the greater good. People tend to look up to Virgo because they are honest and reliable. They try to bring order to chaos, which can be reflected in friendship, relationships, and business.This independent and methodical sign lives to serve others, filled with ambition and a need for order. These traits make Virgo the ultimate guide or counselor in times of need. My tools will help you channel Virgo energy, to become more detail-oriented, to harness honesty, altruism, and intellect. If your life is in a state of disarray or you’re in a situation you don’t know how to navigate, this kit will help you see (and organize) the bigger picture!

Libra-Set-500x500Astrological Set Honoring Libra – Cardinal air magic for honoring your independence. Libras are friendly, hospitable, and peaceful. They love adventure and the finer things in life. People are naturally drawn to Libra as the glue that holds relationships together – and it is true, they have mastered this art! Personal, romantic, business, friendship, or otherwise, Libra knows how to keep balance and harmony among others. Their affinity for the finer things can sometimes mean an aversion to getting their hands dirty and doing the hard work it takes to get those finer things. But Libra is also independent and capable. All these traits combined make Libra the ultimate leader; be it to host a party or to manage a business. My tools will help you channel Libra energy, to become more communal, to harness diplomacy, peace, and grace.

scorpio-set-500x500-300x300Astrological Set Honoring Scorpio – Fixed water magic for honoring your passion. Scorpios are observant and passionate. While fiercely loyal, they are also incredibly independent and don’t thrive on a booming social life. Scorpios will do whatever they set their mind to without ever giving up; their resilience is an admirable quality. However, this tenacity can also manifest as an obstinate need for control. They tend to operate in extremes, and are even known for having a jealous streak. Whether you get on the good side or bad side of Scorpio, expect them to remember! This passionate and persistent sign works well in positions of pressure and power. These traits make Scorpio the ultimate doctor, scientist, or leader. My tools will help you channel Scorpio energy, to become more determined, to harness loyalty and independence.

Sagittarius-Set-10_22-Square-300x300Astrological Set Honoring Sagittarius – Mutable fire magic for honoring your truth-seeking. Sagittarians are clear thinkers and love seeking knowledge in all forms, but above all they are free spirits, and need to feel independent. The Centaurian Archer represents Sagittarius, and that Centaur energy is what lends itself to Sagittarius’ quick wit, intellect, and passionate love for adventure and physical activity. Jupiter rules this sign, and it is this “King of the Gods” who blesses Sags with their noble leader qualities, their quest for knowledge, and their tendency towards luck. Sags are ever evolving into people who explore the world and their higher mind, so that they can expand their own consciousness and that of others. My tools will help you channel Sagittarius energy, to honor your outspoken approach to life, and to harness vitality, confidence, and intellect.

capricorn-astrology-set-500x500-300x300Astrological Set Honoring Capricorn – Cardinal earth magic for honoring your ambition. Capricorn is all for working hard and taking on any project from a pragmatic point of view. They tackle almost all things in life from this structural, business-minded perspective, and do not quit. Just like the goat by which they are symbolized, Capricorn loves to climb to the top of the mountain – for victory is within reach, and oh so sweet! But this determination can translate as a dictatorial sternness. They are creative, but not without measurement; they take risks, but not without weighing the pros, cons, and all possible consequences. Calculations, careful coordination, and time management is the name of Cap’s game. These traits make Capricorn the ultimate entrepreneur or business leader. My tools will help you channel Capricorn energy, to become more ambitious, to harness organization, resourcefulness, and persistence.

aquarius-ritual-set-300x300Astrological Set Honoring Aquarius – Fixed air magic for honoring your difference. Aquarians are living paradoxes; they are interested in the opposite ends of the spectrum. Both social butterflies and recluses, they like to experience both sides and see both opinions as they formulate new ideas with their forward thinking, active mind. They are witty and cunning, as well as master observers; they observe people and learn how to interact with others through observation. They can be masters of manipulation, justifying anything they do or think. As a result, they can deal with any type of personality and adapt to any situation. They welcome change because boredom is their enemy. Anything new is an opportunity to Aquarius! These tools will help you channel Aquarian energy, to become more adaptable, to honor the duality of your human nature, and to go your own way. If you’ve been living too conventionally, move outside the box!

pisces-300x289Astrological Set Honoring Pisces – Mutable water magic for honoring your emotional complexity. The last of the Zodiac, Pisces is said to embody aspects of each sign that comes before it, making those born under Pisces adaptable. They are accepting and tolerant, carrying a sympathetic nature for both themselves and others. A Pisces shows deep sensitivity towards others, and is attuned to their needs, making them a compassionate being. Yet Pisces is not purely emotional — it is also one of mystery and elusiveness. With the strongest intuition and psychic gifts, Pisces is a sign of great inner wisdom. They are able to see beyond, to use their inner vision to connect deeply with others and the spiritual world. These tools will help you channel Piscean energy, to become more adaptable, and to honor the duality of your human nature.