• Lust Bath Salt

    to awaken desire and passion

    $ 11.00
    Love is grand, it is, but lust is awesome! Many cultures don’t talk enough about lust. I’m bringing lust back to the tub one skinny dip at a time. This offering is a blend of purifying Himalayan, Epsom, and Mediterranean salt - anointed with my...
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  • Green Aventurine Heart

    for loving abundance

    $ 24.00
    If you’re looking to grow in love and abundance, this Green Aventurine Heart from India is for you. Green aventurine is the stone of growth – whatever it touches, flourishes. It boosts fertility, and if you’re looking to manifest more abundance in love, money, work,...
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  • Aquamarine Emotional Healing Heart

    $ 29.00
    This beautiful Aquamarine Emotional Healing Heart was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in India and is the perfect gem for emotional healing and reaching a new level of emotional depth. Aquamarine is a variety of beryl that also activates the Throat Chakra for clear communication....
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  • Sunset Aura Quartz Vortex Sphere

    for vitality and love

    $ 39.00
    This Sunset Aura Quartz Vortex Sphere brings serious Sacral Chakra magic. It was carved into a powerful vortex shape just for Sage Goddess in China. Sunset aura is bright pink-orange aura quartz, the result of permanent bonding of iridium and 14k gold with clear quartz....
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  • Healed Heart Tumbled Chrysoprase

    for love and peace

    $ 2.00
    Do you want to be kinder to yourself? Are you in need of self-nourishment, love, and inner strength? If so, this Healed Heart Tumbled Chrysoprase is for you. Chrysoprase is a gentle gemstone that heals wounds from past love, which allows you to experience love...
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  • Tantra Bath Bomb

    for passion and connection

    $ 5.55
    If you adore my Tantra Perfume, you’re in luck: Tantra Bath Bomb has arrived! This brand new magical bath bomb was made right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters and is infused with the same Tantra ingredients you know and love - rose, jasmine, and patchouli....
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  • Natural Fuchsite

    for love and heart healing

    $ 9.00$ 49.00
    Ready yourself for true love and powerful healing with this Natural Fuchsite from Brazil. Fuchsite is a life force stone that heals the heart physically and emotionally - readying you for new love, peace, and understanding. This gem is also helpful in creating healthy boundaries...
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  • Tumbled Strawberry Quartz

    for healing and joy

    $ 3.00
    This Tumbled Strawberry Quartz from Russia is full of tender, soothing magic - it’s ready to bring more healing, joy, and optimism to your life. Strawberry quartz inspires you to live joyfully and purposefully in the now and encourages you to see the humor and...
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  • Wise Heart Verdelite in Quartz, Cleavelandite, and Mica Matrix Generator

    $ 14.00$ 24.00
    This Wise Heart Verdelite in Quartz, Cleavelandite, and Mica Matrix Generator from Madagascar is super new on the market! Verdelite, or green tourmaline, resonates with the Heart Chakra and brings love, compassion, union, integration, and wisdom and discernment in love. Quartz amplifies the magic of...
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  • SG Signature Perfume

    for invoking the Divine Feminine

    $ 59.00
    My SG Signature Perfume is BACK! And, as you may have guessed by the name, it’s my personal perfume. I’ve been wearing it ever since I first crafted it in deep secrecy at the spring equinox years ago. It’s blended with Super 7 crystals and...
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  • Unakite Jasper: Small Tumbled

    for heart-healing

    $ 1.50
    This Tumbled Unakite Jasper is a powerful heart-healing tool - a beautiful companion if you're in need of a little tenderness and support. Unakite jasper is regarded as one of nature’s most healing gems of the mind and heart. This lovely stone balances the emotional...
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  • Star Garnet: Small Tumbled

    for grounding, protection, and security

    $ 3.00
    Feeling a little unsettled? This Tumbled Star Garnet is the perfect crystal to work with when you feel you need a bit more grounding. Similar to star rubies and star sapphires, less than 5 percent of garnets display a star or aphorism. Star garnet is...
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  • Purple Agate: Medium Tumbled

    for deep peace and Source connection

    $ 1.00
    This Tumbled Purple Agate is as magical as it is precious. Purple agate is a crystal of the Violet Ray and is a beautiful tool to work with to access Source energy for protection and deeper levels of peace. It comes in rich colors that...
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  • Nurture Beeswax Intention Candle

    for compassionate love

    $ 25.00
    My Nurture Beeswax Intention Candle holds powerful, compassionate magic. This candle is hand-rolled with shades of wine, green, and forest green beeswax and wrapped with custom SG artwork right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters. It’s anointed with my Nurture Perfume, crafted with soothing, citrus notes...
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  • Pink Sapphire Passion Pendulum

    for guidance in love

    $ 35.00
    This enchanting Pink Sapphire Passion Pendulum was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in India and is a powerful tool for uncovering answers about love. This offering is incredibly rare - you won’t find anything else like it on the market. It even glows under a...
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  • Natural Demantoid Garnet

    for recommitting to love

    $ 3.00
    Recommit to love with this Natural Demantoid Garnet from Pakistan. Demantoid garnet works with all kinds of love but is primarily a gem of partnership. I recommend it for couples - so if you want to dive deeper in your relationship, this offering is for...
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