Your words are only 10% of the energy you transmit.
Everything else is code.

Light codes have always been a subject of major fascination for me.

  • What are light codes?
  • Are light codes and light languages the same thing?
  • What do light languages look or sound like?
  • How do we transmit them?
  • How do light codes relate to healing, astral or inter-dimensional travel, or energy work?

Light codes are your personal frequency transmissions, your cosmic fingerprints. Every living being is encoded at birth with a specific set of codes that they are to transmit during their lifetime; it is the goal of many lightworkers to understand their codes as well as their methods of transmission.

You express a light code, for example, when you look into another person’s eyes, when you pray or bless another person, and when you gift things to another person. Wouldn’t you like to know more about what you are sharing, how, and why?

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In my three light codes classes, I’m going to take you through the who, what, where, when, and why: Who are we, why do we need light codes, where do they come from, when do we use them, who needs to receive them, and how do we transmit them? If you want to experience profound healing on multiple levels, working with codes is an excellent place to begin. Come learn with me how to activate light codes to heal yourself, heal others, and even heal our planet, which needs our loving attention more now than ever. All beings have light codes – but not all beings remember or have access to theirs. This course will help you remember and become aware of your greater purpose.


You came to this life to have these energetic experiences; you wanted free will, you wanted to see what your gifts were, and you sought the chance to engage powerfully with your gifts in this lifetime. After our three classes together, you will know how to use your unique light codes to unlock new levels of wisdom. All beings have light codes – but not all beings remember or have access to theirs. This course will help you remember and become aware of your greater purpose. You will be able to access your codes on demand and then if you desire, you can channel a set of symbols for your unique codes or find other interesting ways to communicate them. After all, most cosmic languages are symbol-based and are not spoken.

The most powerful languages in the world are those not spoken;

  • your gemstones are languages
  • your essential oils are languages
  • your body is a form of language
  • your kiss and your touch are languages
  • and the way you smell is a language

You are communicating all the time; I will teach you how to make your constant communication more intentional. 

Light codes are the keys to our freedom as third dimensional beings. They allow you to see your problems from a different perspective. When you are dancing on the dance floor of life, you have no perspective on what is happening; when you elevate, lift up, and rise above, accessing more subtle methods of communication, you gain perspective, clarity, and power. Join me to activate codes you will use for a lifetime, and learn how your own soul gifts can be used to help the world.

Class Details

This light codes course consists of three separate classes:

  • Light Codes I: Beginning the Journey
  • Light Codes II: Quantum Energetic Healing
  • Dark Codes: As above, so below. Where there is light, there is shadow. Understanding dark codes, how they are transmitted and how to manage them.

Each class is $20, and there are no prerequisites to register.

Once you have purchased and viewed Light Codes I, we will email you the registration and purchase details for the subsequent two classes.

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