• “Reset” Mini BeeBop

    for revitalizing your spirit

    No matter how busy life gets, it’s important to take time to pause, step back, and refresh your spirit – and that kind of energetic revitalization is exactly what this “Reset” Mini BeeBop brings. This custom-made piece is part of our exclusive collection of engraved...
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  • Natural Indicolite in Quartz

    for psychic awareness

    Amplify your psychic connection with this NEW Natural Indicolite in Quartz. This super rare gem is only found in one mine in the world in Dara-I-Pech, Afghanistan — and I’m so excited to offer it to you! Indicolite, also known as blue tourmaline, is the...
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  • Druzy Dendritic Sulfur Quartz Meditation Stone

    for transformation

    If you’re on the hunt for a potent talisman of emotional balance during times of transformation, your search stops here with this stunning Druzy Dendritic Sulfur Quartz Meditation Stone! This stone was sourced from India and features a white chalcedony and quartz matrix with a...
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  • Scolecite 3D Metatron’s Cube

    for higher realm connection

    Looking to connect with Spirit and access higher realm knowledge? Look no further than this magnificent Scolecite 3D Metatron's Cube, custom-made exclusively for Sage Goddess. Metatron’s Cube contains all of the sacred shapes in the universe. It’s found in the Flower of Life and represents...
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  • Soul Star Chakra Gemstone Duo

    for ascension

    Unleash the power of your spirituality and broaden your consciousness with this incredible Soul Star Chakra Gemstone Duo! This is the latest in our series of potent crystal pairings that align with specific energy centers — in this case, the Soul Star Chakra, your connection...
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  • Keep Calm and Focus Grid

    for clarity and concentration

    Clear your mind and improve your concentration with this NEW Keep Calm and Focus Grid. If you have a goal in mind and need a boost of willpower or simply just want more peace of mind, this offering contains everything you need to accomplish what...
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  • Double Terminated Grief Release Wand

    for emotional healing

    Alleviate heavy emotions with this Double Terminated Grief Release Wand. This offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stones were sourced from India. This unique bonded piece features clear quartz on both ends for amplification, with bronzite, shungite, and hematite layered in the...
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  • Crystal Garden Flower Pot

    for spiritual growth

    Honor your spiritual growth and let your intentions bloom with this adorable Crystal Garden Flower Pot! This terracotta pot was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and features gorgeous clear quartz crystals and elestial amethyst points ‘growing’ out of it.  Crystal points are great tools for...
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  • Rainbow Moonstone Visioning Necklace

    for manifestation

    Bring your dreams to life like never before with this stunning Rainbow Moonstone Visioning Necklace! This offering features rounded rainbow moonstone beads with golden-colored metal alloy clasps on each end. Rainbow moonstone is a feldspar mineral that, despite its name, is not ‘moonstone.’ It’s a...
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  • Cloudy Quartz Renewal Generator

    for a fresh perspective

    Time for a spring cleaning! Feel refreshed and ready to approach life from a new perspective with this Cloudy Quartz Renewal Generator. Cloudy quartz, also known as milky quartz, has a unique white finish as a result of its formation process. It forms similarly to...
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  • Eye of Ra Kambaba Jasper and Clear Quartz Wand

    for amplified protection

    If you’re looking to magnify protection in a big way, this NEW Eye of Ra Kambaba Jasper and Clear Quartz Wand is your ally. This one-of-a-kind piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and both stones were sourced from India. This wand is double-terminated, with...
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  • Tucson Unpacking: A-Grade Tourmalinated Quartz Protection Generator

    Say goodbye to bad vibes with this STUNNING A-Grade Tourmalinated Quartz Protection Generator. I absolutely fell in love with this high-quality generator when I saw it at the Tucson Gem Show, and I just knew I had to grab a few to share with you!...
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