• Champagne Topaz Slices for remembering you’ve got you

    $ 29.00$ 36.00
    Feel strong, centered, and anchored with these super special Champagne Topaz Slices! Champagne topaz is a protective gem that activates your Root Chakra for a deeper sense of Earth connection and more comfortability in your own body. It’s a great crystal to have nearby in...
  • Natural Pink Topaz for honesty and attracting genuine connection

    $ 10.00$ 12.00
    Draw compatible, true people into your life (just by being yourself!) with this gorgeous Natural Pink Topaz! Pink topaz stimulates the Heart Chakra, opens your heart to healing and abundant love, and attracts genuine connections. It’s a gem of integrity and openness that brings good...
  • Tumbled Yellow Hematoid Topaz for manifesting intentions

    $ 7.00
    It’s rare to find topaz with hematite inclusions - it’s hardly ever on the market, so you don’t want to miss this Tumbled Yellow Hematoid Topaz. These pieces are a combination of yellow topaz and hematite. The hematite inclusions are reddish-brown and black. This gem...
    Rated 5.00 out of 5

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