• Wolf Perfume Reed Diffuser

      for inner strength and power

      Reconnect with your wild spirit and inner strength with my Wolf Perfume Reed Diffuser. I’m SO excited to bring back this offering! It’s handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters using an SG customer favorite scent, my Wolf Perfume. This offering contains a beautiful glass...
    • Primal Perfume with Amber & Styrax

      to connect with your animal guides

      Get in touch with your wild side with my Primal Perfume with Amber & Styrax. Handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters, this seductive and grounding blend was created to connect you with the instinctual magic and messages of your animal guides. I believe we’re...
    • Raven Spirit Animal Gemstone and Perfume Duo

      for magic and mystery

      Follow your instincts with this Raven Spirit Animal Gemstone and Perfume Duo! Raven spirit animal shares the gift of communication. It’s the keeper of secrets and messenger between our realm, the spirit realm, and the cosmos! Raven is also a symbol of creation and magic....
    • Peacock Garden Quartz Necklace and Perfume Duo

      for inspiration

      It’s SG’s 12th anniversary, and this Peacock Garden Quartz Necklace and Perfume Duo is the perfect way to celebrate! This stunning offering includes an engraved garden quartz necklace and a bottle of my Purple Peacock Perfume. Each item calls on the energy of the peacock...
    • Colibri Perfume

      for lightness of being

      My brand new Colibri Perfume is a blend near and dear to my heart, and I’m so excited to share its magic with you. Colibri is Spanish for ‘hummingbird.’ This perfume is handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters. This animal is sacred to the...
    • Black Cat Perfume

      for grounding, allure, luck, and magic

      Do you resonate with the introspective spirit of the black cat? The reputation of the black cat is shrouded in superstition, but here at Sage Goddess, we hold deep admiration for this mysterious creature! My Black Cat Perfume was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess...
    • White Lion Perfume

      for journeying with the lions

      Are you ready to journey with the powerful guidance of the lion animal spirit? Then this White Lion Perfume, hand-blended right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters is the offering for you. White lions are extremely rare and only found in one place, the Timbavati region...
    • Owl Perfume

      for ancient wisdom and understanding

      My Owl Perfume is BACK and ready to bring you the knowledge and wisdom you need to move forward. The owl and its call have long been linked with transition, wisdom, prophecy, and uncovering secrets. This magical blend’s aroma is woodsy, rich, with sweet herbal...
    • Dragon Perfume and Pendant Duo for transformation

      for power and transformation

      You’ve been asking for it, and Dragon Perfume is back! This time, with a carnelian perfume bottle pendant, engraved with the fire element symbol. These pendants were custom-made just for Sage Goddess, perfect for infusing you and your perfumes with ultra firepower. My Dragon Perfume...

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