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Welcome to Sage Goddess Apothecary, where your dreams of creating a magical sanctuary at home come alive. Imagine a mystical space all your own adorned with elegant dark glass bottles and hand-labeled jars filled with magical hand-crafted potions, aromatic herbs, gemstones, and incense that transport you to a realm of sacred awareness. This is where you’ll embark on a transformative journey, reconnecting with the magic of the Earth, grounding yourself, and crafting beauty in a world that yearns for it.


In this extraordinary program, you will become a modern-day alchemist, drawing from ancient traditions and working with herbs and minerals that span the globe. Whether you resonate with the titles of shaman, wildcraft healer, medicine person, or kitchen witch, your path is welcome here. Together, we will explore the rich tapestry of global traditions, gathering to learn, create, and document your wisdom.

By the end of 2024, you’ll proudly be a certified Apothecary Practitioner through Sage Goddess. You can share your unique gifts and magic with the world or savor them in solitude — a healer of profound wisdom. By expanding your knowledge and understanding, you deepen your spiritual connection, fostering a profound sense of self-awareness, inner peace, and a heightened sense of purpose. Through your journey of exploration and learning, you not only enrich your own spiritual path but also become a beacon of light, guiding others on their quest for enlightenment and transformation.

Sage Goddess Apothecary draws its inspiration from indigenous and native practices from the Yucatan jungle and around the world, including the rich heritage of ancient Egypt and the Mediterranean. You’ll discover an integrated curriculum of herbal and gemstone wisdom that resonates with the deepest parts of your soul as we embark on a journey of healing, connection, and timeless wisdom.

Get ready to embrace the magic of the Sage Goddess Apothecary and transform your life.



This year, we’re taking the most profound dive into herbal wisdom, altar design, meditation, and mixed-media art design that I have crafted so far in my teaching journey. All the while, we’ll deepen our sense of community and gather around the fires of truth and beauty.



Sage Goddess Apothecary 2024 is not just a curriculum — it’s a transformative hands-on and hearts-in adventure that offers direction, integration, intention, and a supportive community.

As you embark on this journey, you’ll cultivate a deep connection to the Earth and create a sacred legacy project — a leather-bound Book of Wisdom that will be cherished by future generations.

Within you, a Magic Maker is yearning to practice and leave a legacy of wisdom, just as I aspire to do. This year, we’re taking the most profound dive into herbal wisdom, crystal healing, altar design, meditation, and mixed-media art design that I have crafted so far in my teaching journey. All the while, we’ll deepen our sense of community and gather around the fires of truth and beauty. As the founder of Sage Goddess, I’ve dedicated over half my life to exploring the vast possibilities of the spiritual world. This program for 2024 represents a metamorphosis of my purpose and a return to the essence of what Sage Goddess stands for. We’ve evolved, and this moment is a unique synthesis that cannot be replicated.

Our planet is also undergoing transformation, and you’re undoubtedly aware of this. We’re in a process of evolution that calls us to engage in our solitary work while forming authentic, unfiltered, and genuine sacred communities. I’m more ready than ever to roll up my sleeves and connect with you. This year’s curriculum is deeply rooted in the heart of our planet, Madre Tierra — Mother Earth herself. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we explore, learn, and transform in harmony with the evolving Earth.




When you sign up for Sage Goddess Apothecary, each month you’re embarking on an online journey that allows you to proceed at your own pace. This program is designed to ignite your passion for the herbal arts and crystal healing, alchemizing and transforming you into a medicine keeper, wayfinder, crystal guardian, and multidimensional healer. All sessions are conducted live but will be available for later viewing, and comprehensive notes are provided for every session.

The first three sessions are scheduled on Wednesdays from 4-6 pm Pacific Time/7-9 pm Eastern Time, with a slight time adjustment this year to accommodate work schedules.

Here’s a glimpse of what each session holds:

*The fourth session of each month is held on a Sunday from 4-6 pm Pacific Time.

This Sunday session is our Sacred Circle, a time for collective prayer and connection in the evening, when most people are free from work. During this session, I’ll be joining you from my home, whether it’s in my kitchen, crystal room, or garden. It’s an intimate and heartfelt gathering, reminiscent of the old ways — just us talking, connecting, and bringing it back to basics.

Class Tool Sets

Each month, 2 sets of optional tools are available as subscriptions – The Apothecary set and a Sacred Circle set. We recommend that Apothecary members subscribe to both sets to receive tools for sessions throughout the month.

And if you’re wondering whether there’s only one program, the answer is no; you have the flexibility to choose the Sacred Circle session separately as a stand-alone offering. Please note that this session does not come with a certificate of completion — it’s a dedicated gathering space for our community to come together and connect.







Every month, we delve into divine archetypes, unique themes, and an array of herbs, flowers, resins, essential oils, and crystal tools that serve as our sacred guides. To enhance your experience, we strongly encourage you to acquire these tool sets, as they are intricately woven into most sessions. But there’s a special touch — in each of these sets, you’ll find a beautiful centerpiece. These centerpieces aren’t just for one-time use; they’re designed to be added cumulatively to build your final annual altar. Rather than creating a new altar each month, we’ll gradually create the ultimate magical apothecary together, layer by layer. This alchemical journey ensures that your sacred space unfurls and matures over the course of the year, reflecting the wisdom and magic you gather on your journey.

Our quarterly guided meditation, Elder Council, will remain a sacred and consistent part of your Apothecary experience. It’s a vow I’ve taken that will stand as long as I continue to teach. I will be introducing a monthly journey, something many of you have requested. This provides an opportunity for deeper exploration and connection. Every month, there will also be an ‘open’ session where I can offer free-form intuitive readings, address expansive questions, and even introduce new modalities when time permits. This is our Sacred Circle time on Sundays, where we come together for shared learning and growth.

You’ll receive a certificate through Sage Goddess at the end of 2024 if you complete the 12-month curriculum. This will certify you as a Sage Goddess Apothecary Practitioner, a testament to your dedication and growth in this transformative journey.


No price increases this year! We’re maintaining the program fees at the same rate of $100 per month, which includes the same number of teaching hours as in 2023. We understand the importance of financial considerations, and we want to ensure that our offerings are accessible to our community. In fact, this year, you’re receiving even more value at the same price. If you choose to pre-register and pay for the entire program upfront before January 1, 2024, you’ll save the equivalent of two months of your annual tuition, and you’ll also receive a leather-bound Apothecary journal as my gift to you.

As a member of Sage Goddess Apothecary in 2024, you’ll also be automatically enrolled in our Member Archive Rewards Program. In the month following the 3, 6, and 12-month milestones, you’ll receive Sage Goddess store credit, allowing you to purchase items from our Members Only ‘Vault’ — which includes a selection of current and previous Sage Goddess member products — for the amount you’ve earned.


What to expect from the courses


Do I need advanced knowledge about spirituality to participate in Sage Goddess Apothecary?

– No, you do not need any prior experience with spiritual practices to join our Sage Goddess Apothecary program. Our program is suitable for both beginners, as well as advanced practitioners.

Will classes be recorded for later watching if I can’t make it to the live class?

– Yes, all live classes are recorded, and you will have lifelong access to rewatch the classes as often as you would like.

Is there a deadline to register?

– No, you are welcome to join anytime, however, class tools are limited, so it’s good to reserve your spot soon. You will not be charged until January 1, 2024, if you join the program during the month of December 2023, and going forward your subscription will auto-renew on the 1st of each following month.

Can I participate in the programs if I live outside the US?

– Yes, we welcome students from all around the world. You can choose a time that is convenient for you to watch the class since all live classes are recorded. You can also stay in touch with your classmates and Team SG through the private Facebook group.

Does the membership fee include the monthly class tools?

– No, class tools are optional and can be purchased separately.

Which payment methods do you accept?

– When you register for our online programs, you will have the following options to pay for your class subscription: credit/debit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
How do I join the private Facebook group?
– At the beginning of 2024 we will launch the private Facebook group for our Sage Goddess Apothecary members. A link to join the group will be available in the January classroom and will also be shared via email.
For more frequently asked questions and answers, please click here.