What is Numerology

What is Numerology and How Do I Use It?

Numerology is a divinatory art that draws cosmic meaning, purpose, or guidance from specific numbers or number combinations. The significance of these numbers is usually found in a person’s character, or measured against certain synchronistic life events. This occult study of numbers can manifest through various, almost limitless means in a birth date (your Life Path Number), a time of day, a coincidental sum, your name, and many other ways. Astrology, Tarot, and the Hebrew Kabbalah are closely linked with numerology and there are many correspondences between these practices. Finding deeper meaning in life and in ourselves is a very powerful practice and numerology is one of its primary gateways.

Understanding and Using Numerology 

Numerologists recognize numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 22, and 33 as each having their own appointed significance. They represent various personality traits, patterns, and dispositions, both positive and negative. For example, the number 1 signifies the go-getter type, who might also be overly domineering. And the number 5 signifies a free-spirit, who might also get restless.

The numbers 11, 22, and 33 are considered Master Numbers – powerfully amplified variants of their respective sums. In other words, 11 corresponds to the same traits as the number 2, which is artistic, though self-conscious. And 22 likewise corresponds to the number 4, which is practical, though sometimes lacking imagination. 

The standard numerology chart is an alpha-numeric table (the Pythagorean methodology is pictured below) that assigns a number to every letter of the alphabet. With this chart, you can draw meaning from any word by adding up the sum of its number-letter correspondences. Which number reflects you? Adding up the sum of every letter in your full birth name is a popular practice in the study of numerology, in order to arrive at a single, defining digit or master number (11, 22, and 33).

Your Life Path Number

Your Life Path number is derived from your birth date. Reduce each unit (month, day, and year) of your birth date to a single digit or master number (11, 22, and 33). Add these three numbers together and reduce to a single digit or master number. Two-digit numbers must be broken apart and added together until arriving at a single digit except for master numbers (11, 22, and 33). 

If your birthday is September 15, 1976, the equation for finding your Life Path number is:

Month: 9 for September = 9

Day: 15 (1+5) = 6

Year: 1976 (1+9+7+6) = 23 (2+3) = 5

Final Number9 (Month) + 6 (Day) + 5 (Year) = 20 (2+0) = Life Path Number 2

What Do the Life Path Numbers Mean?

If you want to tap into the opportunities, challenges, and lessons that you specifically chose for this lifetime, your Life Path number is a key. Your Life Path number is also known as your “soul’s contract”. It represents what you chose to learn and how you want to grow in this lifetime. Each number holds a certain vibration and that vibration produces certain characteristics or qualities. This is why we are able to predict or explain things (and people) with numerology – once we know the vibration, the manifestation of energy is predictable. As with all energy, there is a spectrum of expression and manifestation. In your journey of becoming, the embodiment of your Life Path number energy will shift and evolve. When you are conscious of the field you are playing in, it’s easier to make new choices and more fully explore your gifts and challenges.

Number_1_NumerologyThose born with Life Path 1 are natural born leaders who seek independence and personal accomplishment. Many political and military leaders are on this path. These individuals are skilled at motivating and creatively inspiring others. Enthusiasm and initiation are among their strengths and they usually overcome any obstacle in their way. Because of the strong drive to have it “their way”, they can lose sight of the needs and sensitivities of others. They need to be conscious of their potential to be overly selfish, demanding, and bossy. Number 1 men and women are pioneers, hard workers, and energetic. When they know what they want, they will make it happen!

Number_2_NumerologyLife Path 2 people seek harmony and are the peacemakers. Motivated by relationships and relating, they are generous and think the best of others. 2 is the ultimate team member – kind, fair, tactful, able to see both sides, and an exceptional listener. Their sensitivity is heightened, which makes them empathetic, and at times, overly emotional. 2 is a path of truth and learning which includes duality. While these men and women are open to the opinions and viewpoints of others, they can have a very difficult time making decisions. They need to remember that sometimes, they serve themselves and others best when they actively choose on their own behalf.

Numnber_3_NumerologyCreative self-expression and communication are at the heart of Life Path 3. These people love to connect with others and get excited about life. Naturally charismatic and creative, with a passion for conversation, those with Life Path 3 are often writers, actors, musicians, artists, and poets. They have the tendency to take off in all directions, sometimes with little sense of purpose. Number 3 thrives on good conversation, actively sharing and listening. They are very aware of others’ feelings and in general put people at ease. Life Path 3 men and women can also be very moody, even withdrawing at certain times for no apparent reason. It is helpful for them to ease up on their tendency to be impatient and critical.

Number_4_NumerologyThe builder, the entrepreneur, the one who makes it real…Life Path 4! These individuals were born to succeed and they are willing to work hard for it. Organization, planning, and strategizing just get us going on the list of attributes. Intimately linked with the Earth element, Path 4 is the foundation of strength and dependability. It literally gives life something to stand on and Life Path 4 men and women are adept at facing difficulty and persevering. Many of the people we call “rocks” in our lives are 4s. These people need to be careful of over-doing and pushing themselves and others too hard. Perhaps above all else, they know how to put the pieces together and with patience, can literally build an empire.

Number_5_Numerology5 is the freedom seeker and progressive thinker! To keep these people down is like caging a wild animal. They need the adventure – new things, people, places, and ideas. Living for today, Life Path 5 men and women take risks and push the envelope. They are not just concerned with their own freedom, they stand up for the welfare of others, and humanity as a whole. Abraham Lincoln is a wonderful example of this Life Path energy and emancipation is a powerful word we can associate with all 5s. These individuals need flexibility and often find it hard to settle down and focus. If they are not truly living their big adventure, life can become the drama in its place, sucking the life out of those around them.

Number_6_NumerologyLife Path 6 is the most domestic of all life paths and these individuals have strong parental instincts. The focus is naturally on home, family, and community. They will rescue, mother, and nurture others. These people are learning about responsibility and with it, truth and justice. Many times, they will be called to pick up the burden, beyond their fair share. Path 6 men and women are sympathetic, loving, kind, generous, and filled with wisdom. They often take on an important role early in life and it is critical that they tend to their own needs in addition to care-taking of others. The fine line between helping and enabling will often be crossed and with it the opportunity to gain awareness regarding true acts of service.

Number_7_NumerologyLife Path 7 is very spiritual and these people have a tendency to withdraw from daily life to pursue higher awareness and wisdom. Deep thinking, analysis, and research draw these people into the mysteries of knowledge and they themselves can be secretive. Those with Life Path 7 are peaceful and affectionate, but it takes them time to build trust. They easily pick up on deception and are not social creatures, to begin with. These individuals have amazing intuition and intellectual capacity. In learning to have faith, they may feel alone, and choosing companionship and connection is an important part of the journey.

Number_8_Numerology8 – the executive with far-reaching ideas and concepts. With a focus on goals and earning respect, these people are most likely to be workaholics. Success, including financial security, is important to Life Path 8 and they are tenacious, assertive, and driven. While they can be overly blunt and direct, they are deep feelers underneath. Fabulous judges of character, Path 8 people know just how to create a team of people who can achieve great things together. The leadership skills of the 8 are dynamic – inspirational, courageous, independent, organized, and ambitious. It is extremely important for these individuals to make their own decisions and act on them. They need to be careful not to minimize or suppress the opinions and accomplishments of others. They are well-served by expressing their emotions.

Number_9_Numerology9 is the highest single digit number reflecting increased responsibility toward humankind – the path of the humanitarian; of selfless giving and desire to make the world a better place. Those with this life path are honorable, generous, trustworthy, and willing to help others. With their magnetic presence, people are naturally drawn to them for leadership. Life Path 9 is a journey of completion which inherently implies spiritual consciousness. If these individuals pursue materialistic ends, they will always be dissatisfied. They do need to balance their giving to ensure their own needs are met, but true joy comes from the spirit and action of altruism. Path 9 people have a deep understanding of life. They express emotion – making art, literature, and drama natural interests. This path is not easy, and some will fight it. These people are burning through past karma, bringing old patterns to an end. At the same time, they can cling tightly to the past, finding it hard to let go. This is a journey of overcoming and bringing things full circle.

Number_11_Numerology11 has all the qualities of the 2 magnified. Life Path 11 is the most intuitive of all paths, able to pick up on things unseen or felt by others. These people can be of great assistance to others using their extremely accurate “gut sense”. Path 11 people are inspiring and charismatic visionaries, often acting as catalysts. This powerful energy is intense, and if not used constructively, can manifest as self-sabotage. Life Path 11 is the number of Faith, linked with psychics and seers. These individuals are learning to trust their instincts and inner voice, to come into their personal power and further their spiritual evolution. They need to focus on a specific, tangible goal, which overcomes anxiety and fear.

Number_22_Numerology22 is considered one of the most powerful numbers. The intuition of 11 combines with the magnified grounding and practicality of 4. These people are capable of greatness and have limitless opportunities. They are big thinkers, ambitious, disciplined, and confident leaders. Path 22 individuals are known as “Master Builders”, able to turn dreams into reality; ideals into manifest form. While the potential for success is enormous, the realization of purpose can be slow, with fear of failure and overwhelm. These people benefit from taking the pressure off themselves. Not all 22 people are practical, and as always, with the greatest potential lies the chance of materializing nothing. It usually takes them time to mature into the fullest version of themselves.

Number_33_NumerologyLife Path 33 is very rare and those with it are dedicated to reaching the world and uplifting humanity. This is altruism taken to a new level, and Path 33 expressed in its full potential has no personal agenda. 33 combines the vibration of 11 and 22 – known as the mover and shaker and “Master Teacher”. These people have high energy and can take on projects beyond any normal reach or definition. They want to raise the consciousness of as many people as possible and will devote themselves fully to this cause. Everything we know about intuition, dreams, compassion, faith, and vision seems small in the wake of a fully actualized Life Path 33. 33 is linked with the greatest and most significant spiritual leaders.

This overview is meant to get you started and familiarized with the meaning of each number so you can begin to explore the meaning of your personal numbers and numbers that show up in your daily life. Wonderful resources are available if you want to explore this further. There are many websites dedicated to numerology – click here to get started. Check out my class, Discovering the Magic of Numerology, to take a deeper dive into Life Path numbers and your personal journey on this planet.


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