• Scolecite Vogel

      <p>Scolecite is a member of the Synergy 12 stones. It’s a group of crystals that activate the light body and enhance and accelerate the process of spiritual evolution. Work with this Vogel to eliminate anything in the way of raising your vibrational field and step into your spiritual power.</p>
    • Magical Mastery FREE Tutorial: Wands, Vogels, and Pyramids Class

      Learn about the true power of your crystal carvings with this Magical Mastery free Tutorial: Wands, Vogels, and Pyramids Class! Wands, Vogels, and pyramids have many magical uses and properties. Ever wonder what those uses and properties are? Well, fret no longer as I take...
    • Rainbow Moonstone Vogel

      for expansion & possibility

      <p>Rainbow moonstone is a gem of fruition and completion associated with the full moon phase. Work with this Vogel to elevate your lunar rituals and invite vibrations of happiness, gratitude, and emotional healing into your space.</p>
    • Clear Quartz Mini Vogel

      for amplified healing

      <p>Clear quartz is the most pervasive crystal in the gem world and has three major properties: Amplification, programmability, and magnification. In the shape of a Vogel, this piece allows you to direct healing energies where you need them most.</p>
    • Sunstone Vogel

      for healing the leader within

      <p>Sunstone is a leadership stone that activates and heals the Sacral Chakra — your center of vitality, sexual pleasure, and desire. Vogels act as laser pointers, directing the energy where it needs to go, and are very helpful for removing energy from your energy field.</p>
    • Blue Aventurine Ultimate Treasure Trove

      for enhanced intuition

      This holiday season, give the gift of intuition-enhancing goodness with this Blue Aventurine Ultimate Treasure Trove! This special offering contains four blue aventurine carvings, all custom-made just for Sage Goddess with stone sourced from India. Blue aventurine heightens intuition and brings visions of the future,...
    • Clear Your Path Phlogopite Vogel

      for removing energetic blockages

      Looking to supercharge your spiritual evolution? Remove stuck energy and self-limiting beliefs so your spirit can soar with this Clear Your Path Phlogopite Vogel, custom-made just for Sage Goddess! Phlogopite is a stone of inspiration and possibility. It helps to clear spiritual, mental, and emotional...
    • Lapis Lazuli Vogel

      for regal confidence

      <p>Work with this Queen’s Wisdom Lapis Lazuli Vogel to renew your mind, body, and spirit as you step into your priestess power. Hold it in meditation or place it on your altar to open your Third Eye Chakra and call in deep wisdom.</p>
    • Red Jasper Mini Vogel

      for strength and courage

      Feeling a little shaky in your boots? Stand in your power and confidently stride forward with the help of this Red Jasper Mini Vogel. This 6-sided Vogel is carved from red jasper, a powerful warrior stone that promotes courage. A properly cut Vogel crystal is...
    • Mini Rose Quartz Vogel

      for heart healing & loving energy

      Channel heart healing like never before with this Mini Rose Quartz Vogel. This 6-sided Vogel is carved from rose quartz, a gem that raises the frequency of peace and love in your space and encourages love for humanity as a whole. A properly cut quartz...
    • Black Obsidian Mini Vogel

      for healing and protection

      Infuse your healing practice with potent protective and cleansing energy with this Mini Black Obsidian Vogel, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. This 6-sided Vogel is carved from black obsidian, one of my favorite gems for abating negativity. A properly cut quartz Vogel crystal is known...
    • Mini Tiger’s Eye Vogel

      for confidence and inner wisdom

      Ready to access your confidence and inner wisdom through healing? This Mini Tiger’s Eye Vogel is just what you need. This 6-sided Vogel is carved from tiger’s eye, a gem that provides a protective shield and activates the Solar Plexus Chakra for willpower and confidence....

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