What Are Angel Numbers and What Do They Tell Us?

Angel numbers are a gift. Although we may not be able to see them with our physical eyes, angels and guardian angels are always with us, standing at the ready to provide guidance, insight, and direction on our most pressing concerns, questions, prayers, and worries. Our angels petition on our behalf, hovering slightly in the distance, waiting for us to simply ask for their assistance. Since they are respecters of and bound by the law of free will, angels can only provide assistance and help when we actively seek and ask them. Once we do, we grant them permission to communicate with and speak to us in ways that we can understand. This often comes through synchronicity, patterns, and “chance” occurrences — whether in interactions, conversations, or a fleeting, yet relevant thought. Our angels constantly communicate with us and when we become aware of the ways in which they do, we are better able to intuit and decipher the messages and responses they have for us. The question then becomes, “Are you listening for and paying attention to the signs?” They are there — you just have to be aware of and know how to read them.

What are Angel Numbers?


Speak in ways that I can understand …
where you lead me, I will follow … where you lead me, I will go.
~Dr. Rickie Byars-Beckwith


Perhaps the most common, exciting, and even intriguing way that the angels communicate is through the use of angel numbers. Numbers are found at the core of everything, and as once said by Pythagoras, numbers govern the Universe. From Nature, to sound, to energy movement, to sacred geometry, the human body and so much more, numbers can be found in the make-up and chemistry of everything we hold dear, near, sacred, and true. Like feeling, numbers are the language of the Universe. Numbers vibrate on a level that constructs worlds! — which is why they are so important to and an essential means of communicating with the ethereal realm.

Numbers are similar in nature to the vibrational frequency of the angelic realm. Each number has its own vibrational meaning, carrying with it messages that we can interpret from the Divine. When you observe repeating numbers or numbers in a sequence, then you are receiving Divine guidance from the angels on a matter that is of significance to you. These patterns and sequences of numbers are referred to as angel numbers.

When the angels are communicating and attempting to get your attention, you will begin to see repeating and/or sequential numbers (e.g. 111, 1212, 333, 567, etc.) when looking at the time (either on your watch, clock, or phone), license plate numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, on your receipts, in a recipe, a book page, and any other place where numbers are used. You will begin to notice a constant recurring of these same numbers — almost as if they are following you, showing up in the unlikeliest of places at the unlikeliest of times. The experience can be a bit uncanny and strange but rest assured it’s intentional and meant to get your attention. Your guides are calling you to explore the vibrational significance of those numbers. You are being prompted to further explore the meanings of the numbers you are seeing to ascertain their purpose, message, and meaning for you and your life at that time.

As you begin to pay attention to these numbers, write them down and reflect on what is being communicated to you. What is each number in the sequence saying to you? Take a few moments and pay attention to the placement of the numbers in the sequence as well as any initial thoughts that come to mind as these things are of importance when deciphering a message from the celestial realm.

So what do the angel numbers mean?

Similar to numerology, there is a range of numbers that each have a specific meaning. This range includes the numbers 1-9, and the master numbers 11 and 22. Numerology is a divinatory art that draws cosmic meaning from specific numbers or number combinations. The significance of these numbers is usually found in a person’s character, or measured against certain synchronistic life events. Finding deeper meaning in life and in ourselves is a very powerful practice and numerology is one of its primary gateways.

You may not always see a double, triple, or quadruple number sequence repeated. Maybe you’re seeing a sequence of combined numbers (it could be any combination of numbers that you’ve been noticing again and again). Perhaps while driving you noticed the number 571 on the license plate of two different cars side by side in front of you. Your angels are still speaking to you in the language of numbers, and there are a couple ways to decipher the message.

One way is to simply take into account each number and its individual vibration, then combine them for their cohesive significance. So, with the example 571, the number 5 means change is on the horizon, 7 means you are in Divine alignment and encouraged to stay the course, and 1 means to watch your thoughts, being careful to focus on what you desire rather than what you fear. In these moments, when 571 pops up, your angels are saying: “There is a rapid change on the horizon — trust that you are in Divine Alignment and that this change is happening to further propel you along your Divine path even when you cannot see the outcome. Watch your thoughts, being careful to focus on what you desire as opposed to what you fear.” They know this is the message you need to hear in that moment in order to continue striving for your Highest Good.

Another way to interpret these numbers, if you feel so led, is to add them up for a single-digit sum. The sequence 571 adds up to 4. If you’re seeing 571 repeatedly, perhaps your angels are sending the vibration of the number 4, saying: “We surround you and are here to support you at this moment. Continue to do the necessary work, laying the foundation and trusting in your unique skills and abilities as this will bring you closer to your Highest aspirations.”

To decipher which one of these is the Divine Right message for you in the moment takes quiet focus, spiritual attunement, and communion with your angels. Practice meditating on your angel number and keep asking for its significance to be revealed, giving thanks that what you need to know is being revealed clearly and in ways you understand. As you trust, listen, and be in gratitude, knowing that the answers will come.