The Magic of Moon-day


The Magic of Moon-day

Monday is the Moon’s day. The Moon is mystical, dreamy, and evokes emotion… just think how naturally drawn we are to this celestial body! It’s the fastest-moving body in our solar system, reflecting how fast our emotions change. The Moon is like your personal ‘okay’ meter — helping you determine how you feel around certain people, places, and situations.

Tuning into Luna’s energy with intention helps you ride those waves with an intuitive awareness. This is especially true on Monday — the day of the week that’s ruled by the Moon!

Here are three simple ways to tap into all that lunar magic:

  • Pull a card — Practicing divination is a great way to tune into your intuition. Pull an oracle or tarot card at the start of your day to awaken that inner knowing. This prompts a more mindful day with expanded vision!
  • Dress like the Moon — One of the best ways to get into a certain energy is to dress the part. Get into the lunar vibe by wearing shades of white or silver. Adorn yourself with silver jewelry. Put on a swipe of shimmery eyeshadow. Do whatever you feel called to unleash the Moon goddess within.
  • Carry crystals — There are many gemstones that resonate deeply with the Moon. Here are a few of our faves:
    • Selenite: Peace, pure white light, Divine Feminine energy
    • Moonstone: Higher purpose, feminine empowerment, gratitude
    • Labradorite: New beginnings, awareness, visioning