What is Mercury Retrograde and How Does it Affect Me?

How Mercury Retrograde Affects Us

Mercury rules all forms of communication, logical thinking, signals, travel, and connections of all kinds. The success of business partnerships, creative projects, friendships, and romances are dependent upon effective communication. So are we fated to conversations, meetings, and everyday exchanges going backward during Mercury Retrograde? Will our cars breakdown and computers crash? Not exactly. It means things can go awry more easily than usual, but there are lessons to be learned during these phases. Astrologers recommend easing off certain pursuits, like starting new projects, signing contracts, completing tasks, and building new relationships. If traveling, it’s a good idea to give yourself extra time, just in case plans “change”.

Mercury Retrograde is one of the best times to pick up old ideas and bring them back to life. Anything you’ve already started in the realms of writing, speaking, teaching, and learning are great things to focus on during this period. Remember: Mercury Retrograde = Revision, Redefine, Reconsider, Reclaim. Reworking existing plans and projects fit with this energy perfectly. You may find that things now come together with new ease and in ways you never would’ve imagined.

How Mercury Retrograde affects your Sun or Rising Sign


Aries prefers direct communication and has a keen sense of discipline when it comes to organizing thoughts. However, when Mercury turns retrograde, confusion and misinterpretation are likely, causing your fiery nature to become even more impatient. Breathe and do something active to relieve some of the building pressure.


Consistency and dependability matter to Taurus, and during Mercury Retrograde, things tend to go a little haywire. Try to remember that a little game-changing helps you be more flexible. Taurus also gets stuck in old grooves and likes to take the same route. Whether it’s a road detour or dead-end conversation, be prepared for obstacles in your path. 


It’s not that Mercury Retrograde doesn’t affect Gemini, but the Geminian mind and communication are always all over the place. A little Mercury moonwalk won’t phase you much but will increase your tendency to mix things up and change your mind, which can frustrate others. Take an extra moment to think before you speak, and when it matters, check your facts.


Cancer can be incredibly caring and sensitive to the needs of loved ones – but watch out when their feelings are hurt. Mercury Retrograde can be a frustrating time for you because you take words, and how people say them, personally. Just because it doesn’t sound nice, doesn’t mean it was meant that way. Try to assume the best in people.


Quirky things happen during Mercury Retrograde; funny things that make a good story…unless they put you in a bad mood or light. Leo has a good sense of humor when the joke’s not on them. Practice laughing at yourself, use your creativity when things start to go sideways, and follow your heart over your head. 


“The best-laid plans…” We all know how it goes – don’t expect life to follow your lists, priorities, and procedures. Virgo wants to get it right and can’t help but see what’s wrong. Virgo’s a fixer, and Mercury Retrograde is famous for things breaking or not working. This is the perfect time to accept that doing your best is enough.


Libra doesn’t like conflict and Mercury Retrograde can blow harmony out of the water. Practice patience when communicating, including giving people time to gather their thoughts and respond. Remember, not everything is going to be nice – it may even get ugly, but don’t get too stuck on appearances. Listen and look for where people are coming from. 


Scorpio’s already suspicious of anything that sounds or feels “off,” and Mercury Retrograde just gives you more chances to suspect the worst. Scorpio is INTENSE, no question about it, but not everything is so serious. Mixed signals and words don’t always point to ulterior motives. No one likes being told to “lighten up,” but it’s good advice.  


Vibrant Sagittarius loves to express honestly. Sometimes, a little too honestly. Sagittarius can give and take it straight, but some people just can’t handle that. Before you fire-off your opinion, take the opportunity to consider how it will come across. It may seem silly, but especially during Mercury Retrograde, a little sensitivity goes a long way.


Mercury doesn’t follow rules, especially when retrograde. Capricorn holds standards and expects things on time. Control is always an illusion, but Mercury Retrograde madness makes it even more obvious. Capricorn works so hard to keep everything, including themselves, together. It’s good medicine to let some things fall apart. 


What does Aquarius care if weird things happen and life gets a little chaotic? Unless it threatens a firm Aquarian belief or ideal, let Mercury Retrograde shake things up! Some of the most mind-blowing epiphanies came when the rug was ripped out or the floor became the ceiling. If something gone wild annoys you, remember to take your own advice and level-up.


“Of all signs, Pisces may be least affected by Mercury Retrograde. Pisces has one foot in and out of this world and doesn’t live in “normal” space and time anyway. When Mercury tricks us with some backward moving and thinking, Pisces might even feel more at home. During these periods, it’s easier to access alternate frequencies and holographic versions of yourself. Explore your limitlessness!