• Eclipse Candle and Perfume Duo for inner exploration and expansion

    $ 29.00$ 39.00
    The magic of an eclipse is unlike any other kind of magic. Imagine – the Sun, Moon, and Earth all lining up in the sky, creating one powerful portal of cosmic wisdom. How incredible is that? This Eclipse Candle and Perfume Duo is here to...
  • Selenite Wands for purification, positivity, and Higher Self connection

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $ 19.00
    These gigantic selenite wands are nothing less than absolutely wondrous. Extraordinary. Simply being in their presence, you can feel their high-frequency power radiating out – and that’s before even placing a hand on one of them.  These wands are such incredible pieces to incorporate into...
  • Golden Buddha Incense Holder with Peach Papaya Incense for enlightenment, rest, and relaxation

    $ 19.00
    This golden Buddha incense holder with peach papaya incense is peace and enlightenment at its finest in product form. You know I love incense and there’s something quite heavenly about the scent of this peach papaya formula. The smoke will take you deeper into a...
  • Natural Super 7 Points for healing and activating all energetic centers

    $ 34.00
    These Natural Super 7 Points are absolutely extraordinary! Super 7 incorporates the magic of seven powerhouse stones: amethyst, clear quartz, smoky quartz, cacoxenite, rutile, goethite, and lepidocrocite – how incredible is that? The combined energy of these stones is what makes Super 7 such a...
  • Specimen: Serpentine Dragon Carving

    $ 350.00
    The Kundalini awakening magic that this Serpentine dragon carving holds is simply incredible! Place this totem in your sacred space to deepen levels of sexuality, creativity, willpower, and vitality, and to come into connection with your inner priestess – once and for all. Measures 7″.
  • Specimen: Reconstituted Amber Skull

    $ 49.00
    This reconstituted Amber skull is a powerful talisman of psychic protection. Keep this skull on your altar or anywhere in your sacred space to dispel of negative or unwanted energies. Allow its presence to ignite your inner fire and bring stability, strength, and vitality to...
  • Specimen: Blue Kyanite in Quartz

    $ 79.00
    Come into powerful energetic alignment with this Blue Kyanite in Quartz! Blue Kyanite is one of few stones known to align all seven chakras. Work with this gorgeous specimen in meditation to experience pure harmony of body, mind, and spirit. Measures 6″.
  • Specimen: Blue Apatite in Matrix Generator

    $ 120.00
    Do you wish to heal any issues you may have around food and weight, so that you may align with your happiest and healthiest self, once and for all? If this sounds like you, this Blue Apatite in Matrix generator will be your guide. Blue...
  • Specimen: Medium Larvikite Sphere

    $ 110.00
    Protection, grounding, and purification: these are the gifts that this medium Larvikite sphere has to offer. This sphere will aid you in balancing your emotions and cultivating positivity, and it will keep you safe and stable as you go about all spiritual work. Measures about...
  • Specimen: Large Star Rose Quartz Sphere

    $ 325.00
    Is your heart in need of healing? Do you wish to call energies of love, tenderness, compassion, and kindness into your life? If so, this large Star Rose Quartz sphere will be your ally. This sphere is a talisman of Divine Love – the kind...
  • Specimen: Devic Temple Quartz Generator with Chalcopyrite and Inner Children

    $ 399.00
    Do you wish to come into contact with the Higher Realms? Are you ready to heal the wounds of the past and step onto the path of your Highest Good? If this sounds like you, this Devic Temple Quartz generator with Chalcopyrite and Inner Children...
  • Specimen: Ceremonial Agate Necklace

    $ 40.00
    These ceremonial Agate necklaces are such beautiful, protective talismans. Wear one of these beauties to adorn yourself in Agate’s safeguarding magic and to open both your Crown and Heart Chakras, building a beautiful bridge between spirit and emotion. Measures 17″.
  • Specimen: Morion Smoky Quartz Cluster

    $ 115.00
    Is your space in need of protection and purification? If so, this Morion Smoky Quartz cluster is for you. This gem will absorb and transmute all low, negative, and stagnant energies, so that the vibration of your space may remain pure, high, and light. Measures...
  • Specimen: Sunset Aura Quartz Vogel

    $ 199.00
    Ready to open your heart? Longing to awaken greater levels of creativity? If so, this Sunset Aura Quartz vogel is your tool. Sunset Aura Quartz activates both the Heart and Sacral Chakras, making it a potent bringer of both love and passion. Incorporate this vogel...
  • Specimen: Brandberg Amethyst Specimen

    $ 79.00
    Come into beautiful oneness with Spirit with this Brandberg Amethyst specimen! A high-vibrational fusion of Amethyst, Quartz, and Smoky Quartz, Brandberg Amethyst is hailed for its ability to bring forth healing, deepen connection to the Spirit Realm, and attune the bearer to higher consciousness. Measures...
  • Specimen: Small Larvikite Sphere

    $ 60.00
    Need a talisman to keep you grounded, safe, and centered as you go about your spiritual work? If so, this small Larvikite sphere is for you. This sphere will dispel of any negative energies from your sacred space and bring positivity and balance to your...
  • Specimen: Violet Agate Pillar

    $ 130.00
    Experience the brilliance of the Higher Realms with this breathtaking Violet Agate pillar! Violet Agate is known for the magic that it holds over the Crown Chakra. This specimen will open this energetic center wide, readying you to receive the Divine messages that Spirit wishes...
  • Specimen: Merlinite Flame

    $ 48.00
    This Merlinite flame is pure gemstone magic. Merlinite is the stone of the Higher Self, and it connects you with your inner knowing and spirit guides. Place this flame on your altar to open and activate your Third Eye and come into contact with your...
  • Specimen: Mixed Tourmaline Necklace

    $ 99.00
    Love, prosperity, protection, and wellness: this is just a fraction of the magic that these mixed Tourmaline necklaces have to offer! Adorn yourself with one of these sacred pieces to call forth beautiful, spirit-expanding energies. Measures 17″.
  • Specimen: Labradorite Sphere

    $ 150.00
    Are you undergoing a period of transformation and expansion? If so, this Labradorite sphere will be the perfect guide on your journey. Associated with the New Moon, Labradorite is a stone of intuition, wisdom, and potential. This gem facilitates new beginnings and illuminates the path...

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