• Compassion and Tenderness Crystal Quad

      for empathy & kindness

      Put on your rose-colored glasses and tune into energy streams of empathy and kindness with this Compassion and Tenderness Crystal Quad! This crystal quad was designed to support you in healing your heart space and holding space for others and yourself. It comes with four...
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    • Tea Light Wax Melter

      for transcendent aromatherapy

      <p>With all its contours and curves, this elegant Tea Light Wax Melter is designed to fill your home with healing aromas in a beautiful way. This offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess to hold scented wax melts.</p>
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    • Morningstar and The Great Prince Angelic Perfume Duo

      for integration and harmonic alliances

      Once upon a time, a great battle unfolded between two legendary figures: Lucifer Morningstar and The Great Prince, Archangel Michael. Morningstar was a captivating angel of radiant beauty whose heart was filled with love for all creation, and Michael was a formidable warrior and valiant...
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    • Full Moon Perfume

      for harnessing Luna’s magic

      My Full Moon Perfume was inspired by a customer I adore - who asked me to intuitively create an offering just for her. In meditation, I knew she needed to celebrate the full moon and honor the completion of cycles in her own life -...
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    • Gold Copal Resin

      for purification and renewal

      Feel purified and rejuvenated with this Gold Copal Resin. Also known as young amber, copal resin carries all the light, uplifting, and bright energy of youth with the healing and purifying properties of amber. Resin is hardened sap that, when burned, emits an enchantingly earthy...
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    • Gemmy Citrine Mini Sphere

      for abundance & money magic

      <p>Citrine’s sunny and bright disposition imparts wonder, delight, and enthusiasm. It’s a stimulant, strengthening intellectual and creative thinking faculties and encouraging motivation, inspiration, and self-expression.</p>
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    • Tumbled Sugilite with Manganese & Richterite

      for deep healing

      <p>Sugilite raises your vibration and supports physical well-being. Manganese, which grounds this gem’s wellness energy and brings strength and stabilization. Richterite helps you understand the root cause of health issues.</p>
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    • Intention Engraved Palo Santo Trio

      for love, abundance, and peace

      <p>Each stick features an engraving of a simple intention: Love, abundance, and peace. Hold that intention at the front of your mind as you smudge with this offering, even repeating it out loud as you cleanse if you feel called.</p>
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    • Palo Santo & Sweetgrass Perfume

      for clearing

      <p>Our palo santo is sourced from Peru and provides powerful purification of both the physical and energetic bodies. Sweetgrass attracts positive energy and good spirits. Anoint yourself with this ceremonial blend to clear out negative energies.</p>
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    • Pink Lotus Cold Process Soap

      for peace and purification

      Cleanse your body, mind, and soul as you heighten your spiritual awareness with my Pink Lotus Cold Process Soap, handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters. It’s infused with my Pink Lotus Perfume – a pure pink lotus oil blend that encourages inner peace and...
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    • Mayan Copal Incense Sticks

      for sacred clearing

      <p>These incense sticks were handcrafted in Mexico with copal resin — the real deal. Copal is native to Mexico and Central America and is considered the ‘blood of trees.’ Burn these incense sticks to purify, protect, and renew yourself and your space.</p>
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    • Elder Council Perfume

      for spirit guide connection

      My Elder Council Perfume is back and as powerful as it’s ever been! Elder Council is a meditation journey I take my Soul Shift students through to help them access their spirit guides. I created this perfume with more than twenty notes to honor the...
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    • Medicine Space Intention Candle

      for healing and protection

      <p>Whether you’re performing healing work for others or simply in need of rejuvenation and support, my Medicine Space Intention Candle is the offering for you. This candle contains my Medicine Space Perfume.</p>
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    • Hot & Cold Neck Wrap

      with amethyst & lavender for comfort

      <p>This neck compress helps ease stress and alleviate neck tension and muscle pain. With its combination of amethyst crystal, a detoxifying gem, and soothing lavender, this offering brings peace and tranquility whenever you need it.</p>
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    • Peruvian Pink Quartz Cluster

      to heal your heart

      <p>Peruvian pink quartz crystal is a natural fusion of rhodochrosite and quartz from high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Known as the Rose Stone, rhodochrosite is a healing gem of compassion, love, and self-awareness. In quartz, the properties of rhodochrosite are amplified.</p>
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    • Pink Moss Agate Heart

      for emotional healing & self-love

      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Pink moss agate is a gentle gem that emits a soft, tender, and loving vibration. It’s like your favorite cozy blanket in crystal form. Pink moss agate crystal resonates with the Heart Chakra and helps to balance positive and negative energy.</span></p>
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