• Holiday Surprise Baskets

    for gifting magic

    Are you ready to surprise and WOW a friend, a loved one, or even yourself this holiday season? If so, you’ll love these beautifully curated Holiday Surprise Baskets, back by popular demand! Choose from four price points and we’ll fill your basket with gems, candles,...
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  • Cosmic Communion Dianite Heart

    to develop psychic gifts

    If you loved the Cosmic Communion Dianite Sphere, you’ll love this Cosmic Communion Dianite Heart! You’re looking at a stone I’ve been hunting down for YEARS. I’ve searched, and at last we have found the elusive Dianite! I’m so excited for you to see it,...
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  • Clear Quartz Magician Pendant with Aquamarine

    for magic

    Amplify imagination, emotional healing, and balance with this Clear Quartz Magician Pendant with Aquamarine. This beautiful talisman was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and is perfect for all believers of magic and spiritual healers. It features a clear quartz magician pendant topped with an aquamarine,...
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  • AAA-Grade Tourmalinated Himalayan Quartz Cluster

    Looking for a gem to keep you safe and grounded as you connect with higher wisdom? If so, this AAA-Grade Tourmalinated Himalayan Quartz Cluster is for you. Tourmalinated Himalayan quartz is Himalayan quartz with black tourmaline - two individually potent stones that, when together, hold...
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  • Boom Butter

    for divination and sacred journeywork

    Moisturize and transcend with my Boom Butter! We have taken our well-loved and adored Boom Shiva Blend and created an intoxicating moisturizer to whisk you away into the world of Boom Shiva. This butter is handmade right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters, and is infused...
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  • Let That Sh*t Go Infused Palo Santo

    for release

    Are you ready to release what’s no longer serving you? This Let That Sh*t Go Infused Palo Santo is the latest in our collection of signature infused palo santo sticks and features one of my favorite scents: Shed Perfume. Shed Perfume was created to help...
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  • Faceted Lepidolite Channeling Stone

    for relaxation

    Relax and shift your perspective with this stunning Faceted Lepidolite Channeling Stone. It’s custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from India. Lepidolite is a natural, crystalized form of lithium that grows with tourmaline and kunzite. It lightens moods, regulates emotions, and...
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  • Divine Masculine Mini BeeBop and Gemstone Duo

    to balance

    Heal your relationship with the masculine with this custom-made Divine Masculine Mini BeeBop and Gemstone Duo. We are each made up of feminine and masculine energy, along with everything else on this planet. We’re privileged to be in a space between, a space where Spirit...
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  • Magnum Opus Balm

    for metamorphosis

    Honor your evolution with my BRAND NEW Magnum Opus Balm! Magnum Opus is an alchemical term that refers to the spiritual and physical process of transforming the prima materia into the philosopher’s stone. The more you work with this scent, the more it will become...
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  • Perfume Sample Trio

    to find your fragrance

    Our Sage Goddess Perfume Sample Trio is back with new options! Now’s the time to treat yourself to multiple divine scents, experiment, and find your favorites. Choose three samples from our selection of handcrafted, custom Sage Goddess perfumes. Each comes in a 1 ml glass...
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  • Four Directions Clear Quartz Generators

    for Medicine Wheel magic

    These Four Directions Clear Quartz Generators are based on the Lakota Medicine Wheel, a sacred symbol of life, our planet, and our connection to our ancestors and Spirit. They represent the four cardinal elements and four directions. This offering comes with four clear quartz engraved...
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  • Priestess of Visions Labradorite Peacock Ring

    It’s Sage Goddess’ tenth anniversary! What better way to celebrate than to honor your inner priestess with this gorgeous Priestess of Visions Labradorite Peacock Ring? This adjustable, .925 sterling silver ring was hand-carved just for this momentous occasion. These are limited edition - special just...
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  • Lakshmi’s Prosperity Mala

    for financial prosperity

    Manifest wealth and abundance with Lakshmi's Prosperity Mala. I designed this offering myself and had it custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Traditionally, a mala is a strand of 108 beads used in meditation and prayer. Mala means “garland” in Sanskrit, and the 108 beads are...
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  • Reve Balm

    for sleep, deep rest, and meditation

    My Reve Balm is BACK with the same tranquility-inducing properties designed to restore you to a fully rested state and encourage deep sleep. This sacred balm was made with a proprietary blend of ingredients, all of which are 100% natural and skin-safe. Our balms are...
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  • Chrysoprase Heart

    for healing old love wounds

    This Chrysoprase Heart was custom-made for Sage Goddess in India to ease and speed up the process of healing past love wounds. Chrysoprase is a Heart Chakra crystal that connects you with compassion and love. It centers you in peace and helps you to heal...
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  • Clear Quartz Faceted Pocket Wand

    for amplification

    This Clear Quartz Faceted Pocket Wand from India is here to amplify the highest vibrations! It’s made of clear quartz, including the point and sphere, with silver-plated copper. Clear quartz is the most popular stone for good reason! It amplifies, magnifies, and you can program...
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