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My first book, “The Ultimate Guide to Chakras,” is BACK and I couldn’t be more excited! This book sold out when I first launched it in September, but now, I’m bringing it back for those who missed it the first time. The creation of this book took months of labor, love, and inward journeying. Nothing excites me more than the idea of you taking this book in your hands and diving in, allowing the words and even more importantly the energy to reach and teach you. As I have told many of you, you might wish to read this book backward. I don’t follow rules, so I wrote the conclusion to be read first (it was channeled from my guides) and then go back and begin at the beginning. In Latin, we call this in medias res or “in the middle of things.” Latin writing always started in the middle of the story because it was thought that beginnings were misleading. Is anything ever really just beginning? No. We are always entering an old story from where we are today.

As my core family, I want you to know that this book is a work of my heart and is a culmination of years of chakra research and practice. Each chapter of “The Ultimate Guide to Chakras” includes exercises for accessing the energy of each chakra and offers meditations, journal prompts, and information on working with goddesses and spirit guides. Elegantly photographed and illustrated, this book is an essential volume for beginners and experienced energy workers alike. I hope you love reading it as much as I loved writing every word.

The deeper magic of “The Ultimate Guide to Chakras” by Dr. Athena Perrakis

The genesis of the modern chakra system can be traced back to the Vedas, the most ancient and sacred Hindu texts. The Sanskrit word chakra translates to “wheel”, and these spinning “discs” are where energy gathers within and adjacent to the physical body. It is through the chakra system that cosmic energy may travel through us; it is from this system that our Life Force arises. In fact, many believe that the Ascended Masters’ ability to raise humans from the dead is rooted in the chakra system.

For decades now, I have studied the chakras and the ways in which chakra imbalances affect the mind, body, and spirit. What I have learned is that feelings of challenge or illness, whether physical, spiritual, or emotional, can always be traced to particular chakras that are blocked or in need of healing. I believe that by addressing any blockages you have within your chakras, you make way for the free flow of Prana: The energy from which life itself arises. This free flow of Life Force energy will empower you to feel healthier, happier, and more balanced and aligned. From here, the connection you share with all of life will deepen, and your energy will resonate with the very energy of the Universe. After reading this book, you won’t just “know” we are all One, you will feel it.

In “The Ultimate Guide to Chakras”, a 208-page paperback book, I address the nine major chakras we can work with to heal, manifest, and balance. I also share the crystals, essential oils, and sacred plants that support each chakra. I hope that this book brings your spirit the rejuvenation and healing that it deserves; I hope that it inspires you to connect more deeply with yourself than you ever have before. I hope it brings you peace.

This listing is for one (1) copy of my book, “The Ultimate Guide to Chakras” by Dr. Athena Perrakis. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled ready for your enjoyment.

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