It’s time to shift from surviving to thriving.

And I’m here to teach you how, show you the way, and support you as you shift.

Every person on our planet right now is experiencing a shift in consciousness, but few are aware of what is happening or how to work with the expanding energies around them. Our planet is evolving and experiencing significant growing pains. You likely are too, especially if you are a healer. If you have felt stuck or frustrated, or if you have had this nagging feeling that more is possible for you or your clients, I am here to tell you that you are not alone. I have designed a program to nourish and support you through your unique shift and personal evolution! And if you are already thriving, which I hope you are, then this program will take you and your practice to a whole new level.

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The Sage Goddess Soul Shift program is the most powerful online course I have ever designed, and every aspect of it was channeled in journey.

When you register now you will become part of the inaugural class, the first cohort to experience a highly integrated and comprehensive experience designed to create a powerful shift in your consciousness. I am so excited to offer this course because I believe it has the potential to alter every part of your life, improving your health, your relationships, your prosperity, and most of all, your peace and happiness. If you are ready to shift, I am here to help. 

And Holy Shift are we going to have fun while we do it!

I have been teaching online courses now through Sage Goddess for 7 years and I have learned that online community and support is everything. Not only will you be working directly with me during the Soul Shift program, but you will also connect with a collective of like-minded souls who are ready to support, encourage, and love you as well. The Sage Goddess Soul Shift program is designed to accelerate spiritual transformation, activate personal potential, and improve energetic flow for total physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

This multidisciplinary course was channeled by me during Ayahuasca journey and draws upon western and eastern shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, the Lakota medicine wheel, ancient Greek rites, and mystery traditions, modern psychoanalysis, developmental psychology, and Judaeo-Christian mysticism. By combining aspects of these traditions together in a new form, the Soul Shift model brings many different healing forces and modalities together for a synergistic experience that transcends time and place.

Before you ask, Is this course right for me? Or, am I experienced enough to benefit? Let me reassure you: You are ready, you have found this program for a reason, and nothing I will teach you here is new to your spirit; it may be new to your mind, but it will not be new to your soul. There are no prerequisites except your intention and openness. And oh my goodness, is your soul delighting in your proximity to your healing! All you have to do is say yes and step into the Soul Shift container; on an energetic level, your evolution begins with your affirmation and commitment to the work.

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In true magic, nothing is wasted

The process of healing on an energetic level begins by clearing old blockages. What is clogging your energetic drain today can not only be cleared, it can be transformed and transmuted into usable energy! That’s right: The work we do in 2019 will not only teach you how to protect, ground, and clear your own energy field, but you will also learn how to transform and use stored energy as fuel. What is not in usable form today must be transformed and then consumed in a new way.  And much like plants absorb carbon dioxide and transform it to life-giving oxygen, so too will you be able to take what is challenging you in your past and present life and transform it into usable light.

Soul Shift begins in January 2019 with a commitment and initiation ceremony where you will set an intention for the year ahead. You will make this commitment for yourself and for the planet, for your family and for your community; it is impossible to separate one’s distinct spiritual endeavors from the broader matrix of energy within which we all exist. And the reverse is also true: One person’s resistance to change is also a force of resistance upon the collective. Each person who comes to healing, who moves into healed space and clean relationship with others, carves a pathway for the collective to experience the same on the quantum level. If you step forward and say yes to this work, all of those around you including generations forward and backward will benefit directly and indirectly. Heal one, heal all.

This year’s collective themes include:

  • Creation
  • Love
  • Surrender
  • Joy
  • Prosperity
  • Creativity


  • Desire
  • Empowerment
  • Beauty
  • Forgiveness
  • Gratitude
  • Peace

And what will you master this year by joining the Soul Shift program?

I’m glad you asked! The following concepts, among others, are woven into this year’s Soul Shift curriculum:

  • Monthly focus on herbs, oils, gems and minerals
  • Astrology, including developmental and shadow astrology
  • Sacred geometry
  • Plant medicine and aromatherapy
  • Crystal healing and activation
  • Sound therapy
  • Shamanic journey
  • Interdimensional healing
  • Meditation
  • Crafting
  • Mantras and mudras
  • Chakra healing and balancing
  • Energetic nutrition
  • Expansion of energetic reserves
  • Cultivation of psychic gifts and clair-abilities

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Each month a new Monthly Mesa of sacred tools to support our work will be available for purchase; the Mesa combines all necessary tools, amulets, medicines, and craft materials you will need for the entire month’s sessions. Yes, there is ONE kit for everything!

A mesa in the shamanic tradition is the word used to describe the shaman’s traveling altar and the tools he or she uses to connect with the natural world as bridges between levels of consciousness. The mesa itself represents a magic carpet of sorts, a gathering place of energies that can shift consciousness into altered states of deeper awareness simply by being in their presence. The tools contained in your monthly mesa are deeply sacred and should be treated with care; every 30 days you will work with a new persona mobile altar complete with cloth or manta, tools, and a parchment ‘agreement’ about the intention behind the creation of each set.

Each month your mesa will include unique tools not available elsewhere on, such as the following:

  • A hand-poured ceremonial candle
  • Essential oil perfume and herbal offerings to Pachamama
  • Sacred crystals that we will use to create an energetic grid to raise and hold our energy
  • A pendant amulet to be worn by all of us for the month to connect us energetically across distance and time
  • A statue, power piece, or other talisman related to the monthly theme
  • Ingredients and tools to build a medicine bundle or other craft aligned to the month’s theme

Monthly Learning Materials

Beyond our four live 60-90 minute class meetings each month (streamed live on YouTube and archived for later viewing), you will also receive supplementary materials to engage your learning on multiple levels and help you integrate my teachings. Among the materials you will receive as part of your membership are:

  • Class notes in PDF format to print and store for future use
  • A personalized worksheet of each monthly class model to help you adapt my teachings to you and your life (as well as those in your innermost circle)
  • An online classroom page where all class notes, announcements, and class recordings will be posted for easy access
  • Access to two private Facebook groups for ongoing support and guidance from Athena and the greater Soul Shift community

All class meetings are conducted live but in case you miss class for any reason, you will have lifetime access to the archived recordings.

Monthly Cost

Soul Shift is $90 per month. Alternatively you can purchase the entire year upfront (and save nearly $200!).

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