• Specimen: Kambaba Jasper Generator

    $ 245.00
    This Kambaba Jasper generator is rare and beautiful. Kambaba Jasper is known as a Shaman’s Stone, and it serves as a powerful guide in meditation and journeywork. This generator will protect, heal, ground, and soothe you as you go about all of your spiritual work....
  • Specimen: Sunset Aura Quartz Sphere

    $ 90.00
    This Sunset Aura Quartz sphere will surround you in a warm, radiant blanket of loving energy! Sunset Aura Quartz is known for its ability to heal wounds from the past. This sphere will help you melt energetic boundaries and blockages and open you up to...
  • Specimen: Garnet in Matrix Sphere

    $ 199.00
    In need of a talisman of protection? If so, this Garnet in Matrix sphere is for you! Throughout history, kings, queens, and warriors have worn Garnet in their royal jewels and breastplates, believing it to provide them with safety, vitality, and stability. If you’re seeking...
  • Specimen: Rose Amethyst Geode

    $ 178.00
    Seeking to deepen your connection to Spirit? This Rose Amethyst geode is for you! This geode is a talisman of Third Eye activation. Work with this gem to deepen your intuition and strengthen your intuition.
  • Specimen: Optical Calcite Generator

    $ 799.00
    Clear sight, intuition, and energetic purification: these are the gifts of this gorgeous Optical Calcite generator. Known as both the Happiness Stone and the Amplification Stone, Optical Calcite brings magnified energies of positivity and hope wherever it goes. Measures 4″.
  • Specimen: Clear Quartz Vogel

    $ 199.00
    Amplify any and all of your intentions with this breathtaking Clear Quartz vogel! Clear Quartz is a stone of magnification, and by placing this vogel on your altar, you will be able to uplift the power of your intentions, as well as the vibration of...
  • Specimen: Large Star Rose Quartz Sphere

    $ 325.00
    Is your heart in need of healing? Do you wish to call energies of love, tenderness, compassion, and kindness into your life? If so, this large Star Rose Quartz sphere will be your ally. This sphere is a talisman of Divine Love – the kind...
  • Specimen: Devic Temple Quartz Generator with Chalcopyrite and Inner Children

    $ 399.00
    Do you wish to come into contact with the Higher Realms? Are you ready to heal the wounds of the past and step onto the path of your Highest Good? If this sounds like you, this Devic Temple Quartz generator with Chalcopyrite and Inner Children...
  • Specimen: Druzy Septarian Sphere

    $ 65.00
    Are you undergoing a time of change and transition? Looking for a talisman to keep close as you transform and expand? If so, this druzy Septarian sphere is for you. Work with this specimen to call in ancestral protection as you walk this sacred path....
  • Specimen: Reconstituted Amber Buddha Head

    $ 59.00
    The energy that this reconstituted Amber Buddha head holds is so warm and enlightening. This talisman will fill your space with beautiful energies of tranquility, gratitude, health, and empowerment. You are sure to love the Divine magic it has to offer! Measures 3″.
  • Specimen: Scapolite Specimen

    $ 750.00
    This Scapolite specimen is absolutely breathtaking – and it’s as potent in its magic as it is incredible in its beauty. Scapolite is a rare stone that is hailed by energy workers across the world for its ability to pull you onto your Divine Path....
  • Specimen: Medium Garnierite Pillar

    $ 309.00
    Heart-healing, empowerment, love, and abundance: these are the gifts of this gorgeous medium Garnierite pillar. Place this pillar on your altar, or at the center of a crystal grid, to begin calling in its supreme healing energy. Measures 8″.
  • Specimen: Blue Kyanite Mosaic Mirror

    $ 165.00
    Decorate your space with the aligning magic of Blue Kyanite with this enchanting Blue Kyanite mosaic mirror. Blue Kyanite is one of the only gemstones on the world known to evenly balance all seven chakras – and in the form of this gorgeous mirror, its...
  • Specimen: Optical Calcite Rhombohedron

    $ 800.00
    How magical is this Optical Calcite rhombohedron? If you seek to open your Crown Chakra wide and connect powerfully with the Higher Realms, this specimen is for you. Optical Calcite is known for its ability to bring forth energies of peace, happiness, and purity, and,...
  • Specimen: Small Ammonite Specimen

    $ 125.00
    This small Ammonite specimen is absolutely magical. Ammonite is such a multipurpose stone. It is believed to aid those on their spiritual path, and the spiral symbol represents continual evolution and growth. Some recommend keeping ammonite in your home to call in prosperity, health, and...
  • Specimen: Quartz Generator with Iron Inclusions

    $ 110.00
    Magnification and strength: this is the magic that this Quartz generator with Iron inclusions so powerfully offers. Place this generator in your sacred space to facilitate powerful energetic alignment. You can also use it in crystal gridding, meditation, or ritual, to seal your intentions and...
  • Specimen: Pharaoh Djet statue

    $ 299.00
    This Pharoah Djet statue is such an incredible piece to add to any sacred space. Place this specimen on your altar to call in the transformative, mysterious magic of ancient Egypt, so that you may infuse it into your very own sacred practice.
  • Specimen: Moroccan Quartz Geode

    $ 165.00
    This Moroccan Quartz geode is an incredible tool to incorporate into meditation or ritual. Work with this gorgeous specimen to bring powerful balance and healing to all seven energetic centers. Measures 6″.
  • Specimen: Yellow Calcite Generator

    $ 327.00
    This beautiful Yellow Calcite generator will help you release energies that do not serve you. Use it to align your Solar Plexus Chakra, let go of the past, and purify your aura, so that your energy may flow freely, aligned with your Highest Path. Measures...
  • Specimen: Eclogite Specimen

    $ 265.00
    This extraordinary Eclogite specimen is a potent source of grounding and energetic balance. Work with this specimen to balance the flow of energy throughout your body, and to powerfully dispel of negativity – especially within your Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras. Measures 10″.

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