• Specimen: Green Tourmaline Crystals in Clear Quartz

    $ 95.00
    If you seek wisdom, healing, and prosperity, these Green Tourmaline Crystals in Clear Quartz are for you. This specimen will enhance vitality and stamina, and powerfully open and heal your heart space. Measures 4.5″.
  • Specimen: Druzy Celestite Heart

    $ 149.00
    Connect powerfully with your Highest Self with this Druzy Celestite heart. This specimen will open up a channel between you and the Higher Realms, and will bring you comfort, truth, and peace. Measures 5.5″.
  • Specimen: Hand Carved Scarab

    $ 150.00
    This gorgeous hand carved scarab will infuse your sacred space with energies of transformation and illumination. The ancient Egyptians considered the scarab to be a connection to the Divine – and they would often place a scarab beetle upon an entombed person’s heart, for ease...
  • Specimen: Druzy Danburite Specimen

    $ 96.00
    If you’re looking for powerful healing, this Druzy Danburite specimen is for you. Known as the Stone of Enlightenment, Danburite is powerful in detecting and healing areas of the body that carry illness, and will connect you powerfully with the angelic realms. Measures 2.25″.
  • Specimen: Ancient Egyptian Statue

    $ 49.00
    This Ancient Egyptian statue is absolutely breathtaking – and it’s alive with all of the magic and mystery of this lost civilization. Place this statue in your sacred space to channel the power and wisdom the ancient Egyptians cultivated so long ago. Measures 10.75″.
  • Specimen: Clear Quartz Generator with Smoky Quartz Phantom

    $ 256.00
    This Clear Quartz generator with Smoky Quartz phantom brings forth powerful amplification, healing, and protection. This generator will absorb negative energies from your aura and space, keeping you safe from harm. It will also amplify your vibrations, and the frequencies of your other gemstones and...
  • Specimen: Natural Smoky African Citrine

    $ 179.00
    This Natural Smoky African Citrine brings potent protection, confidence, and abundance-attracting magic. Work with this specimen to call in massive prosperity and to ward off negative vibrations. Measures 9″.
  • Specimen: Amethyst Ring in 925 silver

    $ 66.00
    This gorgeous Amethyst ring in 925 silver is a talisman of peace, clarity, and intuition. Adorn yourself with this ring to open your Third Eye and Crown Chakras, and to call in your spirit guides.
  • Specimen: Marble Head of Nefertiti

    $ 42.00
    Place this marble head of Nefertiti in your sacred space to honor the widely revered queen of ancient Egypt. Nefertiti is said to have reigned during the wealthiest period of ancient Egyptian history, and her name roughly translates to “the beauty has come”. Measures 7″.
  • Specimen: Shaman’s Dreamstone with Rutiles and Lodolite

    $ 39.00
    This Shaman’s Dreamstone with Rutiles and Lodolite is vibrating with supreme magic. Use this sacred gem to connect with spirit guides, to help you recall dreams, to intensify your experience during shamanic journey, and to experience heightened states of consciousness during meditation. Measures 3″.
  • Specimen: Druzy Celestite Sphere

    $ 125.00
    This Druzy Celestite sphere is a tool of Divine wisdom. Work with this sphere to connect with the angelic realms and to attune with the consciousness of your Higher Self. Measures 2.5″.
  • Specimen: Spectrolite Pillar with Purple Flash

    $ 95.00
    This Spectrolite Pillar with purple flash is a stone of interdimensional contact, self-discovery, and Higher Self connection. Work with this pillar to tap into your deepest inner wisdom, strengthen your intuition, and attune powerfully to the Divine. Measures 7″.
  • Specimen: Skeletal Amethyst Generator with Enhydros

    $ 256.00
    Powerfully activate your Crown and Third Eye Chakras with this beautiful Skeletal Amethyst Generator with Enhydros. This specimen will deepen your intuition and bring you a wonderful sense of peace and spiritual clarity. Measures 4.25″.
  • Specimen: Handmade Wand

    $ 400.00
    This handmade wand is absolutely gorgeous – and it’s perfect to incorporate into meditation or ritual. Use it to open and close sacred circle, or to channel energy to specific objects or points of the body. Measures 15.25″.
  • Specimen: Rose Amethyst Specimen

    $ 178.00
    This beautiful Rose Amethyst specimen is a potent bringer of peace and divine clearing. This specimen will promote restful sleep, help you maintain equilibrium, and link you to the wisdom of Spirit. Measures 9.5″.
  • Specimen: Okenite in Calcite

    $ 157.00
    This Okenite in Calcite will instill you with a powerful sense of peace. Okenite is the stone of anger management and forgiveness, while Calcite is a gem of restoration, healing, and energetic purification. Measures 2.5″.
  • Specimen: Clear Quartz Cube

    $ 139.00
    This Clear Quartz cube is an extraordinary tool of magnification, intensification, and sealing of intentions and spells. Place this cube in your sacred space to amplify the magic of your other gemstones and tools, or at the center of a crystal grid to raise its...
  • Specimen: Integration Sphere

    $ 600.00
    This Integration Sphere is an extraordinary combination of smoky moonstone and rainbow moonstone – which come together as smoky moonstone. This sphere is a potent source of protection, joy, and healing, and will wonderfully revitalize your spirit. Measures 8″.
  • Specimen: Zincite Specimen

    $ 210.00
    This Zincite brings energy, flow, faith, and creativity. It channels the muse, brings stamina, builds enthusiasm, helps banish fear, and encourages ideas to flow in freely without blockages. Measures 2.25″.
  • Specimen: Andradite Garnet Cluster

    $ 95.00
    This natural Andradite Garnet in matrix is the stone of the heart and Higher Truth. Use it to inspire confidence, vanquish feelings of inadequacy, and connect you to the Earth and the One. Measures 3.5″.

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