• Specimen: Ceramic Buddha Statue

    $ 199.00
    This ceramic Buddha statue is a totem of peace, wisdom, and enlightenment. Place this beautiful statue in your meditation room, garden, workspace, or anywhere you wish to infuse with the magic of Zen. Measures about 18". ***Please note when ordering, this item runs heavy and...
  • Specimen: Gypsum Specimen

    $ 96.00
    This Gypsum specimen is vibrating with Higher Realm magic! Place this gem on your altar or hang onto it in meditation to channel its energies of peace, happiness, joy, and Divine wisdom.
  • Specimen: Lazurite Spheres

    $ 119.00
    Activate your Third Eye and open up to powerful Divine wisdom with these stunning Lazurite spheres! These beauties will attune you to the worlds of wisdom that exist beyond our physical realm. Measures about 3-3.5".
  • Specimen: Inderite Crystal

    $ 160.00
    Purification, mental clarity, and gentle grounding: This is the magic of this gorgeous Inderite crystal. Are you feeling called to this stone's energy? Place it on your altar or use it in meditation to harness its power.
  • Specimen: Free Form Dendritic Agate Pillar

    $ 86.00
    Do you ever feel scattered, unsafe, and unfocused? If so, your Root Chakra may need healing - and dthis free form Dendritic Agate pillar will guide you in the process. This gorgeous gem will provide you with a wonderful feeling of safety, centeredness, stability, and...
  • Specimen: Pastel Pink Kunzite

    $ 120.00
    Is your heart in need of healing? If so, this pastel pink kunzite is for you! This gem will open your heart wide, helping you cultivate energies of compassion, kindness, and connection. Work with this stunning stone to open up to the abundance of Divine...
  • Specimen: Titanium aura fish

    $ 450.00
    Psychic ability, vibrant strength, and complete energetic alignment: these are the gifts of this titanium aura fish. This iridescent totem will open and activate your Third Eye and connect you with your innermost magic and power.
  • Specimen: Egyptian Pharoah Statue

    $ 49.00
    Are you fascinated by the magic of ancient Egypt? If so, this Egyptian Pharoah Statue is for you. This stunning totem makes a powerful altarpiece or guide in meditation. Place it in your bedroom, creative space, or meditation room - anywhere you wish to infuse...
  • Specimen: Lava Purse with Aquamarine

    $ 500.00
    Are you in need of emotional healing? If so, this lava purse with aquamarine is for you. Aquamarine resonates with the element of water and thus brings tranquility and renewal to the emotional body. Place this on your altar or hold it in meditation to...
  • Specimen: Large Que Sera Spheres

    $ 150.00
    Que Sera is a magnificent combination of blue and pink opal that comes from Brazil, and its power is deeply felt in this Que Sera sphere. Work with this stunning gem to harness energies of healing, peaceful communication, love, and compassion. Measures about 3".
  • Specimen: Garnierite Sphere

    $ 89.00$ 99.00
    What are you seeking? Whatever it is that your heart longs for, this garnierite sphere will help bring it forth. Use this sphere in meditation or simply place it on your altar as you close your eyes and focus on your intentions. This sphere will...
  • Mega Shiva Lingam for activating sexual expression and attraction

    $ 900.00
    These mega shiva lingam specimens absolutely live up to their name. They are some of the largest I’ve ever encountered, and their energy is SO POTENT. Measuring a whopping (approx.) 24" in length, and weighing in the very heavy neighborhood of 185 lbs., (luckily shipping...
  • Specimen: Specular Hematite

    $ 27.00
    Are you in need of stability and grounding? If so, this specular hematite is for you. This gem will activate your lower energy centers and root you into Mother Earth’s embrace, instilling you with feelings of safety, presence, and centeredness. Measures about 2.5-3″.
  • Specimen: Titanium Aura Obsidian Spheres

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $ 49.00
    Grounding, purification, and vibrant strength: these are the gifts of these Titanium Aura Obsidian spheres. These gems are powerful tools to carry into meditation; hold one and it will open and activate your Root Chakra, stabilizing and rooting you into the core of Mother Gaia...
  • Specimen: Mixed Brown Sapphire Necklaces

    $ 275.00
    These Mixed Brown Sapphire Necklaces are vibrating with beautiful, age-old magic. Sapphires are as old as time and are powerful bringers of intuitive awakening, inner strength, and enhanced psychic ability. Adorn yourself with one of these beauties to harness the power of this otherworldly gem....
  • Specimen: Higher Conscious Tourmaline in Quartz

    $ 232.00
    This Higher Conscious Tourmaline in Quartz is a beautiful combination of three types of tourmaline: blue, brown, and green. When these stones marry as one, what you get is one incredible source of intuition, wisdom, and grounding. Measures about 4".

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