• Gemstone Sale: Tumbled Copal Amber with Insects

    $ 40.00
    These tumbled copal amber with insects offering is full of ancient wisdom. Copal amber contains centuries of ancient knowledge that guide and assist. It is a powerful yet gentle healer, drawing out negative energy and bringing positivity. This listing is for one (1) tumbled copal...
  • Gemstone Sale: Medium Garnierite Spheres

    $ 64.00
    If you seek to empower and embrace your own Divine self, these medium garnierite spheres are your tool. Garnierite helps you see what your path forward calls for in order for you to acquire what it is you seek. This listing is for one (1)...
  • Gemstone Sale: Powellite on Apophyllite Specimens

    $ 62.00
    These powellite on apophyllite specimens are radiating energies of creativity, clarity, and spiritual awareness. This stunning gem will open up your Crown Chakra, deepening your connection to the Higher Realms. It will provide you with the stamina and passion needed to bring your innermost creative...
  • Gemstone Sale: Round Hypersthene Rings

    $ 79.00
    These stunning round hypersthene rings offer control, presence, and centeredness – for even the most chaotic of minds. If your thoughts tend to move quickly and sporadically, this offering is for you. Wear one of these rings to center your mind and spirit; allow the...
  • Gemstone Sale: Black Tourmaline Log

    $ 200.00
    These black tourmaline logs are super gemmy, grade AAA natural black tourmaline. Powerful. Potent. Just what you’re looking for in a magical tool meant to protect you, shield you, ground you, and give you the comfort therein. Measures. 8".
  • Gemstone Sale: White Apophyllite with Stillbite Cluster

    $ 250.00
    This magical and huge white apophyllite with stilbite cluster has very large apophyllite crystals. Work with it to connect with your spirit guides and in dream recall. Measures 11".
  • Gemstone Sale: Golden Sheen Obisidian Mushrooms

    $ 59.00
    Let these golden sheen obsidian mushrooms be a symbol and form of communication from you to your guides that you are ready to deepen your spiritual practice. Golden sheen obsidian will help you invite your shadow aspects to come forth into the light, so that...
  • Gemstone Sale: Freeform Amethyst Geode on Metal Stand

    $ 169.00
    This freeform amethyst geode on metal stand offering is for anyone who desires to connect with the higher dimensions. Amethyst awakens the upper chakras, drawing you into the mystery and wisdom of the higher realms. This stone brings clarity, energetic detoxification, peace, and angelic connection....
  • Gemstone Sale: Moldavite

    $ 239.00
    Moldavite is a mysterious, energetically potent stone. It serves as a portal to other realms and will bring forth powerful wisdom from dimensions outside of our own. They will lead you to uncover sacred knowledge that remains hidden from most and grant you access to...
  • Gemstone Sale: Rhodochrosite Crystal

    $ 500.00
    This rhodochrosite crystal is breathtaking in its beauty and provides deep heart healing, unlike any other gem. This stone brings compassion and self-love, helping you to be gentle with yourself as you emerge from heartbreak or loss. It works primarily within the heart chakra, clearing...
  • Gemstone Sale: Eclogite specimen

    $ 265.00
    This eclogite specimen is for my serious practitioners. Eclogite is formed at pressures that far exceed those found on the Earth’s crust. It balances the flow of energy throughout your body, stimulates your chakras, and can enhance creativity and manifestation magic. Measures 10".
  • Gemstone Sale: Orca agate pillars

    $ 200.00
    This gorgeous Orca Agate Pillars mimic the beautiful and graceful Orca whale. A type of blue chalcedony agate, these pieces resonate with the Throat Chakra and stimulates telepathy and communication with the invisible realms. Additionally, it is helpful in past life recall. Measures 7".
  • Gemstone Sale: Vanadite specimen

    $ 99.00
    If you're in need of motivation, this vanadinite specimen is for you. Vanadinite provides the energy and creative power you need to complete tasks. Vanadinite is also a grounding stone. Measures about 6".
  • Gemstone Sale: Lemurian Quartz Portal Point

    $ 600.00
    This Lemurian Quartz Portal Point is like a little window into the past. This breathtaking gem is encoded with the divine feminine magic and mystery of the long-lost Lemurian civilization. This is a true teaching stone, ready to impart you with its ancient wisdom. Are...
  • Gemstone Sale: Ramshorn Selenite

    $ 96.00
    This Ramshorn Selenite is such a beautiful work of art with its tube-like "horn" formations. Selenite is peaceful and gentle, yet potent and strong. Low frequencies naturally rise in the presence of this mighty stone. As it purifies the energy in a space and attunes...
  • Specimen: Kambaba jasper flame

    $ 200.00
    This kambaba jasper flame is a strong talisman and protective ally for anyone who performs ceremonial work. Kambaba jasper is healing, grounding, and soothing, and helps you maintain safe and good boundaries during ritual work. Measures 9″.

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