• Specimen: Titanium Aura Amethyst Charging Plate

    $ 75.00
    No photograph can truly capture how dazzling this Titanium Aura Amethyst charging plate is. This beautiful specimen will infuse any item you place on it with energies of empowerment, harmony, healing, and courage. Simply place your gems, jewelry, candles, or any other treasure you desire...
  • Specimen: Golden Sheen Obsidian Buddha

    $ 900.00
    This Golden Sheen Obsidian Buddha is quite simply: breathtaking. This specimen will add a touch of deep wisdom and magic to any sacred space. Meditate before it to begin uncovering the incredible secrets it holds. You are sure to love the supreme energy it has...
  • Specimen: Druzy Septarian Sphere

    $ 65.00
    Are you undergoing a time of change and transition? Looking for a talisman to keep close as you transform and expand? If so, this druzy Septarian sphere is for you. Work with this specimen to call in ancestral protection as you walk this sacred path....
  • Specimen: Blue Calcite Sphere

    $ 90.00
    Fill your viewpoint with clarity, positivity, and calm with this gorgeous Blue Calcite sphere! This sphere will help you release old energetic patterns that keep you from your Highest Good and infuse your space with energies of rest and relaxation. Measures 2.7″.
  • Specimen: Reconstituted Amber Buddha Head

    $ 59.00
    The energy that this reconstituted Amber Buddha head holds is so warm and enlightening. This talisman will fill your space with beautiful energies of tranquility, gratitude, health, and empowerment. You are sure to love the Divine magic it has to offer! Measures 3″.
  • Specimen: Garnet in Black Kyanite Sphere

    $ 209.00
    Are you in need of a talisman of protection? If so, look no further: this Garnet in Black Kyanite sphere is for you. Both Garnet and Black Kyanite are hailed for their safeguarding abilities. This sphere will ensure that you and your sacred space are...
  • Specimen: Heat Treated Citrine Cluster

    $ 29.00
    Empowerment, abundance, and success: these are just a few of the precious gifts that this heat-treated Citrine cluster has to offer. If you wish to activate supreme levels of confidence and prosperity, this is your tool. Measures 5″.
  • Specimen: Clear Quartz Generator with Chlorite Inclusions

    $ 112.00
    This Clear Quartz generator with Chlorite inclusions is an incredible talisman of amplification and Higher Realm connection. Place this generator on your altar to magnify the energies of your other crystals and magical tools, and to open up a channel between you and Spirit. Measures...
  • Specimen: Natural Sided Quartz Generator with Iron Inclusions

    $ 129.00
    Strength and amplification are the gifts of this breathtaking natural-sided Quartz generator with Iron inclusions. Place this otherworldly specimen on your altar to magnify the magical properties of all surrounding gems and metaphysical tools. This generator makes the perfect centerpiece for any crystal grid. Measures...
  • Specimen: Scapolite Specimen

    $ 750.00
    This Scapolite specimen is absolutely breathtaking – and it’s as potent in its magic as it is incredible in its beauty. Scapolite is a rare stone that is hailed by energy workers across the world for its ability to pull you onto your Divine Path....
  • Specimen: Medium Garnierite Pillar

    $ 309.00
    Heart-healing, empowerment, love, and abundance: these are the gifts of this gorgeous medium Garnierite pillar. Place this pillar on your altar, or at the center of a crystal grid, to begin calling in its supreme healing energy. Measures 8″.
  • Specimen: Huge Fern Ammonite Fossil

    $ 110.00
    Are you walking the path of evolution and expansion? If so, you’ll want this huge fern Ammonite fossil as your guide. Ammonite facilitates incredible spiritual growth, and promotes prosperity and health as you embark further along your spiritual path. Measures 5″.
  • Specimen: Blue Kyanite Mosaic Mirror

    $ 165.00
    Decorate your space with the aligning magic of Blue Kyanite with this enchanting Blue Kyanite mosaic mirror. Blue Kyanite is one of the only gemstones on the world known to evenly balance all seven chakras – and in the form of this gorgeous mirror, its...
  • Specimen: Optical Calcite Rhombohedron

    $ 800.00
    How magical is this Optical Calcite rhombohedron? If you seek to open your Crown Chakra wide and connect powerfully with the Higher Realms, this specimen is for you. Optical Calcite is known for its ability to bring forth energies of peace, happiness, and purity, and,...
  • Specimen: Rose Quartz Love Guardian

    $ 199.00
    Love, compassion, kindness, and tenderness – this is the magic and medicine that this Rose Quartz Love Guardian so beautifully exudes. Place this specimen in your sacred space to cultivate powerful Divine Love: the kind of love that starts within the self and radiates outward...
  • Specimen: Rose Quartz Buddha

    $ 210.00
    The energy of Universal Love is potent within this beautiful Rose Quartz Buddha! Rose Quartz brings in vibrations of love, tenderness, compassion, and kindness, and, when carved into Buddha, becomes a powerful emblem of harmony, enlightenment, good fortune, and peace. Measures 4″.
  • Specimen: Calcite with Pyrite Cluster

    $ 79.00
    How gorgeous is this Calcite with Pyrite cluster? This specimen is a source of deep healing and abundance. Incorporate this cluster into meditation, ritual, or crystal gridding to bring powerful peace and alignment to your spirit, and to call forth the prosperity that you seek....
  • Specimen: Small Ammonite Specimen

    $ 125.00
    This small Ammonite specimen is absolutely magical. Ammonite is such a multipurpose stone. It is believed to aid those on their spiritual path, and the spiral symbol represents continual evolution and growth. Some recommend keeping ammonite in your home to call in prosperity, health, and...
  • Specimen: Quartz Generator with Iron Inclusions

    $ 110.00
    Magnification and strength: this is the magic that this Quartz generator with Iron inclusions so powerfully offers. Place this generator in your sacred space to facilitate powerful energetic alignment. You can also use it in crystal gridding, meditation, or ritual, to seal your intentions and...
  • Specimen: Phantom Hematite Included Mariposa Calcite Cluster

    $ 450.00
    This incredibly rare and large piece of Phantom Hematite included in Mariposa Calcite is a magnificent specimen. Use it for gentle grounding and shadow integration, as well as peace, calm, and well-being in times of chaos. Measures 7.5″.

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