• Specimen: Fluorite Bowl

    $ 400.00
    Everyone has a soul’s purpose – a divine role they were placed on this earth to fulfill. Are you in search of yours? This Fluorite bowl will guide you there. Fluorite is the stone of soul pathing. It connects you with your innermost wisdom and...
  • Specimen: Tourmaline Rings

    $ 98.00$ 118.00
    Are you in need of grounding and protection? If so, this Tourmaline ring will be your ally. Wear this ring to channel Tourmaline’s beautiful and gently grounding magic. This ring will center your spirit and keep you safe as you walk your path. There are...
  • Specimen: Lava Purse filled with Clear Quartz

    $ 500.00
    How amazing is this Lava Purse with Clear Quartz? This specimen is vibrating with powerful Higher Realm magic. Place it on your altar to harness Clear Quartz’s uplifting energy; allow it to uplift your personal vibration and the vibration of your sacred space.
  • Specimen: Midnight Aura Spirit Quartz Pendant with White Topaz

    $ 198.00
    This Midnight Aura Spirit Quartz Pendant with White Topaz carries incredible safeguarding magic. If you’re in search of protection, grounding, safety, and serenity, this is your offering. Adorn yourself with this enchanting pendant to keep your spirit centered and peaceful, no matter what you’re going...
  • Specimen: Ocean Jasper Ring

    $ 98.00
    Do you want to call more joy and positivity into your life? This Ocean Jasper ring is for you! Ocean Jasper is known by many as the Happiness Stone. This gem brings good vibrations wherever it goes, and now, you can wear its magic and...
  • Specimen: Vanadinite Specimen

    $ 34.00$ 99.00
    Have a dream you want to bring to fruition, but need an extra boost of motivation? This Vanadinite specimen is for you! Vanadanite brings the creativity, focus, and energy needed to see your projects through to completion. It helps you remain connected to your subconscious...
  • Specimen: Rare Calcite and Fluorite Stones

    $ 35.00$ 145.00
    Raise your vibration, expand your consciousness, and connect with your soul purpose with these rare Calcite and Fluorite stones! These gems will evoke your innermost spiritual gifts and lead you in sharing them with the world, fearlessly and authentitcally. There are four sizes to choose...
  • Specimen: Small Titanium Aura Lemurian Quartz Generator

    $ 48.00
    This small Titanium Aura Lemurian Quartz generator is absolutely magical. Do you know of Lemuria? It is believed that this lost civilization was ruled by priestesses, who held a connection to the cosmos much deeper than the one we hold today. Work with this breathtaking...
  • Specimen: Rhodochrosite Crystal

    $ 599.00
    Compassion and love: these are the gifts of this whimsical Rhodochrosite crystal. Work with this gem to open, activate, and heal your heart space and open up to energies of kindness, tenderness, and compassion. Measures about 1″.
  • Specimen: Nirvana Quartz Point

    $ 175.00
    Open up to the magic of the Higher Realms with this Nirvana Quartz point! Nirvana Quartz activates the higher energetic centers: the Third Eye, Crown, and Soul Star Chakras. Meditate with this gem to attune to its heavenly wisdom. Measures about 4.5″.
  • Specimen: Large Skeletal Elestial Quartz Generators

    $ 375.00
    Are you ready to walk a path of profound spiritual expansion? If so, this large Skeletal Elestial Quartz generator will be your guide. Work with this gorgeous specimen to connect with your Higher Self and the deepest secrets the Universe has to offer. Measures about...
  • Specimen: Petrified Wood Pillar

    $ 99.00
    Do you seek to know the wisdom of the ancients? Do you long to connect with your ancestors and the deep secrets that they hold? If so, this Petrified Wood pillar is your offering. Petrified Wood is as old as time, and the energy it...
  • Specimen: Sunset Aura Quartz Sphere

    $ 90.00
    This Sunset Aura Quartz sphere will surround you in a warm, radiant blanket of loving energy! Sunset Aura Quartz is known for its ability to heal wounds from the past. This sphere will help you melt energetic boundaries and blockages and open you up to...
  • Specimen: Rose Amethyst Geode

    $ 178.00
    Seeking to deepen your connection to Spirit? This Rose Amethyst geode is for you! This geode is a talisman of Third Eye activation. Work with this gem to deepen your intuition and strengthen your intuition.
  • Specimen: Optical Calcite Generator

    $ 799.00
    Clear sight, intuition, and energetic purification: these are the gifts of this gorgeous Optical Calcite generator. Known as both the Happiness Stone and the Amplification Stone, Optical Calcite brings magnified energies of positivity and hope wherever it goes. Measures 4″.
  • Specimen: Large Star Rose Quartz Sphere

    $ 325.00
    Is your heart in need of healing? Do you wish to call energies of love, tenderness, compassion, and kindness into your life? If so, this large Star Rose Quartz sphere will be your ally. This sphere is a talisman of Divine Love – the kind...
  • Specimen: Devic Temple Quartz Generator with Chalcopyrite and Inner Children

    $ 399.00
    Do you wish to come into contact with the Higher Realms? Are you ready to heal the wounds of the past and step onto the path of your Highest Good? If this sounds like you, this Devic Temple Quartz generator with Chalcopyrite and Inner Children...
  • Specimen: Druzy Septarian Sphere

    $ 65.00
    Are you undergoing a time of change and transition? Looking for a talisman to keep close as you transform and expand? If so, this druzy Septarian sphere is for you. Work with this specimen to call in ancestral protection as you walk this sacred path....
  • Specimen: Medium Garnierite Pillar

    $ 309.00
    Heart-healing, empowerment, love, and abundance: these are the gifts of this gorgeous medium Garnierite pillar. Place this pillar on your altar, or at the center of a crystal grid, to begin calling in its supreme healing energy. Measures 8″.
  • Specimen: Optical Calcite Rhombohedron

    $ 800.00
    How magical is this Optical Calcite rhombohedron? If you seek to open your Crown Chakra wide and connect powerfully with the Higher Realms, this specimen is for you. Optical Calcite is known for its ability to bring forth energies of peace, happiness, and purity, and,...

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