• Kambaba Jasper Flame

      for strength & inner-knowing

      <p>Kambaba jasper is the Divine Masculine in stone form. It invokes and enhances all masculine qualities, including assertiveness, action, independence, adventure, logic, and protection.</p>
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    • Smoky Quartz Sphere with Sunset Quartz Star Sphere Stand

      for deep healing

      <p>This duo of crystal carvings that bring protection, purification, and peace is a beautiful addition to any space — energetically and aesthetically! Work with this duo to allow vibrant energy to flourish on all levels — body, mind, and spirit!</p>
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    • Yellow Fluorite Flame

      for manifestation & abundance

      <p>Yellow fluorite activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, the energy center associated with manifestation, confidence, courage, and willpower. Like the Law of Attraction in crystal form, this gem attracts wealth, resources, and prosperity.</p>
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    • Fuchsite Ganesha

      to clear the path to love & healing

      <p>Fuchsite is a life force stone that heals the heart physically and emotionally — readying you for new love and peace. Carved into the shape of Ganesha, this gem will clear any obstacles blocking your Heart Chakra.</p>
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    • Mini Quartz Spoon

      for amplified self-care

      <p>Quartz crystal is a powerful tool for expanding and intensifying the energy of anything it comes in contact with. Work with this crystal spoon to amplify your daily self-care and allow your natural radiance to shine bright!</p>
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    • Heart Chakra Rose Quartz Incense Holder & Pink Lotus Incense Sticks

      for everlasting love

      <p>This incense holder was custom-made just for Sage Goddess from rose quartz, the stone of universal love. You will also receive our Pink Lotus Incense Sticks, infused with our Pink Lotus Perfume.</p>
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    • Silver Cat’s Eye Star BeeBop

      for strength & stability

      <p>Beebops are little pops of color and energy that activate color magic and the power of symbols and shapes. They also enhance the beauty of your crystal healing trays. <span style="font-weight: 400;">Work with this uplifting offering to connect with the universe and beyond.</span></p>
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    • Golden Lunar Magic Selenite Charging Plate

      for purification

      <p>This selenite plate showcases stunning imagery in golden foil. It depicts the Moon adorned with a floral motif and a cluster of crystals. Place this charging plate on your altar to purify your tools and fill your space with radiant feminine energy.</p>
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    • Pink Opal Octahedron Pendulum

      for emotional healing & divination

      <p>We had this tender offering custom-made just for us. It features an eight-sided pink opal set in a .925 sterling silver cage accented with flowering vines. It’s attached to a sterling silver chain with a toggle-style handle in matching floral vine detailing.</p>
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    • Divination on the Go Set

      for Third Eye awakening

      <p>This offering has everything you’ll need to activate your Third Eye Chakra — your center of intuition and psychic vision for accurate intuitive readings no matter where you are.</p>
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    • Angel Aura Quartz Singing Bowl with Handle

      for Throat Chakra healing

      <p>This offering is tuned to the G note, resonating with the Throat Chakra, and features a unique bell-shaped design that makes it portable and easy to hold.</p>
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    • Titanium Aura Glass Angel

      to light the way

      <p>This iridescent piece takes the shape of a heavenly angel. Angels are our protectors and messengers — they watch over us, offering guidance on the path to our highest good.</p>
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