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Each month in Sage Goddess Apothecary, we’ll be working with a different Goddess archetype as a sacred guide and the lessons she brings. We’ll also be taking a deep dive into the mystical and healing associations of the herbs, flowers, resins, and gemstones associated with each archetype.

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First payment: April 15, 2024

Step through the doors of my mystical enclave into the realm of deep magic. These tools accompany our 2024 Sage Goddess Apothecary program. Picture a realm adorned with exquisite dark glass bottles and hand-labeled jars of herbs and incense, evoking sacred consciousness and personal transformation. Sage Goddess Apothecary is an online program that allows you to work at your own pace, consisting of four weekly sessions each month. It’s designed to train and inspire you in the herbal arts as a medicine keeper, way finder, stone and crystal keeper, and multidimensional healer.

We create a new set of tools for each month that’s available as an ongoing monthly subscription. This custom-designed set includes all the necessary tools for the entire month’s Apothecary sessions except Sacred Circle (there’s a separate toolkit subscription for Sacred Circle). These tools vary monthly and align with the month’s theme. To secure these tools, you must subscribe before midnight on the 15th day of the previous month.

NOTE: You must subscribe by the 15th of the month to receive your toolkit for the following month (e.g. subscribe by January 15 to receive February’s tools).

A second tool subscription is available for Sacred Circle. Click here to subscribe to the Sacred Circle tools.

The monthly toolkits are not required for you to participate in the program. However, if you want the whole experience, we recommend a subscription to both the Apothecary and Sacred Circle sets to receive tools for all sessions throughout the month.


When you sign up for either the Apothecary or Sacred Circle tool subscription, you are billed for your first kit immediately. Your subscription will then auto-renew on the 15th of each month. If you start your subscription before the 15th of a given month, you will skip the first payment because your immediate payment upon subscribing has already covered this amount.

Please note: Your tool subscription will automatically renew on the 15th of each month until canceled. You can cancel anytime from the SUBSCRIPTIONS area under MY ACCOUNT.

You must start your subscription by the 15th of a given month to receive the following month’s tools.

About March 2024 Sage Goddess Apothecary Tools

Each month in Sage Goddess Apothecary, we’ll be working with a different Goddess archetype as a sacred guide and the lessons she brings. We’ll also be taking a deep dive into the mystical and healing associations of the herbs, flowers, resins, and gemstones associated with each archetype — exploring them in a way that we never have before. Touching them, smelling them, healing with them, and even creating art with them.

In March Apothecary, we’re focusing on Isis, the Egyptian goddess of motherhood, magic, and wisdom, accompanied by her consort, Osiris. Together, we’ll work with the tools in this set to explore themes of unconditional and eternal love, death and rebirth, and divine union.

Who are Isis and Osiris?

Isis is a powerful queen and ancient goddess of Egypt. As the revered patron of magic and a guiding force for women, she embodies the essence of divine motherhood and matrimony. Her magic is of memory and remembrance, transcending past, present, and future.

Beside her stands Osiris, the god of the afterlife, a majestic ruler over death, and a master of renewal. The bringer of wise discernment, Osiris can illuminate the secrets of resurrection and regeneration deep within us, offering profound insights into the cycles of life, death, and rebirth.

In the tale of Isis and Osiris, Osiris is betrayed and murdered by his jealous brother Seth. In an unwavering display of love and magical prowess, Isis tirelessly searches for his dismembered body parts, ultimately reassembling them and reviving him through her magical abilities. This timeless tale weaves a narrative rich in themes of resurrection, undying love, and the eternal dance of life’s cyclical nature.

Learn more about Sage Goddess Apothecary and sign up here!

You will receive the following in your kit:

Pink Marble and Rose Quartz Mortar and Pestle

Size: Mortar about 3×4”, pestle about 5”

We had this beautiful mortar and pestle set custom-made just for Sage Goddess. The mortar (bowl) is made from pink marble, and the pestle is rose quartz, representing the union of strength and love. Just like the tale of Isis and Osiris, this gemstone combination promotes resilience in love, encouraging you to forge an eternal foundation capable of withstanding any challenge. It’s a true embodiment of beauty, magic, and functionality.

A mortar and pestle set is a powerful tool for anyone who works with herbs and plants. Use yours in the kitchen to grind fresh spices or any other magical ingredients, or simply place it on your altar to infuse your space with its magical energy. The mortar and pestle have been used since ancient times to prepare ingredients or substances by crushing and grinding them into a fine paste or powder. 

The Properties of Pink Marble

Marble is created when limestone undergoes a recrystallization process under intense heat and pressure. The incredible hues that are found in marble occur when other minerals seep into the stone during this process. The presence of iron oxide and manganese give it a pink color.

  • A stone of potential, representing possibility and encouraging peace and serenity. 
  • Promotes strength, especially in difficult situations, and encourages positivity. 
  • Grounding, deepens meditation, and supports dream recall. 
  • Provides clarity and can inspire creativity like it has for so many artists and sculptors.

The Properties of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is Agape — meaning selfless, universal, unconditional, and spiritual love for self, others, and all of creation. It gets its gorgeous pink color from the presence of titanium and manganese, adding properties of strength and balance.

  • The mother of all love stones and one of my favorites for heart healing and manifesting all kinds of love.
  • Raises the frequency of peace and love in your space and encourages love for humanity as a whole.
  • Opens and activates the Heart Chakra, reawakens trust, and dissolves negative energies.
  • Magnifies love and supports your intentions to give and receive true love and deep affection.

March Apothecary Herbs

Size: Each vial about 4”, holds about 100 ml

These herbs were chosen specially to align with and enhance the energies of our monthly themes and archetypes. They will come lovingly packaged in brown glass vials with cork stoppers adorned with the Sage Goddess Apothecary logo. For March, you will receive the following herbs:

  • Chicory root has been cultivated for both culinary and medicinal purposes for centuries. It’s a grounding herb that connects you with the stabilizing forces of the Earth, promoting a sense of balance, stability, and centeredness.
  • Dandelion leaf has been utilized in traditional medicine dating back to ancient China and Arabia. The leaves are known for their high nutrient content. It’s also  a symbol of resilience and adaptability, as it thrives in diverse environments and has the ability to flourish even in challenging conditions.
  • Gum Arabic comes from the acacia — a powerful and mystical tree that can heal emotional wounds, shield against lower energies, increase personal power, and provide emotional protection and support.

March Apothecary Oils

Size: About 1 ml each 

Like the herbs, these oils have been thoughtfully chosen with intention to support and elevate the month’s themes and evoke the energies of the month’s archetypes. Each comes lovingly poured into an amber-colored glass bottle with a roller ball applicator and black lid. For March, you will receive the following oils:

  • Blue lotus is known as the ancient Egyptian dream flower because it induces euphoria and a dreamlike state. It activates the Third Eye Chakra for enhanced vision and intuition. 
  • Sumatran resinoid benzoin is an extremely rare and expensive oil, so to make sure we could bring this to you in your class tools, we’ve diluted it with 50% jojoba oil. Benzoin is revered as ‘the holder’ of energies. It’s relaxing and opens the soul to prosperity, allowing your spirit guides to take hold and offer new pathways.
  • Cypress encourages balance, inner peace, trust, and wisdom. It’s grounding, healing, and protective, and connects the human spirit to the wisdom of the universe. It can assist in the passing of a soul and can soothe grief and sadness.

March Apothecary Offerings 

Size: Bag about 4×4”

Each monthly Apothecary tool kit includes an offering to add to your offering bowl during our sessions. It comes lovingly packaged in a burlap drawstring bag adorned with the Sage Goddess Apothecary logo. For March, you will receive:

  • One whole peanut in the shell to represent grounding energy, nourishment, stability, and abundance.
  • One dried blue lotus flower — properties described above.
  • A piece of orris root in a 60 ml brown glass vial with SG branded cork lid. Orris root enhances communication with the spirit world in regards to love — connecting you to the spirit guides that support relationships.

Apothecary Jars

Size: About 3.5”, holds about 125 ml 

You will receive two (2) teal glass apothecary jars. Work with them to blend some of your herbs and oils into a magical incense. 

Note: Due to supply chain issues, you received two brown jars last month. As promised, these are the two teal jars to complete your collection!

Herbal Oracle Cards

Size: About 4×6” each 

Each month, you’ll receive three cards featuring stunning artwork by my talented team of designers, enabling you to gradually assemble a complete herbal oracle card deck by the year’s end. Every card showcases both the metaphysical connections and properties of the herb, alongside an oracle message tailored to each herb’s essence. In March, you will receive cards for chicory root, dandelion leaf, and gum Arabic.

This listing is for a monthly subscription to the Sage Goddess Apothecary Tools. Each kit will arrive lovingly packaged along with a single leaf of white sage.

With love,

Product Notes

***Please note when ordering, this item runs heavy, and shipping costs will be reflected accordingly***

Warning: Herbs and oils are for external use only. Keep out of reach of children. If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use immediately. Consult your doctor before use on children, during pregnancy, while nursing, or if using certain medications. May be flammable. The information provided is for educational use only. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. 

Always burn herbs and incense in a heat-proof burner, dish, or bowl. We recommend using charcoal disks.

Under California law (Proposition 65), we are required to inform you that because this item contains an agricultural product(s), it may also expose you to certain chemicals — natural or otherwise occurring, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to:

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