• Liquid Luck Perfume

      for the luck of the Irish

      <p>If you wish to celebrate the spirit of this day and experience the luck of the Irish for yourself, then this offering is for you. This perfume is a fortune blend, with notes of bergamot for success and prosperity, mistletoe to uplift and protect, and green myrtle for fortune and good luck.</p>
    • Winter Solstice Perfume

      for rest and reflection

      <p>This fragrance was handcrafted here at SG with notes of amber for inspiration, benzoin to open the soul, fir to broaden perspective, and orange for acceptance and trust.</p>
    • Winter Dreams Perfume in Clear Quartz Bottle

      for relaxation and rejuvenation

      <p>I crafted my new Winter Dreams Perfume with hibernation in mind. This alcohol-based blend promotes deep healing, relaxation, and meditation with a soothing blend of linden blossom, chamomile, birch, labdanum, and oud.</p>
    • Christmas Tree Perfume Trio

      for aromatic forest magic

      <p>If you love the smell of the forest and want to tap into its magic, this set is for you! This set includes Spruce Perfume for calm, Fir Perfume for clarity, and Pine Perfume for wellness.</p>
    • Festival of Lights Set

      to honor the magic of Hanukkah

      My Festival of Lights Set is BACK just in time to celebrate Hanukkah. Known as the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that dates back 2,500 years, when a Jewish family witnessed a miracle while resisting their oppressive Syrian-Greek rulers. While re-sanctifying the...
    • Mabon Perfume

      for balance and harvest gratitude

      Mabon, also known as the autumnal equinox, is a time to slow down, balance, and realign as we turn to greet the darkness. It’s when we honor nature’s cycles, giving thanks for the fall harvest and showing gratitude for all the help we had along...
    • Flame of Desire Perfume

      for passion and seduction

      If you missed out on my Beltane Flame of Desire Ritual Set, now’s your chance to get in on some of the magic! Draw in energies of attraction and seduction with my Flame of Desire Perfume. It was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters...
    • Nurture Perfume

      for revitalized energy and support

      If you’ve been needing a reminder to take care of yourself, then my Nurture Perfume is for you, and-crafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters. It is a beautiful feminine blend with floral and uplifting top notes to bring in love and revitalize your energy....
    • Christmas Peace Perfume

      for holiday grounding and calm

      My Christmas Peace Perfume is back, bringing magic and calm during the holidays! Anointing yourself this holiday season will help you stay grounded, peaceful, and calm during one of the most magical yet stressful times for so many. My Christmas Peace Perfume was handcrafted right...
    • Calavera Perfume

      to honor Día de los Muertos

      If you celebrate Día de los Muertos, My Calavera Perfume is the perfect offering for you. It honors the Calavera - a traditional or artistic representation of the human skull, like sugar skulls. It’s one of the most recognized symbols of Día de los Muertos...
    • Marigold Perfume

      for honoring Día de los Muertos

      I originally offered my Marigold Perfume as a part of my Ofrenda Perfumes - a set of handcrafted blends that honor and evoke the magic of Día de los Muertos - and now, you can get this magical blend on its own! Día de los...
    • Ama Perfume

      to celebrate the mothers all around you

      It’s Mother’s Day and we’re honoring Ama, the mother goddess – she’s the creator of humankind, the primal force, and the source of all life. My beautiful Ama Perfume represents the energy and synergy around this nurturing and maternal goddess. It features notes of geranium,...

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