• Athena’s Favorite Flash Tattoo Set

    for self-expression

    $ 8.00
    You all know how I love my flash tattoos - I wear them all the time, and Athena’s Favorite Flash Tattoo Set includes my top three sheets! My graphic designer created these custom SG Moon Phase and Rainbow and Metallic Mandala tattoos. If like me,...
  • Simple Ritual Beginner’s Gemstone Set

    $ 13.00
    Everything you need to create sacred space is included with this Simple Ritual Beginner's Gemstone Set! This set was intentionally designed for those just starting out. It features a selenite wand to open and close circles, an amethyst angel for Source connection, 4 gemstones to...
  • Ultra Healing Bloodstone Flower Bowl with Perfume and Gem Set

    $ 49.00$ 69.00
    Let the power of spring and this Ultra Healing Bloodstone Flower Bowl with Perfume and Gem Set help you experience the ultimate in wellness! With the emergence of this season, a wave of hope and possibility follows, and we're given the chance to start anew....
  • Natural Clear Quartz Point

    for expanding and amplifying your intentions

    $ 1.50
    Amplify and direct the energy of your altar, sacred space, and more with this Natural Clear Quartz Point from Brazil. Crystal points are great tools for directing energy. They harness the output of energy, and you can work with them to send that energy wherever...
  • Simple Ritual – Basic Smudge Set

    for clearing your space

    $ 36.00
    Clear out stagnant energy and raise the vibrations with this Simple Ritual - Basic Smudge Set. This set features an abalone shell, Himalayan salt crystal, white sage bundle, palo santo stick, selenite stick, tumbled garnet, “Protection” BeeBop, and a AAA-Grade clear quartz point for magnification....
  • Selenite Ritual Wand

    for moon magic ceremonies and raising the vibe

    $ 2.00$ 4.00
    If you incorporate gemstone tools in your spiritual practices and ceremonies, you’ll love this Selenite Ritual Wand! Selenite wands are perfect tools for opening and closing sacred circles, especially during moon rituals. Selenite is a Crown Chakra stone of peace, pure white light, moon magic,...
  • Hamsa Hand Complete Protection Set

    for total security

    $ 17.00$ 39.00
    Secure yourself and your sacred space with this Hamsa Hand Complete Protection Set. The Hamsa Hand, the image of an open hand, is a sacred and ancient symbol originating in the Middle East representing the hand of God. It’s found in many different cultures across...
  • Athena’s Crystal Healing Basics Video Class and Gem Set

    $ 25.00$ 60.00
    Interested in learning about crystal healing? Feel as though you aren’t quite sure what to do with your stones, or have a calling to amplify your current practice? If so, I invite you to purchase my first ever Crystal Healing Basics Class, with accompanying gem...

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