• Selenite Heart

      for purification, peace & clarity

      <p>Selenite is a Crown Chakra stone of peace, pure white light, moon magic, and Divine Feminine power. This gypsum gem is a sweet, radiant gemstone that purifies spaces and raises vibrations.</p>
    • Selenite Harmonizer Holder

      to cleanse your tools

      <p>This Selenite Harmonizer Holder is a serene, safe space for crystal carvings. This holder is custom-made for Sage Goddess and has openings for two harmonizers, keeping them separate so they don’t touch.</p>
    • Mini Selenite Bowl

      for purity & peace

      <p>Selenite is a Crown Chakra stone of peace, pure white light, moon magic, and Divine Feminine power. When carved into a bowl, selenite becomes the perfect tool for burning your favorite incense, holding your tumbled crystals, and purifying your gemstone jewelry.</p>
    • Desert Rose Selenite

      for clarity & purification

      <p>This gem helps you eliminate old thought patterns and processes, clearing the way for greater guidance from your highest self. These beautiful stones are like little filters, helping to rid the mind of limitations so that you can perceive and hear all the divine guidance awaiting you.</p>
    • Selenite Slice

      for purity, positivity & full moon magic

      <p>This gorgeous gemstone slice infuses your space with peace and joy and is perfect for your full moon rituals.</p>
    • Mini Selenite Sphere

      for peace and purification

      <p>Selenite is a peaceful Crown Chakra stone that radiates pure white light and Divine Feminine energies of power and beauty. Work with this gem to connect with higher realms and fill your space with peaceful, purifying energy.</p>
    • Living Magic Selenite Obelisk

      to raise the vibe

      Celebrate the magic you bring to your everyday life with this beautiful Living Magic Selenite Obelisk. It was custom-made just for Sage Goddess to honor the hard work and spiritual growth my Living Magic students have dedicated themselves to over the past year. It’s also...
    • White Light Selenite Charging Plate

      for clarity & peace

      Bring pure, radiant, and positive vibrations to your space with this White Light Selenite Charging Plate! This plate was originally part of our Earth Day Gemstone Grid, and I am so excited to offer it to you as a stand-alone piece. Selenite is a Crown...
    • Golden Lunar Magic Selenite Charging Plate

      for purification

      Harness the healing and intuitive energy of the Moon as you cleanse your favorite gemstones, tools, and jewelry with this Golden Lunar Magic Selenite Charging Plate. This selenite plate showcases stunning imagery of the Moon adorned with a floral motif and a cluster of crystals...
    • Crescent Moon Selenite Athame

      for clearing energetic debris

      If you’re feeling bogged down by unwanted energy, it’s time to cut to the chase and gain some clarity with this Crescent Moon Selenite Athame. Athames are ceremonial blades used to call in and direct energy, and this gorgeous piece features an extra-special crescent moon-shaped...
    • White Light Protection Selenite Hamsa Hand

      Surround your life and practices with frequencies of tranquility, peace, and positivity with this White Light Protection Selenite Hamsa Hand. Selenite is a soft gypsum gem that forms as water evaporates in clay beds and hot springs. This stone clears energy and radiates peace, pure...
    • Luna’s Light Triple Selenite Pendant

      for moon magic

      Call upon the peaceful and nurturing energy of the Moon no matter where your day takes you with this brand-new Luna’s Light Triple Selenite Pendant. This beautiful pendant features three pieces of natural selenite, each set in a gold-colored metal alloy and suspended by individual...

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