Physical Wellness and Energy Healing

Balance your body’s natural chemistry to kickstart your metabolism, release stored trauma and embrace ultimate self-love!

Are you ready to finally reach your ideal weight and never worry about counting calories or fat grams again? Have you always thought there was a connection between weight loss and energy flow in your body? The time has come to change your relationship to food and exercise! When you experience trauma, your chakras store it as energy that converts to fat; stored fat with energetic roots is almost impossible to lose until you shift and move the original energetic blocks. By making minor modifications to your diet, increasing exercise in easy and fun ways, and removing primary energetic blocks in your lower chakras, excess weight falls off. As with all things in the universe, if you’re working too hard you’re not doing something right. When you’re aligned, focused, and clear all things are effortless, including weight loss.

Who is this class for?

Anyone who has struggled with excess energetic and physical weight!

We are writing a new chapter in the book about how we treat our bodies – how we love them, how we feed them, how we maintain their well being. I’m not here to tell you another story; I’m here to tell you the truth about your body and weight loss, and exactly what to do without investing much money or time so that you can reach your ideal weight. Not the weight society says you should weigh – the weight at which your body is comfortable and healthy, able to move freely without restriction. The weight you can actually maintain. Your body is a unique magnificent creation designed specifically for the life and soul path you are living and following. Your body, your rules. My goal is to honor your body sovereignty while guiding you with some general and universal principles that are time-tested and proven to work. Get ready to walk away inspired, encouraged, and excited to change your life!

In this 3-part series, you will dramatically improve your health and get the body you want!

To its core, weight loss is a spiritual issue. You didn’t gain your weight because life was easy, you were happy, and you felt aligned with your soul path and destiny. Well, maybe you did but if so you are not like the rest of us who gained weight slowly, over years because we didn’t make the connection between food and energy. As empaths when we hold all the stuff our clients give us – like it’s our own – their energy gets stored as hard fat in our bodies. And by the way, if we can store energy as fat, you better believe we can store energy as disease. During this class, I will help you let that shit go!

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Physical Wellness and Energy Healing: Part 1

In this class, you will learn my Ten Truths for permanent weight loss including what foods to eat and when, my favorite supplements and vitamins for weight loss and maintenance, and sample daily meal recommendations. You’ll also learn about chakras and how they relate to health and weight gain/loss, how to change your relationship to food, and how to clear and balance your chakras to promote proper energetic flow. Lastly, you’ll learn about the role crystals play, especially quartz and apatite, in weight loss and weight management. This session is $20, and there are no prerequisites to register. 

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Physical Wellness and Energy Healing: Part 2

My second installment of Physical Wellness and Energy Healing will include a deeper dive into the chakras, or energy centers, as well as specific meditations, to help you unblock and clear trauma in order to facilitate easier weight loss. Leave the session feeling lighter and cleaner with your body more prepared to receive healthy and clean food in order to detoxify and release stored pain. This session is $20, and there are no prerequisites to register. 

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Physical Wellness and Energy Healing: Part 3 (Healing your root and sacral chakras)

In this class, we take a deeper dive into healing trauma from your Root and Sacral Chakras for sex, safety, and freedom. The Root Chakra resonates with groundedness, stability, and security. This is the chakra to focus on in meditation if you are feeling afraid or unsafe. And if you are too stuck in your ways, unwilling to accept change or transition, your Root Chakra may be overactive. The Sacral Chakra resonates with sensuality, creativity, emotions, and your relationship to pleasure. In the physical body, this chakra governs the reproductive organs, the kidneys, and the womb. Get ready to leave this session feeling lighter with your body more open to receiving love and affection. This session is $20, and there are no prerequisites to register. 

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