What are Chakras?

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The genesis of the modern chakra system can be traced back to the Vedas: The most ancient and sacred Hindu scriptures. The Sanskrit word chakra translates to ‘wheel,’ and these spinning ‘discs’ are where energy gathers within and adjacent to the physical body. It is through the chakra system that cosmic energy may travel through us; it is from this system that our Life Force arises.

Maintaining flow and alignment amongst your main chakras is critical to cultivating a sense of overall health and vitality. For years, I have studied the chakra system and the ways in which chakra imbalances affect the mind, body, and spirit. What I have learned is that feelings of challenge or illness, whether physical, spiritual, or emotional, can always be traced to particular chakras that are blocked or in need of healing. I believe that by addressing any blockages you have within your chakras, you make way for the free flow of Prana: The energy from which life itself arises. This free flow of Life Force energy will empower you to feel healthier, happier, and more balanced and aligned. From here, the connection you share with all of life will deepen, and your energy will resonate with the very energy of the Universe.

According to the tantric texts, there are over 100 total chakras in the body – however, there are seven main chakras that yogis and energy workers tend to focus on in study. In addition to the seven main chakras, there are two additional ‘anchor’ chakras that connect us with Earth and Spirit, creating a total of nine chakras, all of which you can read more about below. Each chakra has a unique color correspondence, a precise location in the physical body, and a group of emotions, behaviors, and physical experiences that it governs.