The Soul Star Chakra

Tools for healing and balancing:
Gems & Minerals: Scolecite, optical calcite, rainbow moonstone
Herbs: Anise, basil, davana
Essential Oils: White lotus and gardenia

Color Correlation Mauve

The Soul Star Chakra or Seat of the Soul sits about six to twelve inches above the Crown. Its color correspondence is mauve. This chakra is a portal to the higher realms through which very high-frequency light can enter your etheric field. It is believed that this chakra is the gateway through which the soul enters at birth to bind with the physical body, and then departs through at death when it returns to the collective matrix for reseeding. Activation and clearing of the Soul Star Chakra throws a cosmic doorway wide open through which we can connect with enlightened beings who exist beyond our physical reality. This is a place of deep comfort and connection. To activate your Soul Star Chakra, close your eyes and visualize white light pouring down from Source, straight into your Soul Star Chakra, as it opens and activates.

Then visualize this light flowing over and down into your Crown and Third Eye Chakras, opening the potent energetic channel from above. Breathe into this space for a few moments as you picture your personal beam of light growing stronger and clearer, a symbol of strengthened connection. Call in spirit guides, light beings, or ascended masters you seek. Ask what messages they carry for you and remain open to receiving them.

The Soul Star Chakra: Connecting to the Divine

The chakra system is a complex network of energy centers within our bodies that play a vital role in our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. While most people are familiar with the seven main chakras, there is another chakra that exists beyond these known as the Soul Star Chakra. Located above the crown chakra, it is often referred to as the gateway to the divine.

Understanding the Soul Star Chakra

The Soul Star Chakra, also known as the eighth chakra or the Transpersonal Chakra, is associated with our connection to the higher realms and the divine energy that flows through us. It is believed to be the seat of our soul and the source of our spiritual wisdom and guidance. This chakra acts as a bridge between our physical existence and the spiritual realm, allowing us to tap into higher consciousness and universal knowledge.

Activating and Balancing the Soul Star Chakra

Just like any other chakra, the Soul Star Chakra can become imbalanced or blocked, leading to various physical and emotional issues. However, since it is not as widely recognized as the other chakras, many people may not be aware of its existence or how to activate and balance it.

One effective way to activate and balance the Soul Star Chakra is through meditation. By quieting the mind and focusing on the energy center above the crown, we can begin to open up and align this chakra. Visualizing a brilliant white or golden light pouring into the crown and filling the entire body can help to cleanse and activate the Soul Star Chakra.

Another powerful technique is to work with crystals that resonate with the energy of the Soul Star Chakra. Clear quartz, selenite, and amethyst are some of the crystals that can be used to stimulate and balance this chakra. Placing these crystals on the crown or using them during meditation can enhance the connection to the divine and promote spiritual growth.

Benefits of a Balanced Soul Star Chakra

When the Soul Star Chakra is balanced and activated, it can bring about profound spiritual transformation and growth. Some of the benefits of a balanced Soul Star Chakra include:

1. Enhanced Intuition: A balanced Soul Star Chakra allows us to tap into our intuition and receive guidance from higher realms. It helps us trust our inner wisdom and make decisions aligned with our soul’s purpose.

2. Expanded Consciousness: Opening the Soul Star Chakra expands our consciousness beyond the limitations of the physical world. We gain a broader perspective and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.

3. Connection to Higher Realms: The Soul Star Chakra acts as a direct link to the divine and higher realms. It enables us to connect with spiritual guides, angels, and ascended masters, receiving their guidance and support.

4. Spiritual Awakening: A balanced Soul Star Chakra can trigger a spiritual awakening, leading to a deeper sense of purpose, meaning, and connection in life. It opens the door to profound spiritual experiences and a greater sense of oneness with the universe.


The Soul Star Chakra is a powerful energy center that holds the key to our spiritual growth and connection to the divine. By understanding and working with this chakra, we can tap into higher consciousness, receive guidance from higher realms, and experience profound spiritual transformation. Activating and balancing the Soul Star Chakra can bring about a deeper sense of purpose, expanded awareness, and a greater connection to the divine energy that flows through us all.