• Intuitively Chosen June Tumbled Stone

    for crystal magic

    Which stone of the month will find its way to you? Discover which gemstone is meant for you with this Intuitively Chosen June Tumbled Stone. Each month, we pick a handful of crystals that align with the energy of the season — and now, you...
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  • Ocean Jasper Sphere and Perfume Happiness Duo

    If you’ve been feeling stressed or weighed down, then this Ocean Jasper Sphere and Gaudium Perfume Happiness Duo is the perfect offering to infuse your life with joy and give you a real boost of positivity! Ocean jasper is a favorite among many of my...
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  • Gold and Silver Awakening Buddha

    for self-discovery

    This Gold and Silver Awakening Buddha is the perfect symbol to remind you that becoming your most authentic and highest self is always possible. I’ve brought this gorgeous statue BACK to help you on your journey of self-discovery. Made from resin, it features a sitting...
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  • Krobo Sea Glass Bead Necklace

    for sacred adornment

    I’m SO excited to bring you this Krobo Sea Glass Bead Necklace from Ghana! These long-awaited beads are an offering I’ve always wanted to have in the shop. After searching high and low for years, I’ve finally found them! This offering comes in an organza...
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  • “Solstice” Mini BeeBop

    to celebrate the Sun

    Whether you’re celebrating the longest day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere or the shortest day of winter in the Southern Hemisphere, this “Solstice” Mini BeeBop is perfect to honor this time of year! This custom-made piece is part of our exclusive collection of engraved...
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  • Intuitively Chosen Aura Quartz Sphere

    This Intuitively Chosen Aura Quartz Sphere holds such joyful color magic, and sparkles with beauty! This sphere was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and comes in an array of hues – pink, yellow, red, purple, green, titanium, blue, and more. Please let my team intuitively...
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  • Athena Pick

    Colibri Infused Palo Santo Stick

    for lightness of being

    Clear away negativity so you can connect with the uplifting energy of the hummingbird with my Colibri Infused Palo Santo Stick. Colibri is Spanish for ‘hummingbird,’ and this offering combines the purifying magic of palo santo with the powerful medicine of this small yet mighty...
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  • Tumbled Kunzite

    for opening the heart to infinite love

    Does your heart need some tender loving care? This Tumbled Kunzite is for anyone who wants to heal their heart on the deepest levels and open to greater expressions of Divine Love. With beautiful hues of pink, violet, and green, this stone is medicine for...
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  • Wooden Crescent Moon Chakra Sphere Stand

    Harness lunar magic and awaken your chakras with this custom-made Wooden Crescent Moon Chakra Sphere Stand. This beautiful sphere stand is made from mango wood and features a symbol for each chakra and a divot for seven different spheres — making it a stunning altarpiece....
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  • Red Tiger’s Eye Mini Sphere

    for self-confidence

    Call forth the transformative power of this custom-made Red Tiger's Eye Mini Sphere to unleash your full potential! Red tiger’s eye is a stimulating Root Chakra stone that brings vitality, power, inner wisdom, and confidence. Spheres are special because they radiate energy in ALL directions,...
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  • Patchouli Bath Bomb

    for grounding and abundance

    It’s BACK! Ground your spirit and awaken your senses with my Patchouli Bath Bomb. It’s inspired by my Patchouli Cold Process Soap and handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with a nourishing blend of coconut oil, Epsom salt, and patchouli essential oil. Patchouli centers...
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  • Mega Abundance Crystal Quad

    for luck and prosperity

    Unlock the door to prosperity with this Mega Abundance Crystal Quad! This offering comes with some of my FAVORITE gems for manifesting abundance and success in every avenue of your life. Gemstone quads help you build gem sets and in particular, crystal grids, for specific...
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