• Gemstone Sale: Polychrome Jasper Pillars

    These Polychrome Jasper Pillars will infuse your sacred spaces with peace and stability. Polychrome jasper is a gentle stone, but powerful in its ability to calm, center, and ground you. This gem is sometimes called desert jasper because the hypnotic lines and mystical striations are...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Ruby Zoisite Charging Plate

    This Ruby Zoisite Charging Plate is perfect for your altar, desk, nightstand, or any place that could use more harmony and beauty. Ruby zoisite is the stone of life force. It’s about love and growth and the balance of both. Ruby and zoisite grow naturally...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Mahogany Obsidian Snuff Bottle

    This Mahogany Obsidian Snuff Bottle is an homage to the Old Ways and is the perfect tool to work with during rituals and ceremonies. This snuff bottle is carved from mahogany obsidian and features beautifully carved symbols on the front. Mahogany obsidian is a protective...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Girasol Quartz Flame

    This Girasol Quartz Flame is a variety of rose quartz, light and opalescent, but translucent and gorgeous. Girasol activates the Heart Chakra, expands the aura, and establishes communication with the Divine. It opens lines of communication in relationships, unlike any other stone. Girasol renews energies...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Megh Sambara Conch Shell

    In need of energetic protection? If so, this Megh Sambara Conch Shell is for you. Megh Sambara is portrayed with a buffalo head and is the Buddhist guardian god, known to bring protection against enemies. Conch shells are known to attract good luck. They symbolize...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Nellite Sphere

    Are you experiencing life changes and in search of a crystal companion? If so, this Nellite Sphere is for you. Nellite, also known as golden skies pietersite, is a stone that supports you through phases of major growth and transformation. It’s mined in Namibia and...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Mamuli Mother of Pearl Pendant

    Call forth the soothing, nurturing energy of the water element with this gorgeous Mamuli Mother of Pearl Pendant. Pearls resonate with yin and water energy and encourage feelings of love, beauty, gentleness, caring, comfort, and peacefulness. This listing is for one (1) Mamuli Mother of...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Lemurian Quartz Generator

    Recharge your soul with the Divine Feminine magic of the Lemurian civilization with this stunning Lemurian Quartz Generator. Lemurian quartz is encoded with the wisdom of the Lemurian civilization — a spiritually advanced matriarchal culture that held a deep connection to the cosmos, much more...
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  • Gemstone Sale: White Alabaster Ceremonial Mortar and Pestle

    Step into the timeless ritual of alchemy with this hand-carved White Alabaster Ceremonial Mortar and Pestle. Brimming with ancient wisdom, it’s the ultimate tool for transforming ingredients into sacred and magical creations. Alabaster promotes self-centering and motivates mental stimulation. It also helps deepen your meditation...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

    This Tourmalinated Quartz Ring is an unyielding talisman that repels negativity and empowers you to rise above any challenge. It’s a potent statement piece featuring a large tourmalinated quartz cabochon bezel set in .925 sterling silver with a gold filigree overlay. Tourmalinated quartz is quartz...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Red Hematoid Dream Amethyst Obelisk

    This Red Hematoid Dream Amethyst Obelisk does it all! It brings healing, restoration, and purification and enhances psychic abilities. Red hematoid quartz is a great tool for channeling and remote healing and viewing. It helps you feel safe, protected, and connected and restores your strength,...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Natural Vivianite Spear

    Unleash the potent healing power of this captivating Natural Vivianite Spear. Immerse yourself in its ethereal embrace as it channels the Earth's rejuvenating energy, revitalizing your mind, body, and spirit. Vivianite promotes generosity and optimism and is a great stone to work with if you...
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