• Bring Back the Magic Garnet in Biotite Generator

      for reigniting passion

      $25.41 - $33.11 with coupon code
      What better way to reignite a little fire in your love life than with this Bring Back the Magic Garnet in Biotite Generator. This gorgeous generator is carved from garnet in biotite, a powerhouse combo to spark romance and remove anything blocking you from expressing...
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    • Calming and Grounding Garnet Unisex Ring

      to handle challenges easily

      $69.30 with coupon code
      Handle challenges like a pro with this Calming and Grounding Garnet Unisex Ring. This powerful piece is custom to SG and features a trillion cut garnet set in .925 sterling silver with a hammered finish. It’s designed to look amazing on anyone, and the band...
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    • Red Heulandite

      for accessing ancient knowledge and wisdom

      $7.70 - $23.10 with coupon code
      You carry in your cells wisdom from all of those in your lineage. And this Red Heulandite will help you to access that ancient knowledge. Heulandite emits an intense, high vibration that charges meditation and ritual with the wisdom, vitality, and magic of the ancients....
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    • Natural Chrysoprase Crystal

      for heart healing, understanding, and peace

      $1.93 with coupon code
      <p>Chrysoprase is one of my go-to gemstones for Heart <a href="https://www.sagegoddess.com/what-is-a-chakra/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Chakra</a> work. When the Heart Chakra is balanced, you experience blissful feelings of joy, compassion, happiness, and love – not only for others but for yourself as well. You treat yourself and others with kindness, empathy, and understanding.</p>
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    • Natural Rainbow Hematite

      for grounding, healing, and alignment

      $2.31 - $3.08 with coupon code
      This Natural Rainbow Hematite is such a rare and beautiful treat! Rainbow hematite contains the full spectrum of the rainbow, aligning all seven chakras. It’s a stone of union between Spirit and the physical world and assists with deep healing and grounding. This piece is...
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    • Tumbled Stichtite

      for emotional shielding and creating strong boundaries

      $2.31 - $3.85 with coupon code
      Keep low vibrations out of your way with this Tumbled Stichtite. Each of these pieces is pure magic and will serve as an energetic buffer to any presence that’s not in support of your highest good. Stichtite is a Crown Chakra crystal that promotes the...
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    • Peaceful Presence Sodalite Buddhas for grace, calm, and restful sleep

      $23.10 with coupon code
      The path and way of enlightenment doesn’t have to be strenuous or tenuous, it can be a serene one. These Peaceful Presence Sodalite Buddhas remind you of the gift in the moment and are sure to inspire deep experiences of tranquility, grace, and calm. These...
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    • Chrysoprase Peace and Love Rings for understanding and heart-healing

      $61.60 - $77.00 with coupon code
      Does your heart ache when you think about the state of our planet? Do you feel called to heal and love at greater levels? If so, then these Chrysoprase Peace and Love Rings are the medicine your heart needs. These sacred adornments are absolutely stunning...
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    • Sorceress Perfume to unlock the powerful enchantress within

      $26.95 with coupon code
      Unlock your inner enchantress with my Sorceress Perfume, a BRAND NEW fragrance, inspired by the Greek enchantress, Circe. In Greek mythology, Circe is a sorceress, skilled in herbs and potions with the power to transform her enemies into animals. She represents possibility and magic and...
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    • Hither Perfume to attract and summon what you seek

      $26.95 with coupon code
      Hither Perfume created itself, then named itself. Some oils come through me but are not of me. I’m just the messenger, the craftsperson whose hands bring this sacred potion to you. Hither is more than a perfume, it's a ritual tool. This blend attracts, draws,...
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    • Dazzling Green Zebra Jasper Generators to arouse the wild within

      $46.20 with coupon code
      Get motivated and get shining with these Dazzling Green Zebra Jasper Generators! A herd of zebras is called a Dazzle - a great word to describe the energy of green zebra jasper! This stone awakens the wild within you, offers inspiration, and helps you push...
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    • Change of Heart Pink Opal Wands for a new perspective in love

      $26.18 - $56.98 with coupon code
      It’s OK to forgive and shift how you’ve perceived a certain person or situation. If you find yourself releasing any boundaries around a situation that hurt you in the past, these Change of Heart Pink Opal Wands will assist you in continuing this work. Pink...
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