• Angel Magic Chrysoberyl obelisks for infinite abundance from the Universe

      $57.67 with coupon code
      These Angel Magic Chrysoberyl Obelisks are super special and a rare treat. Chrysoberyl is the stone of infinite abundance from the Universe. When your will is aligned with your heart, true abundance becomes manifest, and these chrysoberyl obelisks are here to assist you in doing...
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    • Supreme Love Rose Quartz Power Stones for Heart Chakra magic

      $21.90 with coupon code
      It probably won’t surprise you, but these Supreme Love Rose Quartz Power Stones are one of the most desirable varieties of quartz in the entire world. Rose quartz is the stone for Universal love - love for self, for others, and for all of creation....
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    • Royal Garden Perfume to invoke the enchantment of Europe

      $24.09 with coupon code
      Have you ever invoked a special memory through scent alone? Scent is so mysterious and powerful as it is tied to the oldest and wisest parts of our brain and the limbic system, which is the seat of our deepest emotions. It has the ability...
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    • Love By Direction Perfume Set for invoking the magic of the four cardinal directions

      $25.55 - $73.00 with coupon code
      Call in powerful love vibrations and the sacred magic of each of the four cardinal directions with my all-new Love By Direction Perfume Set. For this offering, I’ve created four different perfumes: Love North, Love South, Love East, and Love West - each of which...
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