• Tumbled Black Tourmaline

    for Divine protection

    Keep yourself shielded and grounded in the most chaotic of situations with this Tumbled Black Tourmaline. Black tourmaline is the MOST protective stone you can work with – it protects people, places, and things. It’s a Root Chakra gem of divine and psychic protection that...
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  • Red Aventurine Strength and Recovery Palm Stone

    If you need to get through something challenging or are bouncing back from physical or spiritual difficulties, this Red Aventurine Strength and Recovery Palm Stone is your perfect ally. This beautiful stone was sourced from India and helps you to stay alert and determined. It’s...
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  • “Feel” Mini BeeBop

    for authenticity

    Connect with your authentic inner nature with this “Feel” Mini BeeBop. This custom-made piece is part of our exclusive collection of engraved glass palm stones that we at Sage Goddess have come to refer to as “beebops.” They’re little pops of color and energy –...
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  • Triple Moon Hematite Lunar Protection Necklace

    Feel grounded while you harness La Luna’s vibrations with this Triple Moon Hematite Lunar Protection Necklace. This beautiful necklace was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in India and features a sterling silver triple moon pendant with some gold overlay and a hematite in the center....
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  • Healing Nuummite Massage Wand

    for bodywork magic

    Let one of the world’s oldest stones help you heal and keep you safeguarded with this Healing Nuummite Massage Wand. This incredible bodywork tool was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and the stone is sourced from Greenland. Nuummite is a gem of healing, protection, and...
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  • Snake Priestess Amulet

    for healing and transformation

    This powerful Snake Priestess Amulet is back to help you shed what no longer serves. Custom-made for Sage Goddess, this choker is set in .925 sterling silver. It features an obsidian pencil point pendant in the center and is stamped with the custom SG heart....
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  • Healing Eudialyte Pocket Stone

    for ultimate wellness

    This Healing Eudialyte Pocket Stone, my friends, is the ultimate tool for MEGA healing on all levels. And it only comes from one very remote place in Russia. Eudialyte is a stone I have used for years in my own healing work. I began working...
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  • Peaceful Polychrome Jasper Generator

    for serenity

    Do you feel challenged containing your energy? Could you use some support in coming back to center? If so, this Peaceful Polychrome Jasper Generator is the perfect offering for you. The stone for this piece was sourced from Indonesia. Polychrome jasper was initially known only...
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  • Athena’s Shield Hematite Charging Plate

    for protection

    In search of a talisman of grounding, protection, and stability? Athena’s Shield Hematite Charging Plate is back! This incredible piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in India, with artwork created by my very own team of designers. It features the image of Medusa engraved...
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  • 7 Chakra Healing Orgone Vogel

    for Root to Crown harmony

    Channel rejuvenation, harmony, and balance from Root to Crown with this 7 Chakra Healing Orgone Vogel. This stunning piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stones were sourced from India. It was created with healing orgonite with copper, brass, and seven crystal spheres:...
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  • Taurus BeeBop and Stone Duo

    for luxury and security

    Harness the indulgent and luxurious energies of Taurus season with this Taurus BeeBop and Stone Duo. Taurus is the earth goddess who creates stability, comfort, and beauty. This sign is grounded, practical, and resourceful and knows how to enjoy the sensual pleasures of life! Some...
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  • 396 Hz Root Chakra Tuning Fork

    for grounding

    Do you like to use sound in your sacred circles or rituals? Keep balanced and connected to Earth with this gorgeous 396 Hz Root Chakra Tuning Fork. This offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and is tuned to the 396 Hz frequency, one of...
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  • Green Kyanite Healing Heart

    for peace and wellness

    Gain peace, healing, and access to worlds beyond with this Green Kyanite Healing Heart. This beautiful stone was sourced from Pakistan. Green kyanite is a healing stone that brings inner peace and draws you inward to connect with your deepest truth. It opens portals to...
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  • Shungite Alchemy Sphere

    for energetic filtering

    If you need to purify, cleanse or clear anything, this Shungite Alchemy Sphere is for you! It’s custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the shungite was sourced from Russia. Shungite is the most powerful energetic filter. You know how potent it is if you’ve ever...
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  • Healing Energy Flow Copper Sphere

    for revitalization

    Restore vitality of body, mind, and spirit with this Healing Energy Flow Copper Sphere! Copper conducts and channels the flow of positive energy throughout a space, especially the body. Working with it helps to bring things into balance. Copper can restore energy flow and circulation...
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  • Creative Fire Beeswax Intention Candle

    for inspiration

    Ignite inspiration and light up your imagination with my new Creative Fire Beeswax Intention Candle, hand-crafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters. It’s the perfect offering as we celebrate Beltane and move into the spring and summer season here in the Northern Hemisphere! May 1...
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