• Purple Chalcedony Sphere

      for soothing Divine Feminine vibrations

      <p>Purple chalcedony crystal is one of the most soothing stones you can work with. It holds potent Divine Feminine and a maternal energy. This gem wraps you in a blanket of gentle grounding and protection.</p>
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    • Actinolite Pendulum

      for psychic protection

      <p>Enchanting and rare, actinolite is a deeply grounding and healing stone that prevents psychic attacks and safeguards you from negative thoughts — both from others and yourself. Carved into a pendulum, this crystal makes for a potent divination tool.</p>
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    • Tumbled Zambian Amethyst

      for peace & higher realm connection

      <p>Amethyst is all about connecting with Source, and this offering is no exception! Keep this stunning piece near for a clearer understanding of your life experience and to integrate higher wisdom.</p>
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    • Plume Sagenite Agate Heart

      for wisdom & protection

      <p>Plume sagenite agate is an incredibly rare quartz-bearing stone containing both sagenite agate and plume agate. Work with this offering to embrace enlightening, safeguarding magic with an open heart.</p>
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    • Crazy Lace Agate & Garnet Jewelry Duo

      for safe travels

      <p>This jewelry set includes two matching pieces custom-made for SG with .925 sterling silver — a ring and a pendant. Both the ring and pendant showcase crazy lace agate and are accented by round-faceted pyrope garnet.</p>
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    • Maligano Jasper Generator

      for stability & navigating change

      <p>In times of change and transition, this generator is your source of stability, wisdom, and support. Maligano jasper holds the magic of transformation and rebirth. Shaped as a generator, it becomes a potent talisman of unwavering stability.</p>
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    • Grandfather Trees Wisdom Infused Palo Santo

      for insight

      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Bring the cleansing scent of ancient forests into your space with our Grandfather Trees Wisdom Infused Palo Santo. This offering is part of our signature infused palo santo collection. We infused it with woodsy essential oils to powerfully clear your space.</span></p>
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    • “Spiritual Badass” Mini BeeBop

      to claim your power

      <p>This is one of our most requested beebops, and for good reason — it reminds us of our inner strength and wisdom. Work with this piece whenever you need a reminder of the wise, magical, feisty being you are.</p>
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    • Vetiver Initiation Solid Perfume

      to balance mind, body, & soul

      <p>We infused this perfume balm with one of our favorite grounding oils: Vetiver. Vetiver is an herb of tranquility with a centuries-long history in India and Asia. It increases relaxation and emotional calm while encouraging stable grounding.</p>
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    • Master Healer Gemstone Duo

      to promote wellness

      <p>This duo comes with auralite 23 and Tibetan quartz — two master healers that cleanse your spirit and promote both physical and spiritual wellness.</p>
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    • Large Yerba Santa and White Sage Smudge Bundles

      for protection

      Enjoy the spectacular benefits of two of Earth’s extra special herbs with these Large Yerba Santa and White Sage Smudge Bundles! Yerba santa means “blessed herb” and is protective, healing, and spiritually strengthening. The smoke of white sage, in particular, is said to draw positive...
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    • Mermaid Guidance Tray Set

      for diving into the unknown

      <p>This enchanting set includes a gorgeous glass tray, smudge bundle, and iolite bracelet to channel the guidance and support of the mermaid. Work with it to dive into the depths of your soul, find your flow, and discover the courage to forge forward and see what lies ahead.</p>
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    • White Sage Mini Smudge Bundles

      for energetic clearing

      These White Sage Mini Smudge Bundles are the perfect tools to work with as you clean and clear your home. White sage is a sacred herb that’s been used for centuries by elders to clear and consecrate space. The smoke of ceremonial white sage, in...
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    • Athena’s Aquamarine and Morganite Love Priestess Ring

      Get ready to open your heart and attract major love with Athena’s Aquamarine and Morganite Love Priestess Ring. This ring was custom-made for Sage Goddess and features aquamarine and morganite gemstones from India, set in .925 sterling silver. Aquamarine is revered as the crystal of...
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    • Kambaba Jasper Sphere Stand

      to support your spheres & spiritual practices

      <p>Place your favorite spheres on this stand to infuse them with grounding energy, ancient wisdom, and strength. Kambaba jasper is a form of ancient fossilized algae that activates the Root Chakra for protection, healing, and balance.</p>
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    • SG Signature Perfume

      for invoking the Divine Feminine

      <p>I’ve been wearing it ever since I first crafted it in deep secrecy at the spring equinox years ago. This perfume is a rich, ethereal blend of tuberose, vetiver, and peony. We also infused each bottle with a Pakimer diamond for attunement, healing, and amplification.</p>
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