• Purple Agate: Medium Tumbled

    for deep peace and Source connection

    $ 1.00
    This Tumbled Purple Agate is as magical as it is precious. Purple agate is a crystal of the Violet Ray and is a beautiful tool to work with to access Source energy for protection and deeper levels of peace. It comes in rich colors that...
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  • Tumbled K2 Stone

    for psychic vision and deep healing

    $ 3.00
    This Tumbled K2 Stone is a relatively new introduction to the metaphysical community, but energy workers all around the world are running to work with it. K2 stone is a powerhouse combination of granite, azurite, and malachite that comes exclusively from Pakistan’s K2 mountain -...
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  • Natural Demantoid Garnet

    for recommitting to love

    $ 3.00
    Recommit to love with this Natural Demantoid Garnet from Pakistan. Demantoid garnet works with all kinds of love but is primarily a gem of partnership. I recommend it for couples - so if you want to dive deeper in your relationship, this offering is for...
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  • Leopardskin Jasper: Small Tumbled

    for integrating wisdom

    $ 1.00
    If you’re looking for an ally to help integrate the downloads you’re receiving, this Tumbled Leopardskin Jasper is your new favorite guide! Leopardskin jasper is a journey work stone that enhances deep spiritual meditation while keeping you safely grounded. It’s also a powerful channeling crystal...
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  • Black Cat’s Eye Star BeeBop

    for grounding and protection

    $ 5.00
    Don’t let the size of this Black Cat’s Eye Star BeeBop fool you – this small yet powerful totem is full of protective and grounding magic. This custom-made piece is part of our exclusive collection of palm stones that we at Sage Goddess have come...
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  • Fearlessness Crystal Quad

    for strength and courage

    $ 4.00
    This Fearlessness Crystal Quad is the latest in our new series of custom-Sage Goddess crystal quads! This set comes with petalite, chiastolite, sodalite, and bronzite - four powerhouse stones to help you walk through life with a sense of assuredness while keeping you centered and...
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  • Natural Orange Andradite Garnet

    for grounded creativity

    $ 2.00
    This Natural Orange Andradite Garnet from Pakistan roots creative visions into Earth, giving them the support and stability they need to come to life. In general, garnet is a stone of protection, stability, and gentle grounding. It activates the Root Chakra, pulling your spirit back...
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  • Speak Your Truth Amazonite Generator

    for clear speech

    $ 29.00
    Struggling to get the right words out? This Speak Your Truth Amazonite Generator from Madagascar is here to help! Amazonite radiates such sweet, freeing energy. It heals unhealthy communication patterns, soothes emotional trauma, and opens up the Throat Chakra, helping you have difficult conversations with...
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  • Rose Quartz Angel of Love

    for divine compassion

    $ 44.00
    Open yourself up to divine love with this ethereal Rose Quartz Angel of Love, custom-made just for Sage Goddess in China. Rose quartz is the Mother of all love stones and one of my favorites for heart healing, Heart Chakra opening, and manifesting all kinds...
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  • Green Aventurine and Honey Jade Prosperity Bracelet

    $ 34.00
    This Green Aventurine and Honey Jade Prosperity Bracelet was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and holds the magic of two sacred stones. Green aventurine and honey jade are some of the most powerful crystals for attracting abundance. Green aventurine is the stone of growth –...
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  • Signature White Sage and Palo Santo Intention Candle

    $ 29.00
    My Signature White Sage and Palo Santo Intention Candle is BACK by popular demand. This soy blend candle was lovingly hand-poured right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters, anointed with a palo santo and white sage oil blend, infused with clear quartz points for amplification, and...
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  • Mini Dragonstone Power Sphere

    for courage

    $ 9.00
    Be empowered with this Mini Dragonstone Power Sphere from China. Dragonstone is a potent problem-solving tool that enhances fortitude and bravery. It’s a stone of personal power and perception, helping you to see what’s before you objectively with the courage to move accordingly. The sphere...
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  • Rutilated Smoky Quartz Transformation Cluster

    $ 9.00$ 99.00
    Need a change? This Rutilated Smoky Quartz Transformation Cluster from Brazil will give you the courage to move forward while protecting you from any low vibrations holding you back. Smoky quartz is a stone of grounding, purification, and protection that absorbs and transmutes the energies...
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  • Compassion Stone Heart

    for kindness and healing

    $ 29.00$ 49.00
    This Compassion Stone Heart was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in China, and it’s a powerful healing tool to incorporate into your spiritual practice. When I first discovered this stone, I ordered two pieces for my Quan Yin altar, but this incredible crystal is difficult...
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  • Clear Quartz White Light Pocket Angel

    for divine protection

    $ 5.55
    This Clear Quartz White Light Pocket Angel radiates at such a high frequency. When you hold it, you’ll know your angels are near, guiding you and shielding you with their wings. This special offering was custom-made for Sage Goddess in India. Any gemstone carved into...
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  • Ground and Attune Hemium Quartz Vogel

    $ 29.00$ 39.00
    This Ground and Attune Hemium Quartz Vogel was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in India, and it’s a powerful tool for connecting with both Earth and the higher realms. As its name suggests, hemium quartz is a rare combination of hematoid quartz and lithium quartz....
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