• Green Fluorite Follow Your Heart Sphere

    for purpose

    $ 24.00$ 39.00
    If you need help finding your purpose, this Green Fluorite Follow Your Heart Sphere from China is your crystal ally! Green fluorite leads you to your intended path, bringing optimism for the future, and showing you how to move forward. It’s the perfect gem to...
  • Lift Your Spirit Angel Aura Ocean Jasper Sphere

    $ 39.00$ 79.00
    Feel elevated by the celestial realm with this Lift Your Spirit Angel Aura Ocean Jasper Sphere from China! Angel aura ocean jasper is a stone that brings the happy. This gem is created when platinum, silver, and gold are bonded to ocean jasper. With the...
  • Fuchsite Love and Life Force Sphere

    for heart healing

    $ 39.00$ 59.00
    Call upon true love and powerful healing energy with this Fuchsite Love and Life Force Sphere from India. Fuchsite is a stone of life force that heals the heart physically and emotionally, readying you for new love. It encourages peace and understanding and is also...
  • Covellite Third Eye Opening Sphere

    for unlocking your psychic gifts

    $ 69.00$ 149.00
    Take your intuition up a notch with this Covellite Third Eye Opening Sphere from Peru. Covellite is an incredibly powerful Third Eye Chakra stone that helps to unlock your psychic gifts. It promotes the ability to manifest psychic visions and dreams and strengthens faith and...
  • Tucson Exclusive: Aura Sphalerite Sphere

    to balance high vibrations

    $ 39.00$ 49.00
    Add a little sparkle to your grounding practice with this gorgeous Aura Sphalerite Sphere. Aura sphalerite is created when sphalerite is bonded with metals, creating an iridescent reflection of brilliant rainbows. Aura stimulates both body and spirit through its powerful vibrations. Sphalerite is one of...
  • Dreamcatcher Sodalite Faceted Sphere

    for good rest and sweet dreams

    $ 36.00$ 46.00
    Allow this gorgeous Dreamcatcher Sodalite Faceted Sphere to capture and hold any uncomfortable and troubling dreams. Sodalite is the Dreamcatcher Stone that assists in releasing fears of the unknown. It helps you get a good night’s rest, banishing nightmares and allowing only sweet dreams. It’s...
  • Milky Quartz Amplification Sphere

    for magnifying intentions

    $ 33.00
    Get ready for the volume of your intentions to turn all the way up with this Milky Quartz Amplification Sphere! Milky quartz has three major properties: Amplification, programmability, and magnification. In the shape of a sphere, not only does this gorgeous piece resemble a snowball,...
  • Ancient Wisdom Sanskrit Jasper Sphere

    for hidden messages

    $ 34.00
    Hear the whispers and wise words of the past with this stunning Ancient Wisdom Sanskrit Jasper Sphere! If you’ve never seen this gem before, the beauty of Sanskrit jasper is in the lines. When carefully observed, these lines resemble actual Sanskrit, and within the lines...
  • Release and Recover Red Aventurine Sphere

    for perseverance

    $ 12.00
    There's nothing you can't overcome with this Release and Recover Red Aventurine Sphere. Red aventurine is your “can-do” stone and clears trauma and releases stored toxins. It’s also regenerating, strengthening, and supports recovery after illness. If you need to get through something tough - staying...
  • Blue Apatite Spirit Guide Spheres for spiritual attunement and direction

    $ 19.00$ 59.00
    If you’re desiring to connect with and hear from your spiritual team with greater ease and clarity, these Blue Apatite Spirit Guide Spheres are for you. Blue apatite is often called the Guidance Stone because it powerfully draws in the presence of your spirit guides...

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