• Dragonstone Dodecahedron

    for personal power and universal connection

    Open and activate some deep wisdom and magic with this Dragonstone Dodecahedron from India, custom made for SG. Dragonstone is a potent problem-solving and manifestation tool that enhances fortitude and vitality. It’s a stone of personal power and perception, helping you to see what’s before...
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  • Tumbled Eclipse Stone for possibilities and doing things differently

    Are you starting a new job or project? Looking to manifest something in your life that you haven’t before? If so, this Tumbled Eclipse Stone is for you. Eclipses are known for signaling the completion of a cycle and symbolize endings and beginnings. When they...
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  • Crystal Sprinkles: Tumbled Blue Lace Agate Chip Stones

    for peace

    Add a little clarity and peace to your altar and crafting projects with these Crystal Sprinkles: Tumbled Blue Lace Agate Chip Stones. This offering is so much fun and is sure to add all things sparkly to your home decor. These blue lace agate chip...
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  • Tumbled Angel Aura Quartz

    For psychic awareness and divine inspiration

    If you want to enhance your intuition, this Tumbled Angel Aura Quartz is your offering. This luminous crystal is reminiscent of the enchanted forests, fairy realms, rainbows, unicorns, and worlds we know exist – but cannot see with our mortal eyes. Angel aura quartz opens...
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  • Tumbled Dumortierite

    for focus, patience, and vision

    Dumortierite opens the Third Eye for expanded vision and is also a powerful bringer of peace and patience. It serves as a potent source of comfort for anyone going through a difficult time. This stone of greater consciousness helps you see things from a broader...
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  • Surviving Mercury Retrograde Sphere

    for divine guidance

    Open yourself to the divine guidance you need to navigate Mercury Retrograde with ease and grace with this stunning Surviving Mercury Retrograde Sphere, custom-made just for Sage Goddess in India. This sphere is a stunning fusion of amethyst, howlite, and lepidolite. Amethyst is all about...
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  • Faceted Clear Quartz Channeling Stone

    for amplification

    Magnify and seal your intentions with this Faceted Clear Quartz Channeling Stone! This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from Brazil. The quality of this gem is incredible - this crystal is so amazingly clear. Clear quartz is the...
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  • Intuitively Chosen Custom Canvas

    for magic and beauty

    Add some color and beauty to your sacred space with this Intuitively Chosen Custom Canvas! We have SO many options to share with you, and each one was custom-made right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters by my talented team of designers. If you’ve been following...
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  • Peace, Love, and Patience Obelisk

    for serenity

    I can’t believe I get to share this super RARE offering with you! This Peace, Love, and Patience Obelisk, custom-made just for Sage Goddess, combines all of the loving and peaceful magic of pink amethyst with the harmonious and nurturing energies that flower agate holds....
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  • Titanium Aura Selenite Rainbow Wand

    for alignment

    Call in the magic of energetic clearing, alignment, and spiritual strength with this Titanium Aura Selenite Rainbow Wand! This piece features selenite bonded with titanium aura, for a beautiful display of rich colors and chakra magic. On its own, selenite is a Crown Chakra stone...
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  • Intuitively Chosen Pisces Dream Charm

    for imagination

    Dare to dream with this adorable Intuitively Chosen Pisces Dream Charm. This charm comes in various shapes and sizes and features soothing colors and a brass-colored tin backing. Pisces is the dreamer: Naturally mystical, with one foot in this world and one in another. This...
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  • 396 Hz Root Chakra Tuning Fork

    for grounding

    Do you like to use sound in your sacred circles or rituals? Keep balanced and connected to Earth with this gorgeous 396 Hz Root Chakra Tuning Fork. This offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and is tuned to the 396 Hz frequency, one of...
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  • Egyptian Perfume Bottle

    to infuse fragrance with mystery

    Infuse your oils and perfumes with mystery and royalty with this gorgeous Egyptian Perfume Bottle. If you are looking for a special place to beautifully house your Sage Goddess perfumes, this bottle is PERFECT. Imported from Egypt, this stunning glass perfume bottle is hand-painted and...
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  • Golden Beeswax Altar Intention Candle

    to manifest wishes

    This Golden Beeswax Altar Intention Candle is a special tool to amplify your magical work and help you manifest your desires. The golden buttercup color of this candle will bring warmth, glow, and purity to your space. It was hand-rolled right here at Sage Goddess...
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  • Guiding Third Eye Iolite Palm Stone

    for direction and self-discovery

    Go on a journey of self-discovery with this Guiding Third Eye Iolite Palm Stone! Iolite, also known as cordierite, helps you find your way through the voyage of life. The Vikings used it to help them “see” their voyages in their Third Eye Chakra before...
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  • Cosmic Communion Dianite Heart

    to develop psychic gifts

    If you loved the Cosmic Communion Dianite Sphere, you’ll love this Cosmic Communion Dianite Heart! You’re looking at a stone I’ve been hunting down for YEARS. I’ve searched, and at last we have found the elusive Dianite! I’m so excited for you to see it,...
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