• Natural Morganite with Black Tourmaline for strength and heart protection

      $23.10 - $53.90 with coupon code
      Protect your heart with this Natural Morganite with Black Tourmaline. This is the first time I’ve ever offered this combination together and let me tell you - they’re simply wonderful. Morganite is the queen of the love stones. This Heart Chakra stone helps you feel...
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    • Angel Magic Chrysoberyl obelisks for infinite abundance from the Universe

      $60.83 with coupon code
      These Angel Magic Chrysoberyl Obelisks are super special and a rare treat. Chrysoberyl is the stone of infinite abundance from the Universe. When your will is aligned with your heart, true abundance becomes manifest, and these chrysoberyl obelisks are here to assist you in doing...
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    • Protective Obsidian Coffins and Graveyard Dust for going beyond the Veil

      $11.55 - $19.25 with coupon code
      Recognize and embrace the wisdom of your mortality with these Protective Obsidian Coffins and Graveyard Dust! These gorgeous obsidian coffins come with our exclusive Graveyard Dust, handcrafted right here at SG headquarters with sacred intentions of protection, love of those who have passed, and guidance...
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    • Emperor Perfume for fiery courage and empowerment

      $23.10 with coupon code
      I’m so excited to bring you Emperor Perfume as a stand-alone offering. If you got The Emperor IV Ritual Set, you know how magical this blend is. It’s a masculine, protective, and grounding blend with notes of rosemary, vetiver, pine, geranium, palo santo, and oakmoss....
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    • Blue kyanite polished bead strands for alignment and Throat Chakra magic

      $9.24 with coupon code
      Get ready to up your jewelry-making game with these beautiful blue kyanite polished bead strands. Each of these strands features spear-shaped blue kyanite beads, perfect for your arts and crafting needs! Blue kyanite is the most powerful gem for balance and alignment. It connects you...
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    • Tumbled clear quartz for magnifying and sealing your intentions

      $0.96 with coupon code
      Clear quartz is the gem of magnification, intensification, and sealing of spells or intentions, and this tumbled clear quartz is ideal for holding sacred space. Clear quartz embodies white spiritual light and corresponds with the Soul Star Chakra. It provides powerful amplification for your intentions...
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    • Natural prehnite with epidote for self-care and healthy boundaries

      $15.40 - $25.41 with coupon code
      Are you a mystic, intuitive, psychic, healer, or someone in the medical field? If so, this natural prehnite with epidote is for you. And these stones are truly special - you can clearly see the structure and growth patterns within each one! If there’s one...
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    • Carrier Oil Class Toolkit for working with the magic of oils

      $3.85 - $15.40 with coupon code
      This Carrier Oil Class Toolkit is filled with tools from my SG Soul Shift Bonus Class offered in April! In this bonus class, we explored the world of carrier oils and how to work with them! In this set, you’ll have the option of receiving...
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    • February Mesa Class Refill for harnessing the magic of love

      $9.24 - $26.95 with coupon code
      I’m so excited to offer this February Mesa Class Refill! This is for anyone in SG Soul Shift looking to get another set of February supplies - or anyone who isn’t a member of SG Soul Shift but wants to get in on the February...
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    • Natural Black Lemurian Jade Chip Stones for inner journeying

      $2.31 with coupon code
      Black Lemurian Jade is a rare combo of jade, magnetite, pyrite, and quartz. It harnesses and magnifies the properties of these stones helping to uplift and ground you, support and nourish you. And with these small and convenient Natural Black Lemurian Jade Chip Stones, you...
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    • Natural Luxullianite Chip Stones

      for balance, stability, and self-acceptance

      $2.70 with coupon code
      <p>Luxullianite lowers stress and helps you move through change with ease. It brings understanding and clarity to accept and grasp the harder lessons of life, and move beyond fears to grow.</p>
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    • Supreme Love Rose Quartz Power Stones for Heart Chakra magic

      $23.10 with coupon code
      It probably won’t surprise you, but these Supreme Love Rose Quartz Power Stones are one of the most desirable varieties of quartz in the entire world. Rose quartz is the stone for Universal love - love for self, for others, and for all of creation....
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    • Eclipse Candle and Perfume Duo for inner exploration and expansion

      $23.10 - $30.80 with coupon code
      The magic of an eclipse is unlike any other kind of magic. Imagine – the Sun, Moon, and Earth all lining up in the sky, creating one powerful portal of cosmic wisdom. How incredible is that? This Eclipse Candle and Perfume Duo is here to...
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    • Full Deck of Rune Leather Cards for divination, truth, and accessing ancient wisdom

      $22.33 - $211.75 with coupon code
      Harness the magic of an ancient practice with this full deck of rune leather cards! Even from their earliest inception, runes were used exclusively as a magical and ritual language - an elite practice reserved for magical practitioners. Runes are derived from an ancient alphabet...
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    • Divine Contentment Canvases for inner peace and aligning with your Highest Self

      $19.25 with coupon code
      Dearest ones, these Divine Contentment canvases are sure to take your breath away. Each canvas features a surreal and gorgeous design that was created right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters, by my very own team of talented artists. So much love was put into this...
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    • Agatized Honeycomb Coral for Connection to Ancient Earth, Balance, and Ethereal Contact

      $10.01 with coupon code
      Coral is a potent healer, one that I’ve used for decades in my own healing work. It connects to our life force in powerful ways, drawing us into attunement with the natural world - and this coral, honeycomb coral, is an incredible form I have...
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