Malachite Spirit Animal Guardians for EMF and energetic protection

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You’re going to love these Malachite Spirit Animal Guardians. Did you know that in addition to being a potent stone of feminine healing, malachite is also a deeply protective and purifying stone? These spirit animals will be your tools of protection, offering you deep healing and clearing magic. Are you desiring greater wisdom? Maybe the owl is calling you. How about the courage to leap? Maybe the frog is for you. Or maybe another spirit animal is calling to you. Allow us to intuitively choose from cat, dolphin, cobra, rabbit, and more.

The deeper magic of these Malachite Spirit Animal Guardians

Malachite has been used for thousands of years, all the way back to biblical times, to stimulate life force and to absorb pollutants from the atmosphere, the aura, and the body. It’s associated with EMF protection and creates an energetic barrier around you to keep lower vibration frequencies away. Malachite also enhances your diplomatic powers, helping you communicate with grace and resolve. Additionally, malachite is a Heart Chakra powerhouse that aids feminine body systems and the phases of childbirth. Known as the Doula Stone, its ancient medicine works magic not just for childbirth but any feminine problems involving the reproductive system — and it’s one of the only gemstones that holds powers specific to this.

Frog helps purify your energy and heal you of any pain along the way. It symbolizes emotional connection, transformation, and higher realm wisdom. Frog is adaptable, intuitive, and connected to the cycles of growth and development. Think of the three stages of frog: Egg, tadpole, and amphibian – a truly magical process. The growth between each stage is symbolic of spiritual evolution. In many cultures, the frog is also a symbol of good luck. It appears in spring, bringing needed rain and the promise of new beginnings. In the same way, you can work with frog spirit animal to bring prosperity and joy into your life.

The owl and its call have long-been linked with death, transition, wisdom, prophecy, and uncovering secrets. Owls are nocturnal with acute vision and hearing. They also have a fringe on their wings that allows them to fly silently. Goddess Athena’s sacred animal was the owl and ancient Greeks believed owls had a magical inner light that gave them night vision. Symbolizing the mystery of night, owl teaches you to look for what’s hidden and kept in the shadows. While owls represent the feminine and Moon, their yellow eyes symbolize the Sun and bringing light to the darkness. In ancient Rome, it was believed that placing an owl feather on a sleeping person would let you uncover all their secrets. Owl Medicine helps you trust your intuition and see and hear what others can’t. It can activate and enhance clairvoyance, clairaudience, and astral projection. Owl reminds you to be silent and follow your inner guidance.

Place your Malachite Spirit Animal Guardian on your altar, desk, or nightstand, allowing its specific medicine to infuse your home. Meditate with one of these pieces to receive the messages that are meant for you. However you choose to work with these pieces, may they serve you well.

This listing is for one (1) Malachite Spirit Animal Guardian. I have three options to offer you: Owl (about 1.75-2”), Frog (about 2-2.5”), and an Intuitively Chosen Spirit Animal (about 1.75-2”). Please choose the option that calls to you from the drop-down menu. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a card describing the properties of the stone.


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Owl (1.75-2”), Frog (2-2.5”), Intuitively Chosen Spirit Animal (1.75-2”)

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