• Tucson Surprise Scoop

      for intuitive gemstone treasures

      <p>When you order yours, my team will scoop a bag of beautiful, magical items from our inventory of Tucson Gem Show discoveries — you could receive tumbled stones, mini spheres, bracelets, or carvings.</p>
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    • Intuitively Chosen Gemstone & Brass Sphere Stand

      to support your gemstones

      <p>This offering features a hand-carved gemstone stand with brass detailing. It has a tiered design crafted from stone sourced from India. You could receive yellow aventurine, red aventurine, or quartz.</p>
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    • Clear Quartz & Intuitively Chosen Gemstone Wand

      for crystal healing

      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">This double-terminated wand features clear quartz at one end and an intuitively chosen gemstone at the other. You could receive kambaba jasper, tiger’s eye, or K2 stone.</span></p>
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    • Intuitively Chosen Gemstone Diya Dish

      for crystal magic

      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">This custom-made dish is perfectly designed to be placed on your altar space and hold offerings — coins, herbs, flowers, or resins.</span></p>
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    • Magical Wonderland Advent Calendar

      for seasonal surprises

      <p>This advent calendar features 12 custom-curated gifts to bring an extra dose of magic to your holidays. You could receive jewelry, gemstones, carvings, handcrafted perfumes, candles, or body products — a $200 value!</p>
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    • Intuitively Chosen Gemstone Star Car Vent Clip

      for crystal magic on the go

      <p>You’ll receive one of the following crystals: Green aventurine from Brazil for good fortune and abundance, rose quartz for love, tiger’s eye for empowerment, clear quartz for amplification, or unakite jasper for self-compassion.</p>
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    • Serpent of Evolution Zircon Ring

      for grounded transformation

      As you grow to new heights, staying grounded is even more important. This Serpent of Evolution Zircon Ring is here to keep you anchored as you evolve! This adjustable golden-colored metal alloy ring features a design that looks like a snake wrapping around your finger,...
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    • Intuitively Chosen Solitaire Gemstone Stacker Ring

      for crystal healing

      What crystal magic does the universe have in store for you? Find out with this Intuitively Chosen Solitaire Gemstone Stacker Ring! This elegant ring is made with .925 sterling silver and features a solitaire-style gemstone in either bezel or prong settings. You may receive aquamarine,...
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    • Intuitively Chosen Glass Buddha Ornament

      for peace & enlightenment

      Bring loving, peaceful energy into your home for the holidays with this beautiful Intuitively Chosen Glass Buddha Ornament. This ornament comes in yellow, pink, light blue, or silver, with a gold string attachment. We’ll intuitively choose the color meant just for you. Hang this offering...
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    • Etched Goshenite and Morganite Love and Attraction Amulet

      for loving vibrations

      Bring an infusion of kindness and compassion to your day with this stunning new Etched Goshenite and Morganite Love and Attraction Amulet! Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this pendant showcases an intuitively chosen natural etched goshenite secured by flowing tendrils of .925 sterling silver. It’s...
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    • Intuitively Chosen Faerie Point Pendant

      Do you believe in faeries? I know I do! Faeries are everywhere — they’re in the flowers, they’re in the trees, they’re in the first rays of morning sunlight that awaken you from your slumber. All around us, there is faerie magic, whispering to us...
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    • Intuitively Chosen Hand-Painted Copper Box

      for holding your treasures

      Infuse your treasures with positive energy with this Intuitively Chosen Hand-Painted Copper Box. This stunning decorative box is made from copper and enamel and showcases beautiful hand-painted detailing. Each one is unique, so please allow my team to choose yours for you! Rest assured, the...
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