• Rose Quartz Heart Pendant

      for loving energy & healing

      <p>Rose quartz is the mother of all love stones and one of my favorites for heart healing and manifesting all kinds of love. It’s the perfect foundation for a heart-shaped carving, which symbolizes Divine Love, adding kindness and compassion to this affectionate gem.</p>
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    • Pink Lotus Cold Process Soap

      for peace and purification

      Cleanse your body, mind, and soul as you heighten your spiritual awareness with my Pink Lotus Cold Process Soap, handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters. It’s infused with my Pink Lotus Perfume – a pure pink lotus oil blend that encourages inner peace and...
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    • Natural Epidote with Axinite Cluster

      for healing & abundance

      <p>This formation combines epidote, a powerful stone that magnifies what you desire, and axinite, a stone that delivers healing medicine. Work with this offering to promote wellness and clear the passageway to a harmonious, fulfilled life.</p>
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    • Natural Green Mica with Pink Feldspar

      for heart healing & optimism

      <p>This natural formation of green mica holds inclusions of pink feldspar, creating one potent talisman of Heart Chakra magic. Place this crystal on your altar for an open heart and ancestral guidance on your Divine path.</p>
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    • Peruvian Pink Quartz Cluster

      to heal your heart

      <p>Peruvian pink quartz crystal is a natural fusion of rhodochrosite and quartz from high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Known as the Rose Stone, rhodochrosite is a healing gem of compassion, love, and self-awareness. In quartz, the properties of rhodochrosite are amplified.</p>
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    • Pink Moss Agate Heart

      for emotional healing & self-love

      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Pink moss agate is a gentle gem that emits a soft, tender, and loving vibration. It’s like your favorite cozy blanket in crystal form. Pink moss agate crystal resonates with the Heart Chakra and helps to balance positive and negative energy.</span></p>
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    • Natural Pink and Green Tourmaline in Quartz

      for abundant love

      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">This gorgeous offering is a combination of pink tourmaline and green tourmaline in a quartz crystal matrix. Pink tourmaline heals the heart like no other, while green tourmaline brings the energies of love and union. The presence of quartz magnifies these properties. </span></p>
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    • Fire Calcite Sphere

      for total harmony & balance

      <p>Step into balance on all levels with this sphere. Fire calcite is found in Mexico and is a relatively recent discovery in the gem world. This stone glows with a gorgeous shimmer like a smoldering flame, filling your body and spirit with that same rejuvenating, centering energy.</p>
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    • Pink Scolecite & Super 7 Ring

      for profound healing & ascension

      <p>This gorgeous offering is a halo of healing, high-vibrational energy ready to transport you to a place of peace. It was made just for SG with two super special stones — pink scolecite, one of the Synergy 12 stones, and Super 7, a potent stone we rarely use in our jewelry!</p>
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    • Pink Petrified Wood Heart

      for grounding in Mother Earth’s love

      <p>Pink petrified wood is all about divine wisdom and the feminine energy of our planet. I feel a sense of comfort when I work with this gem, and I hope you will, too. Work with this piece to call on the compassion and nurturing of Mother Nature.</p>
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    • Ocean Jasper Bowl

      for happiness & a positive outlook

      <p>Ocean jasper is a favorite among many of my followers, and for good reason — it’s the Happiness Stone. This high-frequency gem brings the happy. Work with this bowl to infuse your jewelry and spiritual tools with joy and positivity.</p>
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    • Pink Opal Octahedron Pendulum

      for emotional healing & divination

      <p>We had this tender offering custom-made just for us. It features an eight-sided pink opal set in a .925 sterling silver cage accented with flowering vines. It’s attached to a sterling silver chain with a toggle-style handle in matching floral vine detailing.</p>
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    • Moss Agate Sphere

      for grounding & healing

      <p>The stunning patterns in this sphere look as though you’re gazing down upon the Earth from far above — and no wonder. This gem is known for its ability to connect you with the grounding, restorative energy found beneath your feet.</p>
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    • Rose Quartz Bowl

      for giving and receiving love & compassion

      <p>Carved from rose quartz, this piece will bring a dose of supremely compassionate energy to anything it touches. Rose quartz is the mother of all love stones and one of my favorites for heart healing and manifesting all kinds of love.</p>
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    • Prehnite Pseudomorph After Laumontite Cluster

      for healing & balance

      <p>This gem is incredibly rare — it looks like a delicate piece that belongs in a museum. A pseudomorph is a stone that started as one mineral and was slowly replaced by another over time. Therefore, it holds the properties of both gemstones!</p>
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    • Fuchsite Generator

      for love & healing

      <p>Ready yourself for true love and powerful healing with this Fuchsite Generator. Fuchsite is a life force stone that heals the heart physically and emotionally — readying you for new love, peace, and understanding. Carved into the shape of a generator, this gem will fill your space with peaceful, restorative vibrations.</p>
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