• Dragonfly Perfume

    for graceful transitions

    Join me in welcoming back an old friend. My Dragonfly Perfume has returned to help you navigate the currents of change with grace, ease, and a lightness of spirit. This beloved scent is an oldie but goodie and handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters....
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  • New Moon Divination Magic: Wheel of the Animals Set

    for ritual with Athena

    I believe we are all endowed with a number of guides in this life - they come to us in the form of ancestors or angels, and sometimes, animals. My brand-new New Moon Divination Magic: Wheel of the Animals Set is unlike anything I’ve ever...
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  • Tumbled Dinosaur Bone

    for ancient wisdom and courage

    Channel the energy and might of creatures long past with this Tumbled Dinosaur Bone! There’s no magic more grounded and ancient than that which is found in dinosaur bones, the remains of the first rulers of the Earth. Dinosaur bone helps you to gain the...
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  • Snakeskin Jasper Dragonfly

    for release, transformation, and rebirth

    Take flight from what no longer serves and be reborn with this special Snakeskin Jasper Dragonfly! This piece was originally a part of my New Moon Enchanted Plant Wisdom: Poppy and Neroli Set, but it’s now available on its own! It was hand-carved in Western...
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  • Leopardskin Jasper Channeling Palm Stones

    for integrating wisdom

    Deep meditation can lead to the release of powerful messages hidden within you. Learn how to receive and integrate that wisdom with these Leopardskin Jasper Channeling Palm Stones. This is a potent channeling stone that helps you bring the wisdom of spiritual experiences into your...
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  • Dragonstone Snake Carvings for rebirth, courage, and strength

    Do you find yourself shedding energetic and emotional skin? Are you releasing old ways of being and doing? If so, these Dragonstone Snake Carvings are your talisman to facilitate new beginnings with ease, grace, and wisdom. Dragonstone offers protection, grounding, and guidance. It promotes courage,...
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  • Black Agate Shadow Moths for grounding and integration

    These powerful Black Agate Shadow Moths are just in time for shadow season! The intentional engagement with the more complicated aspects of ourselves is important and necessary work. There’s nothing like these on the market - carved just for SG - they symbolize metamorphosis as...
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  • Palo Santo Owls for cleansing, wisdom, and tranquility

    We love these Palo Santo Owls - they’re all-the-way-around head turners! Palo santo is a sacred wood that grows in South America. When Spanish monks discovered its clearing and healing properties, they named it Palo Santo which means “holy wood.” The sweet and mellow aromatic...
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  • Tumbled Leopardskin Jasper to integrate wisdom and navigate change

    What messages inside of you are trying to reveal themselves? What adjustments will need to be made once you’ve experienced them? Learn how to receive and integrate that wisdom with this Tumbled Leopardskin Jasper. This is a potent channeling stone that helps you bring the...
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  • Tingsha Cymbals with Case for music clearing during sacred ceremony

    Work with sound to enhance and strengthen your rituals with these beautiful Tingsha Cymbals with Case. Tingsha cymbals are from Tibet and traditionally used by Buddhist practitioners during meditation and ceremony. These cymbals are handmade in Nepal of brass and are embossed with either traditional...
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  • Malachite Dragons for rekindling inner fire and healing

    Surround yourself with the potent, healing energy of these Malachite Dragons and reignite your inner fire! These pieces are carved from malachite, the most potent stone of feminine healing. It’s deeply purifying and protecting. Dragons are known as great winged beasts who flew through the...
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  • Green Aventurine Snake Carvings for spiritual growth and transformation

    These Green Aventurine Snake Carvings are potent pieces for spiritual development and transformation. Green aventurine is the stone of growth – whatever it touches, flourishes. If you’re looking to manifest more abundance in love, money, work, or creative projects, this is your crystal ally! And...
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  • Peruvian Shaman Carvings for soul work and channeling the spirit world

    These hand-carved Peruvian Shaman Carvings hold so much ancient wisdom. Carvings like these were used in ceremonies as offerings to Pachamama. This shaman figure is part of the Apu mountain spirits of Peru. Apu is the Quechuan name given to the spirits of the mountains...
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  • Natural Dalmatian Jasper for self-awareness, playfulness, and grounding

    If you’re searching for a talisman that helps you to become self-aware and cognizant of all you’re here to do, be, and create, this Natural Dalmatian Jasper is for you. These natural gemstones come in a range of colors and shapes, lending their raw power...
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  • African Bloodstone Snake Carvings for healing, strength, and change

    These African Bloodstone Snake Carvings are potent pieces of transformation and healing. These carvings feature South African bloodstone, a variety of deep-green chalcedony, a crypto-crystalline quartz, with red jasper flecks. Bloodstone is a powerful healer across physical and spiritual planes. It strengthens the Root Chakra...
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  • Leopardskin Jasper Journey Generators for grounding while soul traveling

    Go deeper into your spiritual practices with these gorgeous Leopardskin Jasper Journey Generators. Leopardskin jasper is a journey work stone that enhances deep spiritual meditation while keeping you safely grounded. It’s also a powerful channeling stone and helps you integrate the wisdom of spiritual experiences....
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