Divination by Zodiac: Sagittarius Casting Sphere Set

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Dive into truth and adventure with this Divination by Zodiac: Sagittarius Casting Sphere Set. This set of five custom-made mini crystal spheres is this month’s addition to the casting set we started in my Divination by Moonlight Cancer Full Moon Set. Each month, I’m bringing you a new set of mini spheres that aligns with the energy of the full moon — this month, it’s Sagittarius! Each sphere in this set connects with this free-spirited astrological sign’s curiosity, authenticity, and enthusiasm, bringing those vibrations into your divination practices.

Divination tools provide an evolved awareness of what you already know deep within. Work with this set in combination with this Divination By Zodiac Casting Board to explore choices around love, your career, or anything else on which you desire clarity.

With this set, you’ll receive the following:

  • A lapis lazuli mini sphere
  • A crazy lace agate mini sphere
  • A sodalite mini sphere
  • A snowflake obsidian mini sphere
  • An ocean jasper mini sphere

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The deeper magic of this Divination by Zodiac: Sagittarius Casting Sphere Set

You will receive the following:

One (1) Lapis Lazuli Mini Sphere (about 0.5-1”) carved from stone sourced from Afghanistan. If you haven’t already, meet the Queen’s Stone. Lapis Lazuli contains lazurite, calcite, pyrite, mica, sodalite, and sometimes diopside. The presence of lazurite is what gives this stone its distinct blue color. Lapis is incredibly empowering. Its history is intertwined with centuries of gods, goddesses, queens, and kings.

  • Activates the Third Eye Chakra and brings out your inner priestess, heightens your inner vision, and deepens your wisdom.
  • Prized by Cleopatra and ground into eye makeup, meant to grant spiritual vision and insight to the wearer.
  • Boosts confidence, self-esteem, courage, and good fortune.
  • Helps you to develop your psychic abilities and trust your inner guidance.

One (1) Crazy Lace Agate Mini Sphere (about 0.5-1”) carved from stone sourced from China. Crazy lace agate forms as hot magma rises to the Earth’s surface carrying inclusions of iron and aluminum that develop into intricate patterns and swirling colors. This gem encourages you to stay present in the moment — feeling safe, secure, and well.

  • A happy stone that helps you find joy and laughter during difficult times. It’s known as the Laughter Stone or Happy Lace.
  • Its swirling pattern brings a circular flow of energy that stimulates the mind and body. I find it to be energizing yet soothing.
  • Our nomadic ancestors in ancient times made healing and protective amulets from crazy lace agate. They found that it prevented accidents during travel and helped strengthen the body, orient the mind, and bring peaceful calm. Today, we work with this gem for these same benefits.
  • Activates the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras. It vibrates at a lower frequency than other gems, bringing your energy to a more attuned and grounded level.

One (1) Sodalite Mini Sphere (about 0.5-1”) carved from stone sourced from China. Sodalite is the Dreamcatcher Stone that assists in releasing fears of the unknown. It forms when sodium-rich magma cools and mixes together with minerals such as feldspar, amphibole, mica, and quartz, creating this striking blue and white mineral.

  • Helps you get a good night’s rest, banishing nightmares and allowing only sweet dreams. It’s perfect for keeping on your bedside table to bring you peace during slumber.
  • Activates the Third Eye Chakra. It expands your vision, deepens your wisdom, and enhances your intuition.
  • Will keep you focused in the moment and rooted in the present, helping you let go of fear preventing you from reaching your fullest potential.
  • Helps you trust your inner guidance and accept and explore the unknown.
  • Soothes the body and mind and increases overall well-being.

One (1) Snowflake Obsidian Mini Sphere (about 0.5-1”), carved from stone sourced from Mexico. Snowflake obsidian is a great gem for shadow work, integrating what’s been hidden or repressed. It gets its distinctive spots from tiny, white cristobalite crystals. As the obsidian lava cools and hardens, the cristobalite crystals form and grow in a pattern resembling snowflakes.

  • An Earth Star and Root Chakra stone that is grounding and balances the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Reveals old, unhealthy patterns and opens you to change, healing both present and past-life issues.
  • Reminds you of your inner strength and latent fire.

Snowflake obsidian is an amorphous stone formed from the rapid cooling of lava, which allows for minimal crystallization. These formations have an inherent sense of mystery, flexibility, and movement, even in solidification. Amorphous solids enhance inner growth and act as a catalyst for transformation.

One (1) Ocean Jasper Mini Sphere (about 0.5-1”), carved from stone sourced from Madagascar. Ocean jasper is a silicified rhyolite known for its unique orb-like patterns. This gem may feature a variety of colors — the result of different mineral inclusions. For example, shades of red come from hematite, adding properties of grounding and protection, while shades of brown tend to come from goethite, which brings emotional stability.

  • A favorite among many of my followers, and for good reason — it’s the Happiness Stone! I like to say you can’t work with ocean jasper and be unhappy at the same time.
  • A stone of joy and high spirits that lifts the veil of negativity and helps you see things from a more positive point of view.
  • Activates the Solar Plexus, Heart, and Throat Chakras and brings physical and emotional healing.
  • Supports the release of self-defeating behaviors by opening your eyes and heart to healthier habits and thought processes. It guides you to change patterns that manifest dis-ease in your body or spirit.
  • Promotes playfulness, self-expression, and relaxation, and infuses your words and creations with love and happiness. It also connects you with the physical world and helps you be content with what you have.

I love working with spheres because they radiate their energy in ALL directions, sending out a steady vibrational pulse. Work with this Divination by Zodiac: Sagittarius Casting Sphere Set to add to your divination practices and peek into the energy your future holds. However you choose to work with yours, may it serve you well. And so it is.

This listing is for one (1) Divination by Zodiac: Sagittarius Casting Sphere Set, as described above. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage.

Gem Blessings,

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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  1. Sagittarius sphere casting set


    Love this set but I’m also a Sagittarius so…
    The only thing I wish was that they would include cards with each set so you know whats what n also what sign the set is too. I have gotten every set n no cards with them so please fix this!!! Other than that I love them!!!

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  2. Sagittarius Casting Sphere Set


    I love the sphere set but the only problem I have is that there is never a card to so you know which sphere is what or what there meanings are and not to mention you don’t know what set you’re getting because it’s not marked. If you order just one you’re okay but if you order more than one then it’s a guessing game and this happens every time. Please try and fix it.

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