• Eye of Ra Kambaba Jasper and Clear Quartz Wand

    for amplified protection

    If you’re looking to magnify protection in a big way, this NEW Eye of Ra Kambaba Jasper and Clear Quartz Wand is your ally. This one-of-a-kind piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and both stones were sourced from India. This wand is double-terminated, with...
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  • Kambaba Jasper Protection Generator

    for shielding

    Channel the assertive energy of the Divine Masculine with this Kambaba Jasper Protection Generator. Kambaba jasper is the Divine Masculine in stone form. It invokes and enhances all the masculine qualities, such as assertiveness, action, independence, adventure, logic, and protection. Also known as crocodile jasper,...
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  • Purple Zebra Jasper Divine Potential Generator

    This NEW Purple Zebra Jasper Divine Potential Generator is a beautiful reminder that when you align with your full, authentic self, you’ll be showered with support from higher realms! The stone for this stunning piece was sourced from India. Zebra jasper channels the energy of...
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  • Maligano Jasper Transformation Vogel

    for navigating change

    Feel supported as you navigate life’s changes with this Maligano Jasper Transformation Vogel. Maligano jasper is a divine source of protection, grounding, stability, and transition. It’s a variety of brecciated jasper named after a small village in Sulawesi, Indonesia, and it was only discovered about...
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  • Nurtured by Nature Evergreen Jasper Sphere

    From deep in the forest, the Tree People have an offering just for you! This Nurtured by Nature Evergreen Jasper Sphere is here to harness the beautiful, healing energy of the lush, green forests and guide you toward total wellness. This gorgeous piece was custom-made...
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  • Divination By Zodiac: Virgo Casting Sphere Set

    for wisdom

    Confidently seek answers to the unknown with this Divination by Zodiac: Virgo Casting Sphere Set. This set of five mini crystal spheres is this month’s addition to the casting set we started in my Divination by Moonlight Cancer Full Moon Set. Each month, I’m bringing...
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  • Four Directions Bonded Sphere

    to create sacred space

    Call on the magic of North, East, South, and West with this Four Directions Bonded Sphere! This custom-made sphere is made with five different gemstones: Rainbow moonstone for North, yellow aventurine for East, red jasper for South, black tourmaline for West, and quartz for the...
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  • You Can Do It Blue Apatite and Yellow Jasper Heart

    Have faith in your inner power with this NEW You Can Do It Blue Apatite and Yellow Jasper Heart. The stone for this offering was sourced from Madagascar. Blue apatite promotes clarity, offers direction when you need it, and encourages the release of what no...
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  • Tucson at Twilight: Bee Yourself Bumblebee Jasper Slice

    for joy

    Looking for a boost of upbeat energy? Fresh in from Tucson, this Bee Yourself Bumblebee Jasper Slice is the gem for you! This polished slice of bumblebee jasper is a striking, RARE piece of crystal magic. Bumblebee jasper is super special because the mine where...
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  • Tumbled Bumblebee Jasper

    for creativity, will, and zest

    This Tumbled Bumblebee Jasper is a striking, rare piece of crystal magic. Bumblebee jasper is not easy to source because the mine is inside an active Indonesian volcano. Despite its name, it’s not jasper - it’s formed from a mixture of volcano lava and sediment....
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  • Ocean Jasper Happiness Sphere

    for joy and delight

    Turn that frown upside down with this Ocean Jasper Happiness Sphere. This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and is a favorite among many of my followers, and for good reason – it’s a high-frequency gem that brings the happy. It’s a stone of...
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  • Infinite Optimism Rosetta Jasper Generator

    You can’t help but feel upbeat about life in the presence of this gorgeous eight-sided Infinite Optimism Rosetta Jasper Generator. Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this is the perfect offering to help cheer yourself up when you’re feeling glum. Eight is the number of abundance...
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