• Free Downloadable Pisces Full Moon Worksheet

    $ 0.00
    Ready to celebrate the full moon tomorrow? We've got a Free Downloadable Pisces Full Moon Worksheet to help you do it! This custom worksheet was beautifully designed by my team to give you an overview of this month's full moon, along with journal questions to...
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  • Moon Phase Engraved Palo Santo

    for clarity and healing

    $ 4.00
    This Moon Phase Engraved Palo Santo combines the mystery and magnificence of the Moon with the potent clearing power of palo santo. This beautiful piece is intricately engraved with the lunar phases, and makes a lovely accessory for all your smudging needs. The phases of...
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  • Sunstone Astrology Dice

    for divination and leadership

    $ 37.00
    The first time we offered custom-made astrology dice, they sold out, so we’re bringing them back with these Sunstone Astrology Dice from India! This set features three dice, each with 12 sides. One die features the zodiac sign symbols, one features astrological house numbers, and...
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  • Constellation Necklace

    to honor your astrological sign

    $ 19.00
    What’s your sign? Whatever it is, I’ve got an offering just for you! This Constellation Necklace is perfect for celebrating your astrological sign. This necklace is .925 sterling silver with zircon chip stones for the stars. Get this adornment to honor your sun, rising/ascendant, or...
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  • Zodiac Cosmetic Bags

    to hold your stuff and honor your sign

    $ 14.00
    What’s your sign? Whatever it is, I’ve got an offering just for you! These Zodiac Cosmetic Bags are a unique find, with one designed to celebrate each zodiac sign. They’re made of polyester with a zipper closure. Get a bag for your sun sign, your...
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  • Heat Activated Constellation Mugs

    for a sky full of stars in your hand

    $ 15.00
    Indulge in a hot cup of your favorite drink with these Heat Activated Constellation Mugs and watch the sky light up in your hand. These black ceramic mugs with stars come to cosmic life when you add hot liquid; the zodiac constellations appear. Drinking coffee...
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  • Zodiac Sign Perfume Bottles with Asteria Perfume

    To honor your stars

    $ 49.00
    Astrology lovers, this one’s for you! These Zodiac Sign Perfume Bottles with Asteria Perfume are a SUPER unique way to show off and connect with your sign. You won’t find these decorative perfume bottles on the market - they’re a rare and gorgeous find! Asteria...
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  • Scarlet Full Moon Set: Tools for Aquarius full moon ritual with Athena

    $ 39.00$ 79.00
    Today the full moon is in Aquarius and we are celebrating the Scarlet Moon. This Scarlet Full Moon Set contains our exclusive tools for my online Full Moon ritual tonight, August 3. Aquarius is the free thinker. It seeks to liberate from the past and...
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  • Aquarius Gem Set for inspired change and liberation

    $ 19.00
    This offering is for my free-thinking, innovative, and non-conforming Aquarians! And even if you’re not born under this sign and want to connect with the qualities that make this air sign so unique, then my Aquarius Gem Set is for you. This is the next...
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  • Horse New Moon Spirit Animal Set for ritual with Athena

    $ 34.00$ 59.00
    We love new moon magic here at SG and this month we’re channeling the Horse spirit animal for the Sagittarius New Moon on November 26. Horse medicine is about adventure, travel, freedom, power, and moving in new directions - much like the sign Sagittarius. This...
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  • Astrological Pisces Set to honor your emotional complexity

    $ 27.00$ 60.00
    My astrological Pisces set is back! This kit is intended to honor this mutable water sign with a poured candle, incense cones, hand-crafted perfume blend, and a gemstone set. Comprised of items that enhance each strength and as well as the shadow side of this...
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