Cancer Crystal Quad

for healing & intuition

This offering comes with four crystals that help you invoke Cancer’s nurturing, caring, and intuitive lunar energy. As we enter this astrological season of self-exploration, empathy, and tenderness, these gems will be your allies!

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Tap into your tenderness. 

Feel your feelings and embrace your emotions with this Cancer Crystal Quad. This offering comes with four crystals that help you invoke Cancer’s nurturing, caring, and intuitive lunar energy. As we enter this astrological season of self-exploration, empathy, and tenderness, these gems will be your allies!

About Cancer

Cancer is the moon goddess of the zodiac — caring, nurturing, and psychic. This water sign has a protective outer shell, but it’s soft and sensitive on the inside. Cancers prefer to blend in with their environments and move through life without making a splash. But don’t be fooled by their guarded nature — they’re extremely creative and emotionally responsive when feeling safe.

With this set, you’ll receive:

  • Moonstone
  • Selenite
  • Que sera
  • Rose quartz

Work with this offering to delve deeper within as you call forth Cancer’s comforting and caring energy.

The deeper magic of this Cancer Crystal Quad

What are Crystal Quads?

Gemstone quads are great for building gem sets and crystal grids for specific healing and energetic purposes. When you create a grid for any purpose, it’s best to work with at least four stones. You should have one to anchor each direction of north, south, east, and west.

You will receive the following crystals:

Tumbled Moonstone

Size: About 0.5-1”
Country of origin: India

The Properties of Moonstone

Moonstone channels the vibrations of Luna’s cycle and is specifically associated with the full moon phase. The full moon is a time for celebrating progress toward our goals. It’s a time to reflect on and give thanks for the abundance in our lives.

  • A Crown Chakra gem of higher purpose, feminine empowerment and fullness that symbolizes an answer to prayer.
  • Emphasizes energies of completion, fruition, and gratitude.
  • Named for its association with the Moon, a deeply feminine symbol that’s considered a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious.

Tumbled Selenite

Size: About 1-1.5”
Country of origin: Morocco

The Properties of Selenite

Selenite is a Crown Chakra stone of peace, pure white light, moon magic, and Divine Feminine power. The ancient Greeks named Selenite after the Moon goddess Selene due to its luminous glow. They believed it to be imbued with her energy, holding the power to awaken intuition and bring psychic visions and vivid dreams.

  • Brings clarity and joy, purifies spaces, and raises vibrations of ceremony and wisdom.
  • A gem of divine connection that’s especially powerful under the full moon and is perfect for moon magic.
  • Helps you sleep and magnifies wealth and influence.

Selenite is fragile — be careful not to get it wet — but it is quite strong, which makes it similar to us as spiritual beings, tender and yet strong in our own ways.

Tumbled Que Sera

Size: About 1-1.5”
Stone country of origin: China

The Properties of Que Sera

Translating literally to ‘what will be,’ que sera is a combination of blue and pink opal in a matrix. Blue opal resonates with the Throat Chakra, while pink aligns with the Heart Chakra. Opal is a transformation stone, and the blue and pink varieties in tandem support and nurture you through change.

  • A motherhood stone that opens the heart and calms the mind. It keeps you centered and brings tenderness and peace.
  • Opens communication fields on multiple planes, including clairaudience.
  • Holds a friendly and attractive energy that brings tranquility and serenity.
  • Has a deep healing power that balances the meridians — uplifting and recharging your spirit.

Tumbled Rose Quartz

Size: About 1-1.5”
Country of origin: Brazil

The Properties of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the mother of all love stones and one of our favorites for heart healing and manifesting all kinds of love. Rose quartz is Agape — meaning selfless, universal, unconditional, and spiritual love for self, others, and all of creation.

  • Raises the frequency of peace and love in your space and encourages love for humanity as a whole.
  • Opens and activates the Heart Chakra, reawakens trust, and dissolves negative energies.
  • Magnifies love and supports your intentions to give and receive true love and deep affection.

How to work with this Cancer Crystal Quad

Create a grid with this powerhouse quad of stones by placing a quartz generator, pyramid, obelisk, or sphere in the center. Or, simply work with these crystals on their own.

Simply by being with you or in your space, this Cancer Crystal Quad heightens your intuition and surrounds you with Divine Feminine magic. Allow its healing energy to encourage you to honor your emotions, and tap into your sensitive side to nurture yourself and others. And so it is.

This listing is for one (1) Cancer Crystal Quad, as described above. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled with a single leaf of white sage and a 4×6” postcard. This postcard will contain the stones’ properties on the front and a gridding diagram on the back.

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