• Mini Snowflake Obsidian Sphere

      for shadow work integration

      <p>Tis the season for shadow work, and this Snowflake Obsidian Mini Sphere is the perfect addition to your Samhain altar. This <a href="https://www.sagegoddess.com/crystal-carvings-and-shapes/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">sphere</a> was custom-made for Sage Goddess, and don’t let its size fool you!</p>
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    • Tumbled Snowflake Obsidian Crystal

      for revealing what you need to know

      <p>Tumbled snowflake obsidian is a powerful medicine. Nothing hides or is hidden from it. It shows you what you need to know about yourself and others, allowing you to gain great clarity about people, places, and events.</p>
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    • Natural Snowflake Obsidian for shadow integration and insight

      This Natural Snowflake Obsidian is a potent tool to work with if you’re looking to dive deep into your inner work and healing. Snowflake obsidian is a great gem for shadow work, integrating what’s been hidden or repressed. This Root Chakra stone is grounding and...
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