Soul Shift and Crystal Masters Exclusive: Guided Journey to Adyton Grid


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I’m so excited to share this Soul Shift and Crystal Masters Exclusive: Guided Journey to Adyton Grid with you! I created this offering so that you can build your very own Adyton-inspired crystal grid. It’s meant to accompany an exclusive bonus session that will become available in 2022, in which I’ll lead you in exploring some of the Earth’s oldest, most powerful minerals and help you journey to the otherworldly Adyton. You may be wondering: What is Adyton? Adyton was a sacred space within ancient Greek and Roman temples reserved for oracles, priestesses, priests, and other magical workers. The word adyton is ancient Greek for  “innermost sanctuary” or “shrine,” and the energy within this space was simply indescribable – deeply connected with Source. In this special pre-recorded session, I’ll help you travel to Adyton – specifically, Adyton at the Oracle of Delphi: An ancient Greek shrine where people from all over Greece would go to seek divine answers from Pythia, the priestess of Apollo. I’ll also be teaching you about the chakras below the Earth Star Chakra, to connect with Gaia more deeply than ever before.

This Soul Shift and Crystal Masters Exclusive: Guided Journey to Adyton Grid comes with a custom-made gridding canvas and a set of Adyton-inspired stones, including one natural multi-color spinel, one natural red zircon, one tumbled petrified wood, one tumbled kambaba jasper, one clear quartz generator, four clear quartz points, one selenite stick, and one natural azurite. Together, we’ll work with these tools to call the wisdom and magic of Adyton into our lives and spiritual practice.

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The deeper magic of this Soul Shift and Crystal Masters Exclusive: Guided Journey to Adyton Grid

You will receive the following:

One (1) natural multi-color spinel (about 0.25-0.5”). Spinel is one of the oldest and rarest stones on the planet – the record keeper of all the energy and wisdom of previous civilizations. It’s a stone of healers and leaders that brings vitality, passion, abundance, prosperity, and longevity. If you’re going through a tough time, spinel offers encouragement in difficult situations and helps you move through moments of crisis. This potent manifestation stone that helps you go with the flow, allowing energies to manifest through you.

One (1) natural red zircon (about 0.25-0.5”). Red zircon is a rare and potent grounding and protection stone that activates the Root Chakra along with all the basic chakras, including the Earth Star and Soul Star. Zircon is the oldest mineral on the planet and one of the best stones for manifestation – it grounds energy into matter. Red zircon also heals and detoxifies. Work with this gem to get centered and manifest the life you desire.

One (1) tumbled petrified wood (about 0.5-1”). Petrified wood holds the power and energy of the Earth, connecting that life force with your own. This Earth Star Chakra gem grounds, protects, and aids past-life recall. It encourages patience, slow and steady growth, and spiritual transformation. This crystal also offers access to the Akashic Records – the cosmic library that holds the wisdom of the past, present, and future. Work with petrified wood for a steady dose of earth element stability, security, and the wisdom of the ancestors.

One (1) tumbled kambaba jasper (about 0.5-1”). Kambaba jasper comes from Africa and is difficult to find. It’s considered one of the few shaman’s stones that maintains safety and good boundaries during ritual and journey work. Shamans work with kambaba jasper because it takes you to a deeper state of meditation easily. This gem is connected to the Divine Masculine. It activates the Root Chakra, protects, heals, grounds, balances, eases fear, and mends broken hearts and spirits. It also helps you integrate experience and wisdom and reminds you of who you truly are.

One (1) clear quartz generator (about 1”), to serve as the centerpiece of your grid. Clear quartz is the most pervasive crystal in the gem world and has three major properties: Amplification, programmability, and magnification. It can be used to boost the energies of other stones or seal intentions. Clear quartz activates the Soul Star Chakra – your connection to the stars and other dimensions. It possesses a high vibration that immediately draws people in, and it can be used to magnify frequencies of abundance, light, and love – or any intention you wish to amplify. Gemstone generators raise energy from earth to sky, from your Root to Crown. Low vibrations have a hard time maintaining in high vibration space, which is one of the goals in working with generators. Generators keep the vibration high which promotes joy, health, love, and prosperity.

One (1) natural azurite (about 0.25-0.5”). Azurite is a Third Eye Chakra stone that grows alongside malachite, lapis lazuli, and chrysocolla. It contains deep and primordial energy that’s uniquely feminine – perhaps that’s why many of us refer to azurite as a Priestess Stone. This is a gem of psychic mastery, intellect, vision, and confidence. Azurite also cleanses the subconscious of emotionally charged thoughts and negative feelings.

Five (5) clear quartz points (about 0.5-1”). These points are for the outer corners of your grid – to amplify and direct the energy. See clear quartz properties above.

One (1) small gridding canvas (about 5×5”), designed right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters by my talented team of artists. This gridding canvas features artwork inspired by Adyton at the Oracle of Delphi. Place your stones on this gridding canvas to amplify their energies and strengthen your intention to channel the sacred magic of Adyton.

You will also receive the following bonus crystals:

One (1) selenite stick (about 8”). I included selenite in this set to symbolize the Oracle of Delphi and connect you with the ancient Greeks, who named this stone after the moon goddess Selene. This goddess was known to awaken intuition and bring psychic visions and vivid dreams – and selenite does the same. It’s a gem of divine connection that’s especially powerful under the full moon and is perfect for moon magic. This peaceful Crown Chakra stone radiates pure white light and Divine Feminine energy. It brings clarity and joy, purifies spaces, and raises vibrations. Selenite also helps you sleep and magnifies wealth and influence. Selenite is fragile – be careful not to get it wet – but it is quite strong, which makes it similar to us as spiritual beings, tender and yet strong in our own ways.

This listing is for one (1) Soul Shift and Crystal Masters Exclusive: Guided Journey to Adyton Grid, as described above. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a parchment describing the properties of the stones.


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  1. Love

    Freyja Blight

    This grid is amazing, and I love it so much!

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  2. adrienneking27

    Was pleased to receive this guided journey grid and have tools for the entry into this Soul Shift year.

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  3. Astronomy grid

    Duane Buck

    Wonderful and beautiful

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  4. Adyton Grid


    I have received it, however I’m waiting to watch the video to use it. I am a huge fan of Selenite…so I love the wand ! Beautiful set

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  5. To Adyton


    SG has supplied another wonderful grid at an affordable price. Each stone is specially picked for the most effective meditative experience and this grid does not disappoint.

    I, personally, would love to see more temple/priestess themed grids (hopefully, the same price) in the future.

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